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Luxury in NYC with James Corbett

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James Corbett himself hanging at his color bar. Beauty magazines call him ‘the Secret Weapon’


It’s no secret that my hair is a mess. It’s always been unruly and crazy big. All modeling agencies have asked me to cut it, without success. But since a bad ‘bleach situation’ done to my hair over a year ago where I lost two thirds of my mane I was humbled by the universe so to speak. Suddenly I had to care for my hair on all levels. And today I know what it’s like to put your locks in a bun every day because you hate it.

In LA I have my favorite hair stylist, in Copenhagen as well. But visiting NYC a few weeks ago I felt out of the loop when it comes to hair care. Rather randomly I met an old friend – make up artist Gabriella Tipsa, whom I’ve shot with numerous times. Gabriella pointed me to James Corbett Studio where she works as a beauty expert. The salon has the perfect location close to Union Square right off 5th Avenue.

Honestly I just want my hair to grow out again. Right now, people tell me it looks trendy, but I don’t care. I would like healthy and long hair again. I love the feeling of the long locks touching my back and playing around my shoulders and waist line. Meeting James Corbett was great. He looked at me and literally felt my pain. I kid you not. I could see it in his eyes. “No matter what we do today, we are not getting any color near your hair. We want to bring it back to life at all cost!.” Those were James’ words.

So far so good. What happens next? Well, Tina Mulryan, one of the best colorists and stylists in the city greets me. And after a consultation with her expert eyes she takes me to the sink and gives me something called an Olaplex treatment. Aside from being a majorly strengthening treatment, Olaplex is something you can put in hair color as well. Tina told me it works wonders as she was massaging Olaplex into my hair and scalp. Just fyi: the scalp massage felt like heaven.

It’s been weeks now and I still feel a positive chance to my hair. My Mowgli from ‘The Jungle Book’ – mane is not only soft, but more in check and manageable. Over all, my hair looks and feels way healthier than before all because of Miss Mulryan’s magical touch and superb knowledge

Recently I went online and discovered that James Corbett is a complete darling with the media. Allure, Cosmopolitan, Instyle magazine call James ‘the secret weapon’. And now that I’ve been in his salon, I understand why. Everyone is super chilled, honest and I got the best treatment. Everybody takes their time and I did not feel rushed at all. Rather I felt relaxed and pampered after the treatment.

Oh – the reason you see Gabriella painting blue eye shadow on me is because she was testing a look for a shoot she was doing the following day. I’m used to being multi-handled so to speak so I don’t; mind. Also it’s a great way to catch up in a busy world where everybody is traveling and working all over the place. When you are in the chair at the James Corbett Salon it’s ‘you time’. I can only recommend his services to anyone who visits NYC.

Check out  James Corbett Studio’s website where you can book online with ease


Head back into the sink, feeling the absolute luxury of the Olaplex treatment…


Almost done….


Time for blow dry and make up..


The salon and products for my hair. They smelled divine…


james in his salon and a view of the cute courtyard. Adorable.


Interview with the programming team at Nitehawk Cinema – NYC


NH5-exterior1. Tell me your name, function at Nitehawk and how long you’ve been there:
Caryn Coleman, Senior Film Programer/Communications: I’ve been part of the Nitehawk team since fall 2011.
John Woods, Director of Programming and Acquisitions: I’ve been on board since the conceptual stages in January 2010.
Max Cavanaugh, Technical Director / Film Programmer: I’ve been part of the Nitehawk team since February 2012.

2. How do you decide on which films to screen at Nitehawk?
Caryn Coleman: It depends on what the series is focusing on but I believe the best approach to film programming is a curatorial one: research/watch as many films as possible and then draw out connections to construct a concept for a series. Ultimately, what we program stems from our own personal interests and who/what we think is important to present to an audience at a particular time or cultural moment.

John Woods: It varies depending to some degree on if it’s part of a month long brunch or midnight series where you’re sticking to one theme or if it’s part of a larger perpetual series like Music Driven, Live+Sound+Cinema, or Film Feast. With a month long series it gives us a chance to be a little subversive sometimes by mixing the lesser known but still great films with more crowd pleasers and with a larger series. The goal is to gain the trust of your audience so they come out for the series whether they know the film or not.

3. Do you take requests from the public (I..e if there are a lot of incoming emails about particular movies that people would like to see screened at Nitehawk, are you open to doing that)?
Caryn Coleman: The repertory film programming at Nitehawk is all done in house, however, there certainly are occasions when people have reached out to us with a screening opportunity that we then realize. We do review all of the incoming screening requests and respond if it’s something that works within what we’re doing. Of course, nothing is guaranteed but we do enjoy having movie information coming in from all sources.

John Woods: We all attend and hang out at a lot of the screenings here, so we’re always meeting new people and talking with them about film while finding out about all kinds of new and old stuff. Socializing and sharing enthusiasm like this can really expand your approach to programming and keep it from becoming stagnant.

Black Devil Doll From Hell

Black Devil Doll From Hell

4. What have been some of your favorite movies screened at Nitehawk?
Caryn Coleman: Bob Clark’s Deathdream (35mm), Robert Longo’s Arena Brains, Cheryl Dunn’s Everybody Street, Edgar G. Ulmer’s Bluebeard (35mm), and the following films from our VICE/The Film Foundation screening series: Stanley Kubrick’s Paths of Glory, John Cassavetes’ A Woman Under the Influence, and Robert Altman’s Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean (all 35mm).

