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Maze by Gordon Ramsay at The London – NYC


maze_interior_mastheadModeled after Gordon Ramsay’s London counterpart, Maze presents dishes that lean toward contemporary French and wield a little Asian flair. There are regular change-ups to both the small plate à la carte menu and the chef’s menu (five courses for $70). For this kind of quality cooking, the lunch menu seems a bargain, particularly for New York ($24.07 for a three-course special menu; prix-fixe two courses $26 and three courses $35). À la carte lunch dishes may include carpaccio of tuna and swordfish, or cider-glazed pork belly. Dinnertime might bring pan-roasted skate wing with preserved lemons or roast duck breast, baby golden beets and sesame purple kale. Desserts, like espresso mousse with chicory ice cream, leave a luscious mark.

Maze by Gordon Ramsay at The London Hotel
151 W 54th St
New York, NY 10105
+1 212-307-5000

Whittemore House Salon – West Village


Whittemore House Salon on Grove St. Conveniently located in the West Village and co-founded by hair care industry experts, by celebrated onetime Bumble and bumble creative directors Victoria Hunter and Larry Raspanti, Whittemore House Salon is many cuts above the rest.

Named after the famed 19th century affluent manufacturer who once owned the building, Samuel Whittemore, the space occupies the ground floor of one of the city’s oldest and most storied buildings. The building’s beautiful aesthetic and history compliments the well-edited staff of respected beauty-world heavyweights, who were selected for their strong editorial and education backgrounds, as well as their commitment to progressive techniques and creativity. Backed by a team of hairstylists that work the manes of London’s catwalk models as well as everyday clientele, this art gallery inspired salon is as revered for its amazing space as it is for the cuts and colors that it serves up to its clients.

With all the potential disasters that seem to go hand in hand with many hair salon horror stories…long waits, bad haircuts, surly hairdresser (we all know a few!) None of the aforementioned nightmares are encountered in the Whittemore House’s calm space.

Also, the lovely scent that looms around the salon is from the Whittemore’s signature scent candles which will be launched this summer.

Whittemore House
45 Grove Street
NYC 10014

The Lauren Berger Collection – Holiday Rentals

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p17bb91pfm3411i2ggf72bk3l4With sleek décor masterfully executed by the home owners and Lauren Berger herself, guests at Lauren Berger’s full service luxury rental apartments will feel as though they are staying in the chicest, most buzzed about hotel of the moment, but with all of the essential conveniences of home. High-speed internet, fully equipped modern kitchens, upscale yet comfortable furnishings, efficient housekeeping service, proximity to grocery stores, markets and public transportation, as well as reasonable pricing for short or long term stays, make LBC an absolute no-brainer when booking accommodations in NYC, London, Paris and beyond.

The apartments are exceptionally spacious; yet still manage to provide a comfortable sense of warmth and intimacy. This coupled with the warmth, caring and professionalism of LBC owner, Lauren, serves to create the ultimate experience of living in the lap of luxury. The apartments are also ideally and centrally located in each city.

Other services that can be expertly arranged to improve your stay include concierge services, restaurant bookings, transportation services, early/late arrivals and departures, and that is just the shortlist! No task is too big or too small for LBC. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, your stay will run as fluidly and effortless is a well-oiled machine, so that as a traveler you can fully enjoy the things that really matter… experiencing all that the city has to offer. The Lauren Berger Collection truly provides the duality of home and hotel, in which neither of the perks of either are sacrificed. A walk into your own full service apartment in New York City will give you all of the satisfaction of turning your key into your front door… and more!



The Mark Express at The Mark Hotel – Upper East Side


Breakfast to Go(1)New Yorkers love convenience – they know what they want, and they want it now. The Mark Express kick starts your day with quick and delicious selections from The Mark Restaurant, chosen by acclaimed chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten.

Located in the elegant, Jacques Grange designed Mark Bar at The Mark Hotel, this grab-and-go option is perfect for guests heading to an early morning meeting, a quick bite before departing for the airport, or snacking while relaxing with friends. Starting at 6:30am, guests will find a variety of continental pastries, fresh fruit, coffee and tea, fresh squeezed juices, and a selection of NYC’s famous H&H Bagels. From 12pm to 3pm, there will also be sandwiches available for lunch and afternoon snacks.

The Mark Bar is now an Upper East Side destination from sunrise to sunset.


