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The Fullerton Bay Hotel – Singapore


Singapore has got its new hotel marvel: The Fullerton Bay, that just opened 6 months ago and I was lucky enough to try it! Completely built over water, the hotel is a stunning jewel-like addition to the renowned Marina Bay waterfront, and is illuminated by the setting sun. The hotel is ensconced between the iconic heritage buildings, Clifford Pier and Customs House. Both buildings played important roles in Singapore’s history and saw the arrival of many of Singapore’s early settlers. The luxury hotel exudes a classical and elegant atmosphere that aptly captures Singapore’s modernity while upholding its heritage. Nestled in the vibrant financial, arts and cultural precinct, the hotel is located with immediate proximity to the bustling dining and entertainment hubs, Boat Quay and Clarke Quay, as well as cultural centers Chinatown, Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall, Singapore Art Museum, Asian Civilizations Museum and Esplanade – Theaters on the Bay. It’s pretty easy to enjoy a sense of arrival via the graceful Clifford Pier entrance and expansive 17-metre wide lobby by design wunderkind, Andre Fu who has been hailed by Monocle Magazine as “Design Master” and by Conde Nast Traveler USA as “Asian Design Sensation”. Fu is also responsible for the Hotel restaurants – Lantern, Clifford and The Landing Point. Set against the egg-white interior, a stunning cylindrical chandelier that measures five meters in diameter suspended at a dramatic 10 meter height. At eye level, two groups of plush lounge seating are positioned in perfect symmetry to enhance the ambience of residential elegance. An intriguing palette of rich marble in varying tones of mineral greys is combined with bespoke furnishings in lush olive greens, burnt orange and deep aubergine shades. At The Fullerton Bay Hotel, each room features floor-to-ceiling windows and exclusive balconies, offering spectacular views of the waterfront and city skyline. My room was 50 square meter, had a lot of natural light for my well-being and a view on a gigantic artwork made with thousands of floating white balls. When you wake up and see that you don’t know if you are still dreaming or if you are already awake. The interior decor features touches of polished rosewood, burl-wood, leather and chrome. The overall color scheme of rich creamy gold creates an ambience of inviting warmth and the bathrooms with separate bath and shower configuration are finished with ivory limestone and rich yellow marble. To make sure you don’t get bored in your bath, a flat-screened TV at the foot of each bathtub completes the attention to detail. If you need more than more, the hotel offers six exclusive and strategically positioned suites at the corner of the building to make sure you get a breathtaking view on each side. The hotel’s five suites are themed after the Chinese, Malay, Indian, Peranakan and Colonial cultures and are named after prolific former-Governors of the Straits Settlements. Alternatively, take a rejuvenating swim in the hotel’s rooftop infinity pool while enjoying the tranquil waterfront sea breeze or cocktails conjured by the bar’s mixologist with panoramic views of the city. Savour destination dining at its finest at the modern brasserie Clifford or a relaxing mid-afternoon treat at The Landing Point. View the beautiful sunset at the chic rooftop bar, Lantern with gourmet nibbles and signature drinks. The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore is the luxury lifestyle for the coveted.

-Yvan Rodic

Kiwi Collection Hotel: http://www.kiwicollection.com/hotel-detail/the-fullerton-hotel-singapore
1 Fullerton Square
Singapore 049178 – 6733 8388

New Majestic Hotel – Singapore


The New Majestic Hotel in Singapore offers Design with a capital “D.” But while it offers a hotel experience filled with artwork and decor by all sorts of different artists, theatre directors, and designers of furniture and clothing, the feel is accessible without pretension. There is definitely a touch of whimsy with rooms feeling like living works of art. Many of the rooms feature walls covered in hand-painted murals and original sculptures and artworks, and some even have outdoor bathtubs. With names like “Bliss”, “Aqua”, and “Pussy Parlour” there is a room for everyone.

This hotel of 30 unique rooms is located in one of the most convenient and authentic neighborhoods of the city. Located in the middle of one of the only Colonial historic districts in Singapore, it’s within walking distance of very chic shops, spas, restaurants, as well as Chinatown, and the small ‘gay district’ is only a block away. It’s also a minute walk from the incredibly clean and timely subway system.