John Woods: Last November we did a midnight screening of Black Devil Doll From Hell and amazingly had the long sought director Chester N. Turner in house and then less then twelve hours later had Paul Auster in for a Q&A after a screening of Smoke. Other personal faves are The Fantastic Planet and Inner Space Live+Sound+Cinema screenings with Morricone Youth and more recently, Instrument with filmmaker Jem Cohen and Guy Picciotto of Fugazi.

Max Cavanaugh: My favorites are the two films that got me my job here. Before I was hired I did two midnite screenings of Street Trash with Roy Frumkes and Rocco Simonelli in person. The screenings were a huge success. I also worked on a film that was programmed here called Better Than Something: Jay Reatard. Both of these events led to me being hired. My recent favorites include McCabe and Mrs. Miller as part of the Country Brunchin’ series, Innerspace as part of the Live + Sound + Cinema series, Bluebeard as part of the Art Seen series, and Vice Squad as part of The Deuce Series.

UpstairsLobby35. What do you have planned in the near future?
Caryn Coleman: I’ve programed a British 1970s children’s film series in May called Cheeky Monkeys with The Phantom Tollbooth, The Boy Who Turned Yellow, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, and Oliver!. I also have the ongoing Nitehawk Naughties ‘porn chic’ program continuing in April and throughout the summer along with a Summer of Surrealism in July. There’s also the feature debut of Rough Cut, a film by British artist Jamie Shovlin on June 5.

John Woods: With all of the new music and independent documentaries being released we’ve been really encouraged by the large numbers of people coming out who understand the value of experiencing them in a theater. This is something we’re excited about continuing to be involved in by creating these unique screening events. We love having talent in for Q&As and there’s more new and established filmmakers we plan to host in the next months.

Max Cavanaugh: Each month I help curate The Deuce Film Series, which celebrates old 42nd street theaters. Each month our resident archivist and tour guide Andy McCarthy takes you on a journey through the history of the theater where the featured film premiered, followed by a 35mm presentation of the film. The screening is followed by raffles and prizes provided by The Deuce hosts, Joseph Berger and Jeff Cashvan. This month I am overjoyed to have Director Bill Lustig in person for a 35mm presentation ofVigilante.

6. What are some long term plans/news for Nitehawk that you can share?
Caryn Coleman: Look out this fall for: our second annual all-night Halloween horror film screening A Nite To Dismember (showing all sequels) along with an October film series called The Final Girl. Our Nitehawk Shorts Festival will also return this November!

John Woods: Continually challenging the expectations and possibilities of what can be done in a movie theater while remaining firmly focused on the films and programs.

Max Cavanaugh: I am looking forward to this years Shorts Fest and October’s “Nite to Dismember” Halloween program.

136 Metropolitan Ave,
Brooklyn, NY 11249


Jamie Hince @ The Morrison Hotel Gallery – NYC


Jamie-hince-art-show-hero-853x1024On Tuesday, June 10th 2014 Morrison Hotel Gallery and animal charity Rational Animal present ECHO HOME premiered the photography exhibition of The Kills’ guitarist Jamie Hince at the Morrison Hotel Gallery in Soho, NYC.

English guitarist, singer, and songwriter Jamie Hince is a trendsetting musician with a signature sensibility that encompasses grit, humor, and sultry expressiveness. As a musician, he’s worked with cult acts such as Fiji, Scarfo, and Blyth Power, but he’s best known for his mesmerizing and sensual indie rock with The Kills, which he co-founded with singer, songwriter, guitarist, vocalist and fashion icon Alison Mosshart in 2000. To date, The Kills have released three critically acclaimed albums. Hince is one of the rare breeds of artistically fluid musicians that can authoritatively work in other mediums.

The Kills tour comes to New York City for their Governor’s Ball performance and an artistic visual compilation translating into Jamie’s photography exhibition at the Morrison Hotel Gallery, the flagship Soho branch of the fine art music photography gallery.

The idea of making this a charity focused exhibition began when Rational Animal charity reached out to The Kills with an opportunity to embrace their inner dog by creating a photo for their latest campaign in support of their signature Mother’s Comfort Project, which sews and delivers beds to homeless animals in shelters in the greater New York City area. The great British photographer Terry O’Neill and his photograph of Bridget Bardot with her dog in bed inspire the Sweet Dreams

Morrison Hotel Gallery
116 Prince Street
New York, NY 10012

Alexandra Janelli – Theta Springs Hypnosis – NYC


AlexandraJanelliI’ve generally been somewhat of a melancholic and anxious person, since my early twenties but the last two years have been particularly stressful for me.  Although I had seen different therapists over the years, and it did always feel good to walk out of a doctor’s office having gotten everything I was feeling off my chest, I often felt that progress was slow. I learned that with hypnotherapy depending on what you need help with, the positive effects can be seen more quickly after only the first few sessions. I have to admit that before attending my first session, I was skeptical about undergoing hypnosis because I was dead set on thinking that I would be too stubborn to be able to “fall under”,  I’m happy to say that it turns out I was very wrong.