The Editors Eye



Barney’s recently held the book signing of Vogue’s “The Editors Eye”. Being a self proclaimed “fashion aficionado”  I was stunned at the opportunity to be in the room with such personalities as Grace Coddington, who is profiled in the book.

As I entered the floor of the Chelsea Passage at Barneys I was pleased to be greeted by a slender glass of bubbly and the PR team who introduced me to co-host Vogue Fashion Director Tonne Goodman and International Editor at Large Hamish Bowles, who wrote the introduction to the book.  and gave me a guided tour and briefing of the evening’s agenda.


Celebrating the accomplishments of Vogue’s most iconic contributors, The Editor’s Eye   takes a look at the pivotal role of fashion editors like Polly Mellen, Babs Simpson, and Grace Coddington have had in Vogues 120 year history. Its full of iconic photographs by Irving Penn, Annie Leibovitz, and Richard Avedon and such muses as Marilyn Monroe as there subjects.

Eagerly making my way around the room to purchase my copy to be signed, I had a quick elbow brush with Simon Doonan as Vogue TV was interviewing him. In private settings such as this I was sure to score a signed copy from the entire editorial team behind the publication. In a room full of fashion lovers how could one not marvel at the fashionistas such as Georgina Chapman donning a gorgeous cocktail dress and a flawless face.

Finally making my way to Grace Coddington, I was ready and astute to listen to her take on the book as well as to get my autographed copy. Grace was more than pleasant to speak with me, and even asked me if I was going to take an Instagram photo. I replied “Yes”. I was already prepared to and I guess she might have imagined that by my perched Iphone in hand. Thank goodness for the girls from Fashionista.com for being there to take the photo of Grace and I, nothing like a fellow Iphone buddy.

As I walked around the room and sipped some more, the faces just kept popping up, Grace Coddington! Tonne Goodman! Phyllis Posnick! Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele! Derek Lam! Joseph Altuzarra! Barneys’ own Mark Lee, Daniella Vitale! Tomoko Ogura! Carolyn Murphy! Maria Cornejo! Caroline Trentini! Hilary Rhoda! Erin O’Connor! Frédéric Malle! and Patrick Demarchelier! This could seem sort of intimidating to a person but I began to just revel and soak it all in.

Circling my way back around to the Vogue magazine creative, Grace Coddington, I casually asked a few more questions as I flipped through the the pages. Grace exemplified that passion and perseverance were the fuel for consistent innovation.



~Jae Joseph (contributing editor)






View “The Editors Eye” book signing party gallery below.






Gild Hall – A Thompson Hotel



Gild Hall is a fall and winter travelers must for hospitality and destination.

Gild Hall, which is Thompson Hotel, that opened in  2008 and designed by Jim Walrod is set on a niche corner in New York’s financial district, evoking sort of this gentlemen’s club appeal.

The decor of each room is a mix of American contemporary and Classical European sensibility. The 12-foot ceilings are ornamented with an antique brass chandelier that welcomes a sense of nostalgia. Sleep is made a priority comfort with beds dressed in 400 thread count SFERRA linens.

The Thompson Suite is the ultimate accommodation for any getaway, romantic weekend, or business trip. This room offers a feeling of home with a glorious lounge area accented with dark leather sofas, flat-screen televisions, and beautiful “bergere” chairs and barstools.

Gild Hall’s customer service and management present a true representation of the Thompson Hotel family. The comfort in being addressed by your last name each time you enter the lobby is immense. With access to subways, Gild Halls locations allows you to travel around the Big Apple very easily, from Jay Z at the new Barclays Center to Lincoln Center.


~Jae Joseph 





Gild Hall

15 Gold Street

New York, New York 10038

Phone: 212.232.7700

Reservations: 800.268.7700

Twitter: @Gild_Hall @Thompsonhotels



Organic Avenue: The food of LOVE


Cleanses and detoxes have been the talk of the town (every town!) for years now, I wanted to finally find out what the hype was all about. I had never done a cleanse, and couldn’t wait to give it a try. The experience was excellent, though started out a bit bumpy. I tried the “LOVE FAST” cleanse. For the first few days I experienced headaches, mood swings and bad skin. It was my body’s way of saying that I was literally going through a detox by expunging all the leftover food debris that has been sitting in my system for heaven knows how long. Once I got through the initial tough detoxing phase, I felt amazing (around day 3). I shed more than several extra unneeded pounds and my skin was sparkling. I actually looked prettier and my skin was brighter. Even the whites of my eyes and my teeth were whiter. I generally looked healthier, incredible!

