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Cerise by Gordon Ramsay – Tokyo

Posted on 19 June 2012

Gordon Ramsay may best be known for his hot headed television series Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares that has aired in America and Britain but before all of his television fame he cut his teeth at Aubergine gaining 2 Michelin stars and then turned heads by opening up his first restaurant in Chelsea, Restaurant Gordon […]


Gotham Bar & Grill – West Village

Posted on 26 December 2010

Tucked away on a quiet block on 12th Street in Greenwich Village a few blocks away from Union Square sits Gotham Bar & Grill widely considered one of New York’s restaurant giants. For over twenty-five years Chef Alfred Portale has been at the forefront of what is considered modern day American cuisine. With time honored […]


TOCQUEVILLE – Union Square

Posted on 23 August 2010

New York City’s subway system is very much like the vascular system of the human body. Multicolored subway lines intersect each other branching out in various directions in ways veins and arteries would. If you were to pinpoint the heart of New York City it would be Union Square. In 2009 an estimated 34,245,245 million […]


Paqui Tequila

Posted on 28 May 2010

I have always had an affinity for tequila. Growing up in the southwest my friends and I would spend many weekends heading south over the border to enjoy some fish tacos, cheap beer, fireworks, and tequila.  Naïve and barely over the drinking age we would grab pretty much any plastic handle of dirt cheap tequila […]