My first meeting with Alexandra Janelli of Theta Springs was great. Her office is a haven of calm and her easy going personality really makes you feel at ease. The session starts out much like a regular therapy session without the hypnosis part, which you go into later. She begins the session by asking questions about what you would like to accomplish and it’s up to you to speak with her as candidly as possible about what’s on your mind. After the mutual speaking therapy session, the best part begins. You pull back your chair and you can request a cozy blanket for the hypnosis part of the session. Alexandra’s voice was so soothing that I almost immediately fell into a state of relaxation. Before I knew it, I went into a state of deep sleep.  I would compare it what people have said transcendental meditation is like, except you have help from the professional to take you into another level of consciousness.  After I was brought back, I couldn’t remember much of what happened from the time I was hypnotized. So much for my “stubbornness”. I won’t go into too many details about what happened, but I can tell you that I came out feeling simultaneously revitalized and relaxed. I walked out into the loud and bustling New York City streets feeling like I was walking on a cloud.  Alexandra provided me with a recording of my session, which I listened to later and used to help me fall into another relaxing state on my own.

There are many different things that can be accomplished with hypnotherapy (such as quitting smoking, which is very popular with a lot of people) and everyone will have different reasons for wanting to try this amazing form of therapy, for me, in that one session it accomplished a lot more than what I had expected.

I had the opportunity to interview Alexandra Janelli about hypnotherapy. She is very passionate and knowledgeable about her field, it’s no wonder she’s so good at what she does:

1. Why did you choose to become a hypnotherapist?
About 6 years ago I had been seeing a chiropractor at Longevity Health for helping with my TMJ that I had. I was also seeing a nutritionist there (Dr. Margolin who owns the center) and he had mentioned they had just brought onto the team a hypnotherapist that might be able to help me with an issue that I was having in my life. I decided to try it and it completely changed my life, helped me gain inertia, and overcome some fears that I was having regarding my issue. It truly inspired me that such an amazing change could happen in my life in a matter of 3 sessions.
It wasn’t until 2010 when I moved to Chicago that I decided it was time for a career change. I had been in environmental consulting for 7 years and was ready! While I toyed with the idea of going back to school to be a veterinarian, I started to question my love for helping people and the things that had inspired me in my life. Thus, I reached out to my hypnotherapist to ask about his process. Everything from timing to the school just felt right and everything fell into place from that point forward.

2. What are the differences and similarities between hypnosis and meditation?
While both modalities can lead you to an altered state of consciousness and clear mind, they are achieved in very different ways. Meditation is a quieting of the mind, while hypnosis is an over-stimulation of the mind brought on my tapping into all the sense of the mind and body. Both are wonderful at helping clients achieve similar outcomes. However, hypnotherapy is geared more specifically to creating new associations in the subconscious mind for problem and issue solving. Thereby, reframing an issue to help you unblock and move forward in your life.

3. What kind of training do you need to administer hypnosis?
I did my training at the Hypnosis Motivational Institute (HMI – hypnosis.edu) which is out of California. They have the only accredited hypnotherapy distant learning program, which is world renouned. In order to prepare for the movie Trance, Rosario Dawson visited to there to learn more about hypnotherapy. The program is a 9 volume course load with over 300 hours of accredited hours. Upon completion you earn a diploma in handwriting analysis and hypnotherapy. Certification is earned through a union of which upon finishing school you are certified as a master hypnotist. Once your 200 hours of clinic hours are completed you can apply for status as a hypnotherapist.

Its important to note the difference between a hypnotist and hypnotherapist when picking your practitioner. Below is information on that:
There is a big difference between a Hypnotist (including Consulting Hypnotist, Certified Hypnotist, Stage Hypnotist, etc) and a Clinical Hypnotherapist in terms of competency and effectiveness for subconscious healing of clients. A Hypnotist is typically someone who has learned (from books, on-line, week-end courses and/or 50-60 hour courses) how to induce the hypnotic state in a willing person. Unless they have taken further appropriate training they would not be considered qualified to assist a person with emotional and physical hypnotherapy issues. The basic/introductory courses in hypnosis allow the hypnotists to choose a field or fields of interest among the wide variety of applications possible with hypnosis, hypnotherapy being only one.

A Hypnotherapist is a Master Hypnotist who has many more hours specialized training in self- identification, regression, root-cause, release and re-learning techniques, just to name a few. The confusion tends to be rooted in the titles used by the various certifying organizations. But one thing seems clear, without additional and proper training, a hypnotist, regardless the title he/she chooses to use, is not qualified to work in the medical and dental applications of hypnosis. Never presume that because a person is a Consulting Hypnotist, a Hypnotist, a Certified Hypnotist, hypnotherapist or many of the other titles one sees, that they are automatically competent to help you resolve your issue. Further equiry in all areas of health and wellness are always advised.

4. What are some of the most impressive results you’ve seen come out of some of your clients?
I have had clients lose 40+ pounds, stop smoking after lifetimes of smoking, overcoming fear of flying after 10 years of not being on a plane, a girl eating fruit for the first time at the age of 23, letting go of past traumas that have plagued and inhibited peoples lives, overcoming terrible breakups, self love and acceptance of transgender clients, overcoming fear of highway driving, stopping nail biting, plus many many more.