But it wasn’t just that…I seemed to feel better emotionally. I’ll be honest I was feeling a little bit down before I started the cleanse. Fatigued and a little bit depressed, but by day 3 I suddenly felt less sluggish, less anxious and my energy level was through the roof. I not only looked better, but emotionally felt happier with this certain mental clarity that I can’t put my finger on. I really wasn’t expecting these kinds of results, not in the slightest.

A typical day would start out with a health shot in the morning (pure aloe vera juice, for instance), followed by fresh pressed grapefruit juice for breakfast, watermelon juice for lunch, a raw vegan salad for a solid lunch and then a plethora of delicious and super healthy fruit and vegetable juices throughout the day ending with a last juice around 7pm.

Love Fast taught me the importance of being conscious of what I put in my body. I mean really…If doing a cleanse and eating right can make me feel this much better I’m SOLD! I’ve always known that “we are what we eat” and that what we put in our bodies is important, but I had no clue that the ends to the means could be this beneficial.

I was a little bit worried that when the cleanse was over that I would feel lost as to how to start eating, and after the cleanse was over I felt very picky as to what I was going to start eating. So in continuing with a heath eating regimen I found that Organic Avenue offered all the health food and drink that you need to continue on a clean path long after you finish your cleanse. There are stores located throughout Manhattan so you can easily access all the same components that you used during your cleanse. If you don’t live in the city, Organic Avenue ships nationwide.

Many thanks to Organic Avenue for heading me in the direction of health.


Yotel – New York City


The ‘Yotel’ New York represent’s the company’s first permanent fixture outside of an airport environment. Centrally located just 3 blocks west of the beating heart of midtown Manhattan: Times Square; Yotel is ideally situated for those looking to explore the many sights and sounds Manhattan has to offer. The nearby Subway stations also provide easy access to the rest of Manhattan and its surrounding boroughs. For those looking to explore further afield the 34th St Penn Station is in relatively close proximity as is the Port Authority Bus Station just two blocks away; which runs coach services across the country.
Upon entering Yotel you are struck by its cutting-edge yet sleek styling’s; something akin to the lovechild of the Star Ship Enterprise and an iPod: futuristic, yet efficient and stylish. The ground floor entrance lobby has Airline-style, self service check-in machines and a robotic baggage storage system: the ‘YOBOT’ which make both tasks quick and easy. At the end of the ground floor lobby there is an elevator to take you up to “FOUR” the central hub of the hotel.
Upon reaching ‘FOUR’ you are confronted by a plethora of amenities. In fitting with the hotel’s modern feel there are free to use Mac desktops with printers and access to the internet; the ‘mission control desk’ – open 24/7 which offers all the usual hotel services. The friendly staff are more than happy to provide you with recommendations and hard-to-get reservations for restaurants; tickets to events in the area; transportation queries and sightseeing information. Yotel also boasts New York’s largest outdoor hotel terrace: A veritable oasis of calm juxtaposed against the non-stop bustling of the streets below and its snap-happy tourists. The terrace is a perfect location to enjoy a few sangrias in the sun and soak in the surrounding views of midtown’s skyscrapers.
Also on ‘FOUR’ is an indoor Club Lounge with regular performances from a variety of DJ’s at the weekends. This area is surrounded by club cabins available for hire. These could provide an ideal area for business meetings during the day or VIP style booths to warm up for a big night in the evening.
In addition to the bar areas on ‘FOUR’ there is the Sumo inspired Dohyo restaurant open daily for brunch and dinner, which serves an interesting hybrid of Latin and Asian cuisine. The Communal tables may not be ideal for those looking for a more intimate setting in which to eat but the atmosphere and the food (particularly the roasted duck) are both excellent.
The rooms or ‘cabins’, in Yotel appear slightly on the compact side at first. However the air of efficiency carried throughout the rest of this space-age hotel is especially prevalent in the cabins. The use of open plan hanging space for clothes, well integrated small storage spaces and a motorised reclining bed to maximise floor space, mean that the cabins do not feel claustrophobic. As mentioned, each cabin comes with a reclining queen sized bed as standard which provides an excellent place to relax; be it upright ideal for watching the cabin’s well equipped TV; or fully reclined for the night, both are extremely comfortable. The ‘Techno wall’ also features iPod connectivity and mood lighting which provide a perfect setting in which to unwind after a busy day in the city.