5. After a session, are there things that a client can do at home to reinforce the hypnosis session?
During the session I will help clients create tools and mantras that can be used to help trigger up some subconscious associations. Just as a dog can be a trigger for a fearful reaction in a person who has a fear of dogs, you can also provide consciuous queues that can trigger up good associations too. Clients can also learn self-hypnosis techniques that can help with reinforcing the work done in session. In addition, I offer to record the session for clients so they can listen to the session again and again from home. Guiding yourself through meditation and visualizations on your own is also a wonderful way to reinforce the work.

6. I’ve heard many success stories from people who have quit smoking cigarettes through hypnosis, how does this change take place? How do the sessions alleviate nicotine addiction?
Hypnotherapy looks to understand the associations you have created about smoking from the time that you started to the present. For many people they started smoking because their parents did, it was cool, or it was social. However, over the years smoking associations changed from something that you just did to become a habit that is routine and hard to break. People will smoke, not necessarily because they enjoy it completely, but it offers a break from work, a moment to not think, to even a coping mechanism in dealing with stress, anxiety, or other emotions.

When clients come to quit smoking, I always state that it can be a 1-3+ session process. It is not magic button like you see in stage hypnosis shows, and its success is truly based off the clients true motivations to quit. If you are looking to quit for someone or something other than yourself, the success rate is altered significantly.

Hypnosis hopes to tap into your empowerment over cigarettes. You learn new coping mechanisms to dealing with stress, that emotions that may trigger the “urge” to smoke are much better dealt with on a conscious level then with a disgusting cancer causing piece of paper and tobacco.

But the truth is that cigarettes ARE calming. However, there is nothing IN a cigarette that is calming. It’s the deep breath that you take deep into the diaphragm that actually causes a relaxing message to the body. It’s the time away from people, work, and stress that helps relax you! Its not the cigarette at all.

Hypnosis for smoking helps to tap into and overcome the fear of what life will be like without smoking. That even an urge can easily be overcome. In fact you do it when you fly on a plane or go somewhere you cant smoke. You are much stronger than a nicotine craving. Smoking only feeds the cycle and you are better and stronger than that. Once you break the cycle you can change the way you think and change the way you feel. We just tie in the conscious wants to subconscious motivation to have 100% of the mind working for you and not against you. Quitting is easier than you think, and you are stronger then you give yourself credit for.


Coco – Brooklyn


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetCoco is a new Brooklyn bistro located in Greenpoint. The restaurant is the latest venture of Michael Callahan – whose resumé already boasts several successful Manhattan restaurants, namely Indochine, Bond St, Republic, and Kittichai. Former chef de cuisine Fat Radish, Joe Capozzi, leads the kitchen and its’ menu which puts focus on local, American food. The restaurant also features a bar and late night with delicious smaller bites.

Interview with Joe Capozzi of Coco:

1. Where did you work before Coco/What’s your background
I have a long list of NYC experience as a chef, previously before Coco, I was the chef de cuisine at The Fat Radish in the lower east side of Manhattan and Ruschmeyers in Montauk. My other experiences in NYC include Eleven Madison Park, David Burke, The Peacock Alley, David Bouley and many more.

2. What sets Coco’s menu apart from other restaurants in Greenpoint or Williamsburg?
The menu at Coco is very unique having interesting combinations of flavors that stand out which are memorable such as the mushrooms and fennel butter, broiled oysters and smokey bourbon butter, butter whiskey pudding. These are simple recipes executed consistently on a professional level. I call it “Elevated Home Cooking”. We want to give Brooklyn a fine dining experience but still serving home cooked food for comfort.

3. What are some emerging trends you’re noticing in Brooklyn’s food/restaurant scene?
Using local products and highlighting local businesses is an emerging trend in Brooklyn. At Coco, we support our local neighbors such as Bellocq teas and our local favorite food vendors Ovenly and Achilles Heel by using their products at our restaurant.

4. What is one of your favorite ingredients to use and what’s your favorite dish at COCO?
My favorite ingredient to use is anything super fresh! Favorite dish? I like the fresh shaved radish and anchovies. It will make an anchovy lover out of anyone.

5. Who are your foodie influences?
My influences are the many talented chefs that I have had the pleasure to work with. Local artisans and local chefs also are the biggest influences in my work.

6. Last meal on earth, what would you choose and which cocktails (or bottle of wine) would you pair it with?
Truffle gnocchi, no question. And a red Burgundy, the 1993 Corton Renardes, Grand Cru would pair perfectly.

Make sure to check out Coco’s groovy eye candy filled Instagram page: http://instagram.com/coco_bkny#

Coco Brooklyn
68 Greenpoint Ave,
Greenpoint, Brooklyn 11222

3rd Annual Food Book Fair – Brooklyn


FBF_Credit Liz  ClaymanEach spring, the Food Book Fair brings together food enthusiasts, publishers, book collectors, chefs, artists, activists, scholars, and writers to explore the latest in food innovation and conversation at the fair. For more information and tickets for this year’s fair, please visit .

For $225 you can purchase an “all access insider pass”, which gives you access to all of three days of events, the ability to fast track in line and get priority seating as well as an invite to an intimate Food Book Salon gathering. There are other pass options as well or you can pick and choose the events of your choice and curate your own foodie weekend.