Other conveniences available include a monsoon shower and communal ‘Galley’ areas on each floor complete with complimentary tea, coffee and microwave facilities. The surprisingly fast wifi that can be accessed throughout the hotel is no slower in the cabins which is yet another example of this hotel’s comfortable modernity. To add to the cabin’s comfort there is air conditioning and surprisingly soundproof windows, as such the ensemble of building works and yellow cab horns from the surrounding streets is not going to disturb those looking for a good night’s sleep. Despite filtering out the noise from the streets below the windows offer stunning views of Manhattan’s iconic skyline and the Hudson River.
Premium cabins (the basic room) start at $149 a night including tax; which considering its location in the middle of midtown Manhattan is very reasonable. There are also cabins equipped with single and double bunk-beds for those travelling in larger numbers; and for those able to part with a bit extra cash there are the ‘First Cabins’ complete with terraces and hot-tubs.

If looking for somewhere from which to explore the many sights around New York and further afield, Yotel should be a prime candidate for its location and affordability. Not only is it well situated, it oozes modernity, efficiency and practicality which fit hand in hand with its futuristic aura. Yotel provides something for everyone, its relaxing vibes melt away your worries in the daytime; yet it is lively enough to keep you entertained if you so wish in the evenings. The Cabins although small in size, are big in the comfort and relaxation department, giving you exactly what you need when you eventually come to unwind in the city that never sleeps.

-Charlie Mason

570 Tenth Avenue New York, NY 10036
(646) 449-7700

Whitney Art Party – NYC


Last night, the Whitney Contemporaries hosted the 2012 WHITNEY ART PARTY sponsored by Theory and Saks Fifth Avenue at Skylight Soho. Honorary Co-Chairs Olivier Theyskens, Denise Incandela and Bettina Prentice (dressed in Theory), Event Co-Chairs Mark Amadei, Maggie Betts (dressed in Theory), Tom Dunn and Whitney Trustee Joanne Leonhardt Cassullo celebrated with guests Kate Bosworth (dressed in Theory) and Michael Polish, Michelle Kwan, Chuck Close, Charlotte Ronson, Lauren Santo Domingo, Brooke and Daniel Neidich, Jon Neidich, Tom Sachs, Mario Sorrenti, Marco Brambilla, Sanford Biggers, Derek Blasberg, Annabelle Dexter Jones, Terence Koh and Garrick Gott, Allison and Warren Kanders, Aimee Mullins (dressed in Theory), Dr. Lisa Airan, Andrew Bevan, Aurelien Gallet, Ryam Humphrey, Stephanie LaCava, Monique Péan, Sean Avery, Lubov Azaria, Chadwick Bell, Thakoon Panichgul, Kipton Cronkite, Abigail DeVille, Carlton DeWoody, Kyle DeWoody, Stacy Engman, Erin Fetherston, Kate Foley, Jessica Gersh, Tim Goossens, Caroline Hoffman, Kyleigh Kuhn, Kevin Kollenda, Elizabeth Kurpis, Karla Martinez, Claude Morais, Tinsley Mortimer, Meredith Ostrom, Maria Petrovskaya, Polina Proshkina, Lauren Remington Platt, Charles Rockefeller, Gianvito Rossi, Gabe Saporta, Manish Vora and Uma Wang, as well as auction artists Tom Burr, LaToya Ruby Frazier, Amit Greenberg, Duncan Hannah, K8 Hardy, Joseph Heidecker, Adam Henry, Sarah Kurz, Nancy Lorenz, Burton Machen, Maynard Monrow, Shelter Serra, Max Snow and Lorna Williams enjoyed food from Acme and THE LION as well as cocktails by Belvedere Vodka and Chandon.

Highlighting the event were performances by Iona Rozeal Brown and Kalup Linzy, who collaborated with Kreëmart to produce A Memorial for Taiwan, a multimedia performance celebrating the life of Taiwan, one of the artist’s longstanding alter egos in his nearly ten year repetoire of video art. The artist and his band performed a series of his original compositions as well as some by noted artists, Whitney Houston and Otis Redding.

The annual Whitney Art Party, hosted by the Whitney Contemporaries, the Museum’s dynamic committee of young collectors and art enthusiasts, attracted more than 1,000 art lovers from the worlds of culture, fashion and entertainment. The 2012 Art Party, and its silent auction featuring dozens of works by contemporary artists, made possible by the support of Theory and Saks Fifth Avenue, raised critical funds to support the Whitney’s Independent Study Program.

Orchard House – Lower East Side


The Orchard House is a vibrant new dining destination and neighborhood hangout paying homage to the historic LES, featuring a fresh brand of contemporary American plates and hand-crafted cocktails that take a cue from the classics. A variety of Savory share plates, assorted cheeses and charcuterie dishes prepared along with some of our house favorites to accompany great cocktails and a vast array of wines. Warm spinach spread, Beef Skewers, Fried Pickles and other specialty share plates are perfect to begin the experience at the Orchard House. Instead of crafting our menu categorically by Appetizers, Entrees and Desserts, we decided to make them fun to go along with the theme of the restaurant. Friends, families, first-timers, couples on a date, vegetarians and groups can find something that appeals to their palate without feeling committed to a three-course meal.

If you just want to unwind after a day’s work or just in the neighborhood cosseting the local shops, our Happy Hour is perfect for meeting with friends or just kicking it back for a few hours; glass tempered bar top with colorful L.E.D lights illuminates as night draws near. Cocktailians, beer drinkers and wine lovers can sit amongst each other and socialize enjoying their favorites without feeling intimidated by scary prices.

The staff is engaging and friendly and unpretentious. “An obsession for service excellence” is the feeling of warmth and hospitality that pervades the entire experience at the Orchard House, a vibrant comfortable LES charm, with bright wooded floors and walls deck-off with colorful Shepard Fairy wall paper hues. Seating capacity 86, and a maximum of 150 standee’s for special buy-out events.


Wall & Water – Financial District


Wall Street is more than a movie, it’s a street in a district well known for being home to the world’s largest stock exchange.  Oh really? I ocasionally go there to drink and escape the other more paralyzing areas of Manhattan, otherwise known as Midtown.  Sometimes I even eat, like tonight. I decided to make a scheduled appearance at Wall & Water, in the famed Financial District.  In case you’re new to town, Wall & Water is located within the Andaz Financial District in an eight-block-long street running from Broadway to South Street on the East River in Lower Manhattan.

I first perused the drink menu and decided to start off with a Pimm’s Cup. I am a Pimm’s connoisseur, and I was not disappointed. It was a perfectly sweet cup of goodness, shaken. I also should mention that my waiter, Jack, brought my drink impressively fast, possibly he could tell I was going to need a pick-me-up to get through the rest of the cocktail menu. But wait, you say you’re in the mood for wine? Well whine no more, there are over 100 options, 25 of which can be ordered by the glass. But seriously, who orders by the glass?  Anyway, now that we have our drinks it’s time to order food.  After sampling some of the fresh Washington D.C. flown in oysters, my appetite was whet, and I was ready to dine.

The easy to navigate menu of temptation turned me into a free spirit. I wanted to try everything.  I stepped out of my comfort zone and stepped into comfort food inspired by cuisines from around the world. I’m global like that. First came the radicchio & roasted pear salad, followed by maplebrook farm burrata cheese. The fresh salad had just the right amount of olives to not overwhelm my senses.  Next up, a cast iron melted cheese, “chicken liver pâté” (with sweet and sour onions) came next. It was just so moist and tender. I was saddened by the last bite. But then a crispy pork belly showed up. So rich and comforting. Next was one of my favorites. Just the presentation alone was worth the order. W&W Wagyu burger. Such a simple dish but the meat was so tender and was accompanied with tartar sauce. Perfect. I heard harps and my taste buds erupted in such pleasure as I swirled the wine around each bite to savor and lengthen the delight. I definitely recommend this – and take your time to enjoy! To bring this experience to a close I had berry crumble with cream anglais. I usually order something chocolate, but was quite happy that I opted for something different. The berry crumble was light and ohhhh so good. It was the perfect ending to a perfect meal. I can’t wait to go back to Wall & Water!

75 Wall Street
New York, NY
(212) 590-1234



In 1996, what started out as a house show with friends bringing together bands that were influenced by music from Factory Records, Sarah Records, Labrador Records and the C86 era turned into one of the most popular indie pop events worldwide. Ten years after that house show, those friends reconvened with new friends bringing together some of the best jangling, fuzzy, twee and indie pop bands across four days in New York.