For more information:


Wallpaper by Arid Orozco


Venelandia by Arid OrozcoTatiana Pagés, CEO/Chief Creative Officer of Greencard Creative, and Curator is excited to present “Wallpaper,” Arid Orozco’s first exhibit in New York City, on Monday, April 21, 2014. Orozco is a contemporary Latin American artist who has a passion for color and culture. The exhibition will take place at El Aripo Café, 172 Delancey Street, from 6-11pm. An array of mouthwatering cocktails will be served by Moscow 57, an eclectic restaurant located in downtown Manhattan.

Orozco is an emerging visual artist born in a small town in Yaracuy in northwestern Venezuela. He moved to New York about 15 years ago and currently lives in a cozy studio in Queens, surrounded by paintings and color, where he has explored his passion for the arts. Orozco draws inspiration from vibrant colors, found in an array of spaces including nature, fashion, and culinary arts.

Orozco carries within him a legacy of rich Venezuelan tradition of nature his relationship with his loving mother which is revealed thorough his painting. Behind those bright colors is the sadness of being away from home and the issues his country is suffering. “As I curated this exhibit, I envisioned how all paintings together would create a “wallpaper” of stories, capturing a narrative of emotions that Arid expresses about his home country of Venezuela and his relationship with his muse and adored mother,” said Tatiana Pagés, curator of the exhibit. “The bright colored canvases are the alter ego of Arid’s sadness and longing for his country and family.”

As the Chef for the Chilean Mission in The United Nations in New York, even Orozco’s time away from painting is also full of colors and flavors. He studied at the Institute of Culinary Education, where he received a degree in Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management.

Proceeds of the exhibit will go to Aid for Aids, a non-profit organization committed to empowering communities at risk of HIV and the population at large by developing their abilities and capacities in comprehensive prevention through access to treatment, advocacy, education and training to improve their quality of life and reduce stigma and discrimination.

About Tatiana Pages

Often referred to as a Global Innovator, Tatiana Pagés combines her love of design, art, branding, social responsibility, and sustainability to create innovative campaigns and brand insights for companies. Her diverse experiences as an entrepreneur, business owner, strategist and activist designer, curator, as well as brand visionary, have given her a unique perspective of consumer markers. Tatiana currently lives in Harlem, New York, with her husband and daughter.

As CEO and Chief Creative Officer of the New York City based Greencard Creative, Pagés has worked with a variety of industries: food and beverage, beauty, science, fashion, social, cultural, and personal care. She has collaborated with notable clients and brands, exploring and understanding human behavior is another of Pagés passions, one that is essential for her work process. By delving into the fields of psychology, economics and neuroscience, she gains important consumer insights that help her build local and international brand movements. Greencard Creative has worked with notable clients and brands including Smirnoff Ice, Pepsico/Ocean Spray, Heineken, Diageo, Petit Nectars, Gallo Winery, Johnson & Johnson, Bayer, Frito Lay, Campbell’s, and the Country of Ecuador. For more information, visit www.greencardcreative.com.

Primp & Polish – Williamsburg


0189c292740cea3af146262d6351931a189a0032df As soon as you walk into Primp & Polish, you know that you’re not walking into a typical nail salon.  Things can only get better with each step through the doors and into the back garden to escape the madness of Williamsburg’s Bedford avenue.

I was greeted by the spa manager and led to the quiet coat check room which also doubles as the massage therapy room.  The salon has a wide variety of choices from various nail brands including Essie, OPI, and for a few extra dollars you can have Chanel or Dior polish.  After choosing my polish of choice (Essie’s “Forever Young”) the experience began and I felt all of my stresses and worries instantly begin to melt away as I was lead into the back garden pedicure area.

Aside from manicures and pedicures, Primp & Polish also offers Nail Art, massage, and waxing.  With three locations throughout Williamsburg, it’s easy to find a spot to drop into for some pampering, however although they welcome drop-ins reservations are also recommended as all three spots are often pretty busy.


Phone: (718) 384-3555

Driggs Avenue
(On Driggs Ave bet. N9th & N10th)
Phone: (718) 965-1900

Grand Street
Phone: (718) 599-1949

Brooklyn Night Bazaar – NYC


spankrock 2 One of the greatest things about the Brooklyn Night Bazaar is just how much there is to do. The event, which takes place every Friday and Saturday night from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. at 165 Banker St. in Williamsburg — a block north of McCarren Park — is an amalgam of night market, concert venue, video arcade, bar/restaurant, and club. Though it packs in as many as 5,000 people a night in its huge warehouse space, what’s really overwhelming is deciding what to do first.

You’ll want to arrive hungry. The Bazaar has booths from some of the city’s favorite eateries, including Pok Pok NY (famous for their noodles and long lines at its Red Hook restaurant), Luke’s Lobster, Briskettown, and Ample Hills Creamery (home of the addictive Salted Crack Caramel ice cream). If you prefer just to drink, that can be accommodated to, with a number of bars serving local beer and wine.

The Bazaar’s co-founder, Belvy K, is a past member of punk/hardcore bands like 7 Seconds, UK Subs, and D Generation, so the event can be relied upon to bring some top-quality local music. Past acts have included Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Mac Demarco, James Murphy, and The Hold Steady, and every night includes a full lineup of local and touring acts.

If you aren’t feeling the music, there are plenty of other ways to entertain yourself. There’s a nine-hole mini golf course (lit with blacklights), ping pong room, and tons of vintage and new games, from air hockey to skee ball to Ms. Pac-Man. For something more high-minded, check out the art gallery, with a rotating selection of sculptures, paintings, and multimedia pieces.