In 2007, the first official NYC Popfest event was established. Together the pop lovers brought in bands not only from the United States but from all over the world. Classic artists such as Pipas, Ballboy and Allen Clapp graced audiences with their nostalgic pop songs. Pelle Carlberg (former Edson ring leader) proved that Swedish Pop can never do wrong. Buzzing new artists such as Human Television, The Secret History and My Teenage Stride added a sense of continuity in the pop world. The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, what was once an obscure indie pop fuzz crowd pleaser, is now one of the most well known bands to be projected into the indie rock world. The following year also delivered a mixture of old and new as well. Buzz bands Love Is All rocked a packed Cake Shop. Cats On Fire flamboyantly charmed audiences.

In 2009, the collaboration between Maz (DJ for New York’s premiere indie pop night: MONDO!) and Clyde (Twentyseven Records – Acid House Kings, Pelle Carlberg, Irene, Fireflies, This Is Ivy League, Silver Swans) magnified their focus. With not only their experience but passion for music; they dished out some of the biggest surprises and artists to the event. Sweden’s recluse and now powerhouse indie pop staple The Radio Dept. was brought to New York for the first time ever – for a sold out show at The Bell House. In the same year The Drums broke out with their first ever live show. In 2010, they followed up the next year by bringing Factory and Sarah Records legends The Wake stateside for the first time. Classic K Records band Tender Trap also made an appearance. On top of that Allo Darlin’ made a splash with their reverberating pop that buzzed around the pop community. Both years saw the event not only attract press coverage from the New York Times but also local television.

In 2011, NYC Popfest will be celebrated its 5th year anniversary once again bringing an eclectic line-up to New York. Joining the line-up were Canada’s Go Sailor, old schoolers Fan Modine, Swedish popsters Days, Japanese rockers Caucus, Slumerland Recording artists Gold-Bears and Sealions and many others.

2012 again looks like to be a year filled with a line-up that scours the old and new worlds of pop.


LaserTouch Aesthetics – Soho


In our beauty obsessed culture, it is often easy to get carried away with a little nip here and a little tuck there, and then another nip, and another tuck, until some people find themselves looking almost unrecognizable. Overly puffy cheeks, expressionless foreheads and cartoonishly plumped up lips are certainly not the desired effect!

In order to avoid the aforementioned disasters, a skilled eye for aesthetics, symmetry and proportions is required. LaserTouch Aesthetics, a boutique medical spa in Soho, New York (as well as other boutique locations in Midtown Manhattan and Westchester) is just the place. With a holistic approach to achieving these results, this boutique medi-spa uses the latest technology to enhance its clients’ beauty, by creating subtle and natural improvements.

Specializing in not only the already established de rigueur procedures such as Botox, Juvederm and Fotofacials, LaserTouch also offers microdermabrasian, oxygen and carboxy therapy, chemical peels, freckle and sun spot removal, nail fungas therapy, cellulite reduction therapy, as well as tattoo removal and laser hair removal.  Just about any skin, hair, facial issue you have can be greatly improved if not solved at this spa. With board-certified physician Dr. Vafa at the helm, and his highly trained medical staff, you can rest assured that you are in the trusted hands of professionals who are on the cutting edge of all of the latest aesthetic advancement. This, coupled with LaserTouch’s incorporation of a holistic approach to medicine, results in a promotion of both internal and external beauty.

The minimalist influenced décor of this unique spa, sets the tone for a serene experience unlike that typically associated with the cold and sterile medi-spas, to which we have grown accustomed. Instead, you are warmly greeted by knowledgeable and friendly staff and made to feel instantly at ease.

Gone are the days of the “wind tunnel” facelift where skin is pulled back so tight it looks as though it could snap at any moment. In its place are tiny adjustments that are imperceptible to most, however they serve to give the recipient a refreshed and youthful appearance. Inevitably, we will all fall victims to the effects of age and gravity, however LaserTouch will help you fight these obstacles gracefully and swiftly.

Their laser treatments are literally a godsend. With virtually zero recovery time, it will plump hollowed areas and fill sagging skin in minutes. That coupled with the wrinkle-erasing genius of Botox, is a double whammy that can be your little secret… well yours, and the amazing team at LaserTouch!

150 Spring Street, Floor 2,
New York, NY 10012.
On Spring, between W. Boradway and Wooster.
Phone: 646.699.4883

Fig & Olive – Meatpacking District


“It’s the way of the world and its motion, and no ocean can keep us apart.” Welcome to Fig & Olive. Luckily, no ocean could keep the French and Mediterranean inspired dishes away from Fig & Olive, a casual fine dining restaurant in the Meatpacking district. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into by dining at this NYC outpost of F&O which also has a sister location in Los Angeles, but it soon became clear. Don’t let the generic name fool you – this restaurant offers a cozy experience that is all its own. Stepping into the restaurant makes one forget that they’re in one of the trendiest neighborhoods in NYC, the restaurant surprisingly bucks the touristy atmosphere of its neighboring restaurants, almost as if you’ve stepped out of the city and into a Mediterranean oasis. The first thing to grab my attention upon entering the restaurant was the long, marble communal table that stretched through the middle of the restaurant. I don’t know about you, but communal tables always make my heart race at first. If I don’t know you, why would I want to sit with you? But after a glass of wine, I come to enjoy the company of others, and find that they often offer stimulating conversation. Sometimes. But anyway, lets talk about the food, shall we?

Upon entering, guests are welcomed by an impressive display of extra virgin olive oils. The real standout of F&O is its over 30 different types of extra virgin olive oil including the fruity and delicate varietals standouts from Provence, France to buttery varietals from Andalucía and Marquez de Grinon. Each small and medium plate features one of the restaurant’s special olive oil varieties. The French/Spanish/Italian with a hint of Asian fusion inspired dishes, such as the hamachi crudo with sea beans, pea sprouts, Lime Marques de Grigñon Olive Oil, or Fig Gorgonzola Tartlet were also delicious (and, according to my Sicilian friend who joined me, true to form).

Among the menu’s other highlights are Penne Funghi Tartufo and – for the really adventurous – the Poulet Aux Legumes De Provence (free range chicken breast with cipollini infused figs). For the less meat-inclined, Fig & Olive boasts an excellent vegetarian and pescetarian menu, including Mediterranean Branzino with an 18 year old balsamic vinegar, snow pea and Koroneiki olive oil. Adding the salmon de Andalucia (seared organic salmon) is not a decision you will regret.

Separating the cocktails into “Shaken” and “Stirred,” visitors are likely to find that with choices ranging from “Sangria Roja” to “El Matador,” the biggest challenge will be ordering just one.


Zutto – Tribeca


Hidden in the center of Tribeca, Zutto brings some interesting twists to traditional Japanese cuisine. The space has a way of making you feel immediately welcome, with high ceilings and exposed-brick walls and heavy wooden furnishing, including a massive communal table, that makes it feel at once rustic and refined.

The menu is ideal for sharing, divided between an extensive sushi selection on one hand and what it calls “Japanese-American pub food” on the other. The sushi menu features all the essentials you would hope for, as well as some very out-there rolls, such as the Animal (short rib, jalapeno and garlic), and Gulf of Mexico (shrimp tempura, flying fish roe and kaiware sprouts).

The restaurant offers a number of lunch prix fixe options and main course combinations of a wide variety of sushi types, but your best bet may be to ask the sushi chef to show you what he can do and enjoy the parade of excellent fish.

Beyond the sushi, Zutto boasts a delicious ramen menu, with selections ranging from the “tonkotsu” noodle soup (topped with pork jowl chashu, pickled ginger, and scallions) to the miso or seafood. The wasabi shoyu ramen is a strong mix of sweet and spicy that mixes in bean curd, kaiware radish, and shiso.

Another highlight is Zutto’s steamed buns. Ordered in sets of three, these look something like a Japanese taco, with the fluffy bun combining brilliantly with the flavorful fillings. The short rib steamed bun, as well as the pork belly, were both outstanding, and there is a portabella bun, with parmesan crisp and miso mayo for the vegetarian.

Whether your meal is savory, spicy, or sweet, there is a drink on Zutto’s menu to accompany it. The beer list includes three types of Hitachino Nest brews (the red rice ale is a personal favorite), while the sake list covers all levels of dry, sparkling, or flavorful varieties. A number of white or sparkling wines are available by the bottle, as well as red and white by the glass.

Zutto Japanese American Pub
77 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10013
(212) 233-3287