But as the name implies, the Brooklyn Night Bazaar is a great place to shop. The space hosts table after table of local vendors selling clothes, accessories, and gifts, such as BANGS Shoes, Throne Watch Company, and Well Rounded Sound. RHLS, Wowch, FONY, and Strumpet are just a few of the apparel sellers showcasing their stuff. You would be hard-pressed to find another place in the city where you can browse handmade shoes, listen to live music from a local indie band, while eating a midnight snack.

—Alex Palmer

Brooklyn Night Bazaar
Fridays and Saturdays
7 p.m. to 1 a.m.
165 Banker St.
Brooklyn, NY 11222

ANALOGIA Installation at Bryant Park – NYC


art_1 Analogia is a 60 foot free standing structure of two towers, measuring 15’ x 15’ each, surrounding a ziggurat (pyramid) frame comprised of 1.5 miles of bamboo with 32,000 pounds of steel. The structure will hold 7 layers of 14 fresco paintings by New York native artist Ben Tritt on 600 yards of burlap with 200 gallons of enamel and tar of images inspired by western and non-western sculptures from The Metropolitan Museum of Art Collection. The installation is being produced by award-winning producer Jodi Kaplan and will include dance performance, music, and soundscape.

With the generous support of Bryant Park, the one-of-a-kind site-specific trans-disciplinary painting/sculpture/ architecture/performance installation explores cultural images and archetypes throughout world history in a modern-day interpretation. Motifs of power (masculine and feminine), innocence, love, desire, metamorphosis, transcendence, and freedom are explored through the pairings of fresco paintings.

A Babel-like allegorical structure, the museum comes to the park, offering the 25,000 daily Bryant Park visitors and 250,000 daily passerby a living museum within the landmark majesty of Bryant Park. Opening day is Saturday, March 8 with press review, performance, and art history tour in conjunction with The Armory Show.

We spoke with the artist Ben Tritt and Jodi Kaplan about this incredible work of art:

Q: What is the overall vision of this project, do you see it as some sort of catalyst?
Ben: The net, the web, the global village, etc., are the new “territories” that govern our lives. These ‘places’ can only thrive on interrelationship and interdependence. My work is an expression of this reality, as depicted by the mingling of Eastern and Western symbology. Both the form and content of the installation at Bryant Park represent the ever-increasing levels of mutual connection between East and West. The structure unites two iconic architectural forms, the rectangular or perpendicular (Greece, Rome) vs.the triangular (Egyptian, Hindu, Mayan).

art_2Q: Seeing that you have had a long history in gallery and institutions, why the shift to public art?
Ben: I look at museums as models for cities. And my installation is essentially a museum turned inside out. By bringing the “museum” outside into the public arena, we are ostensibly breaking down the barriers of art. Not only are the paintings adorning the outside of the structure but the artwork and the architecture become one object. The modern museum is the ultimate symbol and sanctuary to the breadth of shared creative history. The museum, like the modern metropolis, is an invention, an experiment in diversity, juxtaposition and multiple meanings. Despite the obvious challenges, their existence testifies to the unity of all creative expression. In my structure, the works of art and their ‘house’ have become one; the structure and varied art forms momentarily crystallize into a single unified whole.

Q: What attracted you to the project, how did the collaboration come about?
Jodi: My background in film also connects within the art world – as my films have screened at museums worldwide including the MET, the Brooklyn Museum of Art, the Smithsonian Hirshhorn, the Tate Modern, and at MoMA, (where they are in MoMA’s collection) as well as the Perth Contemporary Museum of Art in Australia and throughout India and Russia in the art world. A few years ago, I also started painting. So when I walked into Ben’s studio 9 months ago, I knew that my world had changed forever. I fell immediately in love with his work on a visceral level. We have a magnetic and kindred artistic connection. I am always ready and open for “the next step” and this is it.

After producing dance festivals at both the Beijing 2008 and London 2012 Olympics as well as doing high end design projects, I was looking to bridge all my worlds on the next level. My experience in producing annual summer dance festivals at Bryant Park as well as dance festivals at Jazz at Lincoln Center and Edinburgh, Scotland; my connection artistically with the museum world; and my love of painting. Ben’s transdisciplinary approach resonates with me deeply.

Q: Would you say that your history of producing outdoor dance festivals at Bryant Park is parallel to the recent wave of public arts?
Jodi: I do think that the performing arts are a strong parallel catalyst for the public art wave. The past 5 years in partnering with Bryant Park on a dance festival summer performance series, I have seen a stronger audience interest in craving outdoor experiences.

Q: What experience about making the structure and its components resonates with you the most?
Ben: All of the paintings on the installation are based on the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I selected iconic sculptures comprising every culture represented under their roof. Yet the project is really also about NYC. The MET and NYC are pure symbols of living diversity. Keeping differences while not nullifying traditions. Maintaining individual cultures while creating something entirely new. A melting pot. A level playing field. A conscious effort of the non-hierarchical. An inclusion of every culture known to humankind. NYC and the MET are about the future. Sitting side by side with a constant dynamic interplay of cultures. The Metropolitan Museum is itself a perfect metaphor for New York City, perhaps the quintessential ‘melting pot’ of world culture.

Opening Day
Press Review: Saturday, March 8, 4:00 p.m.
Dance Performance and Art-History Tour: Saturday, March 8, 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Additional Dance/Music Performance and Second Art-History Tour: Sunday, March 16, 2014, 3:00 – 5:00 p.m.
Closing: Tuesday, March 18 at sundown.

Fountain Terrace of Bryant Park:
West 41st/Avenue of the Americas entrance

INSTALLATION WEBSITE: http://installationatbryantpark.com/
Tumblr: http://installationatbryantpark.tumblr.com/

Crosby Street New York


“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

The White Queen-
Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice Found There

If Alice fell down the rabbit hole and landed in a luxury hotel, she’d end up at the Crosby Street Hotel in SoHo (SOuth of HOuston St.). An eclectic mix of modern and traditional, Crosby Street is utterly charming on so many levels. Owned and operated by the Firmdale Hotels based out of London, the Crosby Street Hotel is the first in the States and has only been open since October 2009. Containing 86 rooms and suites, the hotel is small enough to feel cozy, yet large enough to contain all the amenities you would expect from a hotel of this caliber. However, you can tell immediately upon entering that you’re not in a typical hotel.

As you approach the front desk, you notice that there are a number of cubbies on the wall. Reminiscent of the golden age of travel, back in the days when you checked in and out with the front desk each time upon leaving and returning to the hotel – this can be handy for those of us with a tendency to misplace keys. However, the hotel is technologically advanced, with state of the art slim card keys which you press in front of the lock to open. I found it interesting that the hotel typically only distributes one key per “family” – not exactly optimal when traveling with companions who may have different agendas. I felt a little like Oliver Twist upon returning to the hotel by myself (“Please sir, may I have another?). But the front desk just had me escorted up to the room with a bellman who let me in.

The lobby is so interesting, with life-size dog statues papered over with cartoons, a large white metal sculpture of a head made up of interlocking letters and various modern style paintings. To the right of the concierge desk is the drawing room. Step in and feel as though you’ve gone back in time to the Victorian Age – with a twist! Kept dark with many candles to give it an intimate feel, there are plush couches and sculpted tables, along with various original artwork on the walls. When five o’clock comes, retire to the drawing room for a cocktail, or step out into the courtyard patio for a breath of fresh air. Expect the unexpected, where a two thousand year old tree trunk on a pedestal greets you as you step out the door, along with various other pieces of natural sculpture. We were told that much of the artwork decorating the hotel comes directly from the personal collection of the owners, again, adding to the more personal and homey quality. The elevators feature framed art entitled “The Dogs of SoHo”, which is a collage of photos of actual, resident SoHo dogs out on their daily walks.

And the rooms, the rooms! Are there enough adjectives to describe the sumptuous and beautiful furnishings? The large bathroom with the flat screen tv imbedded in the wall above the tub. The decorous bidet (a very European idea which I wish would catch on here), the grand walk in shower, the oversized tub with spray attachments…everything one could want or need. Each room is decorated in its own signature style, with varying color schemes, ranging from soft buttery yellows to gorgeous deep plums. Fabric and differing textures on the walls adds to the overall sensory experience. Painted dress forms, mirrors and sculptures decorate the rooms, with luxurious linens and deep pillows to sink into after a hard day in the city. The floor to ceiling windows have cushions on the window ledges for comfy viewing of the surrounding skyline or people watching on the streets. And can you imagine the lucky bride to be who gets to relax before her big day in the Meadow Suite? Yes, there is an actual planted MEADOW on the roof outside of one of the suites, with flowering trees, plants and bushes. Alice would feel right at home here spending a lazy Sunday afternoon making daisy chains with Dinah.

Of course, a British owned operation is going to have the traditional afternoon tea. Offered at the hotel all day in the Crosby Bar, or guests of the hotel can have theirs in the Drawing Room. Champagne is extra, but splurge…and the lotus tea and clotted cream on scones are to die for! The Crosby Street Bar and Terrace serves breakfast, afternoon tea, bar food and drinks all day. The Mad Hatter and March Hare would fit right in here, with the whimsical, fanciful multi-colored globe lights hanging from the ceiling, and old fashioned telephone sculpture on the wall. Or if you prefer, eat out on the shady Terrace, and people watch.

I also checked out the Sunday Night Film Club, available to all, not just hotel guests. You get dinner and a movie (one short film and one feature length) with your choice of a three course meal (a set menu and you choose from various options) for $50 per person or a bar plate for $25 per person. I chose the full meal and brother, let me tell you it is worth every penny. I had the wedge salad, macaroni and cheese with truffles and the most scrumptious, positively decadent chocolate sundae with salted caramel. The only drawback was that I was so stuffed (I couldn’t bear to let any of that ambrosial food go to waste) that when the lights went down for the movie, I was so comfortable that I promptly fell right asleep (my apologies to my neighbors if I snored). The blu-ray movie is shown in a 100 seat theater, with a full size screen and a top notch sound system. Unbelievable value, when you consider it’s a full on evening out, with dinner and a movie to boot. Perfect for date night, an evening out with the girls (or guys) or just a peaceful, relaxing evening by yourself.

Crosby Street, oh Crosby Street, I sing your praises high. One other point worth mentioning – every employee of the hotel that I met or interacted with seemed genuinely happy to be there. They were always available to answer questions, provide assistance, or give insider tidbits about the property. It is obvious that they take pride in themselves and their hotel, which really makes all the difference and shows in every aspect of your experience there. If contemplating a trip to New York, make sure and spend a night or two (or twelve) at the Crosby Street Hotel and experience a little of the continent right here in our own backyard!

Crosby Street Hotel is a part of the Kiwi Collection of Hotels

79 Crosby Street
New York, New York 10012

-Zayne Swain

The Kimberly Hotel – Midtown


Upstairs at the KimberlyOn a recent trip to New York City, we had the pleasure of staying at the Kimberly Hotel, a luxury boutique hotel in the heart of Manhattan.  It has recently made Conde Nast Traveler’s Gold List 2013. I’ve always preferred boutique over large corporate chain hotels because I love to appreciate the beauty and character in the details. The details at the Kimberly hotel were all about European flair, lucky me.  The “Upstairs” rooftop was an amazing spot for an early morning breakfast with a view. Being as beauty obsessed as I am, I always check out the hotel’s bathroom products. I was delighted to see Neutrogena and Bath & Body Works products in this one. On our tour of the hotel, we learned that the owner named it after his daughter. We also learned that some celebrities that have stayed at the Kimberly Hotel include Jennifer Hudson, Lauren Dern and Mira Sorvino. I would definitely recommend the Kimberly Hotel to anyone who wants to be in the middle of all that NYC has to offer from Broadway to Central Park. Follow the Kimberly Hotel on Facebook and Twitter and if your name is Kimberly, you’re in luck!

-Cindy Pino

The Kimberly Hotel
145 E 50th St
New York, NY 10022

The Paramount Hotel – NYC


Paramount Hotel, is one of the coolest Midtown Manhattan hotels where I’ve stayed so far. Times Square can be tricky if you are looking for a tasteful place, but with Paramount you just need to step inside to understand you are in a special hotel. The atmosphere of the lobby is romantic, grown-up and very relaxing. Highlights: a gigantic Art Deco luster, classic table lamps that bring back the quietness of an old-school library and naked trees with flower balls on it. My suite was all red and black. I had a very spacious living room with minimalistic furniture and a view on spectacular skyscrapers. If you are visiting NY, it’s the kind of view you can be dreaming of. The bedroom was quite the perfect deal to rest after a London-NYC flight: a wonderful queen-size bed and even so you’re laying down in the heart of the city that never sleeps, you don’t hear any noise from the street. A little detail that I appreciated is the ‘bed-table’ on wheels, that you can use to eat or work above your bed. And on top of that: two bathrooms, because even if you are two in the suite, there’s no reason for having to wait on your partner for any urgent need. The mezzanine floors combine historical architecture with chic nuevo styles.  With new plans as of March 2013 for a re-imagination/renovation of the hotel, The Paramount remains the consummate modern Times Square New York hotel, with easy access to the Broadway Theater District, Restaurant Row, upscale Madison and Fifth Avenue shopping, Penn Station, and the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. The Paramount Hotel NY is located one-half block from Broadway on 46th Street – the perfect location if you are here to enjoy the best Broadway shows in New York City!

235 West 46th Street
New York, NY 10036
(212) 764-5500

Holiday Taxis – Airport Transfers and Beyond

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holiday_taxisIn a world filled with uncertainties, one thing that needs to be reliable and efficient is getting from Point A to Point B, as well as any stops in between. When it comes to transportation, Holiday Taxis has all of your travel needs and desires covered! With a fleet of luxury vehicles ranging in size and class, from Economy, Luxury, VIP, to SUVs, Limos and Vans, no passenger request is too big or too small.

Holiday Taxis also takes the guesswork out of travel. As a private car service, it has many advantages over traditional taxi travel. First and foremost, with Holiday Taxis you will have full knowledge of your charges in advance of order placement. Tip and tax are already included in the price presented to you, so you can rest assured that there are no hidden costs. Easy payment options include by phone or online.

With the ‘Tailor Made’ option, not only will the driver be summoned to your location for pickup, you will also be able to track your driver in real time via the 24 hour customer service line… it doesn’t get any cooler than that! Simply select your “pickup” and “drop off” destinations, date and time, as well as your car-class preference, and you are ready to go!

The ‘Ride Later’ service allows you to schedule pickup within an hour anywhere around the globe. With service available in over 5000 cities and 110 countries, peace of mind is never more than a few miles away.

Holiday Taxis is the world’s best online private car service…Travel has never been so easy, and right at your fingertips!


The London – NYC


TheLondonJan-623x340The London NYC Hotel offers luxury, all-suite accommodations right in the heart of Manhattan. Located just over a few blocks from Grand Central Station, the hotel caters to experienced business and leisure travelers. Whether you are in New York for an event at Madison Square Garden or need convenient access to the United Nations, Chrysler or Empire State Buildings, The London is an option. Located in Midtown Manhattan, the hotel is just steps from the Museum of Modern Art, Rockefeller Center and Carnegie Hall. Suites are spacious and come in seven varieties, each offering at least 46 square meters of space. Each is fashioned with king or queen beds, Italian cotton linens, comfortable seating and workstations, mood lighting and complimentary in-room high-speed Internet access.

The London
151 West 54th Street
New York City NY 10019