Every room at this hotel is different, but there are some really nice details in each one that makes this place feel comfortable and gracious. The longer you stay here the more you enjoy it. I actually want to go back right now just to feel the incredible Ploh sheets and the comfortable bed. There are full-size Kiehl’s toiletries in every bathroom and the bathrobes and slippers make bath time in the open rain shower a truly rejuvenating experience. You can even wind up the specially designed music box that you will find in every room to lull you to sleep at night. Or to help you get up in the morning, there is a Nespresso coffee maker with everything you need for your caffeine fix.

Every morning starts out with a trip downstairs to the restaurant for a simple but well-prepared selection of breakfast with made-to-order eggs and coffee… (none of that watered down drip coffee, but the European stuff). Then you can use the well-designed exercise room or take a swim in the glass-tile pool. By the way, there are portholes in the bottom of the pool that are open to the restaurant below. I like to imagine diners thinking that they are viewing some sea mammal exhibit as I swim by overhead. Is that a manatee?

The thing about this place is that its charms don’t instantly hit you over the head. The longer you stay here the more you realize how great it is. It’s definitely for the type of person who is looking for a different experience. This is not a hotel that you could find in any big city around the world. It’s something special. It offers everything you need but it definitely won’t kill you with service. While the staff here is more than welcome to help if you need them, they aren’t around that much.

I don’t know if it’s the collection of mid-century antiques peppered throughout the place, the incredibly soft linens and feather beds, or the beautiful setting, but I would definitely come back to Singapore just to visit this hotel. Singapore is not my favorite city, but this hotel is definitely on the short list of my favorite places to stay.

31-37 Bukit Pasoh Road
Singapore 089845
Ph: 6511 4700

Hotel Re! – Singapore


Hotel Re! is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. The theme is definitely 70′s Mod with a touch of American pop culture. This place is not for everyone, however if you’ve ever watched an old episode of Star Trek and thought how cool it would be to spend a night on the Enterprise, then this is your place.

The color and design instantly transport you to the glam world of Studio 54 and The Factory. It is fun to see what the local designer has done to unite the existing 70s architecture with the retro theme. Every floor is defined by it’s own specific color that carries over into wall-color, furniture, and even the glass tile in the bathroom. Silhouettes of pop icons like Marilyn Monroe, James Bond, and a Saturday Night Fever John Travolta can be found throughout the hotel.

Located on the side of the Pearl’s Hill City Park, Hotel Re! is about a 20-minute walk from the nearest underground station. There is also a shuttle that leaves the hotel several times a day. The shuttle will drop you off around Singapore’s popular locations and will also pick you up later that day. The location near the park adds a contrast to the ultra mod building surrounding it in a natural setting.

The rooms here are both futuristic and retro at the same time. They are not overly large, but they seem to have everything one would need. A small mini-bar and a huge flat screen TV can be found in every room. Every morning downstairs, there is a nice breakfast… offering an array of Western and Eastern options. There is also free Wi-Fi in all of the rooms, which seems to be the norm in Asia. I wish U.S. hotels would follow suit. One of the nicest features is a wrap around terrace on the second floor that extends from a wine bar and has a view of the park. There is also a small spa located downstairs that offers some nice treatments.

There aren’t a lot of amenities here yet, but it seems as though they are in transition and ready to add some more in the future. I was told that future visitors can expect a small gym on the second floor, an added outdoor event space, as well as some updated meeting rooms to be added within the next year.

Overall, Hotel Re! has a lot of potential. The theme is fun and retro, and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I know that when the renovations are complete (and with a little bit of polish), Hotel Re! will truly be a special destination in Singapore.

Hotel Re!
175A Chin Swee Road, Singapore
169879 – 6827 8288

Rang Mahal: The Best of India in Singapore


Andrew Derrick

Do you think it’s true what they say about restaurants? You know, if you go to a Chinese restaurant and you look inside, and if it’s full of Chinese people, that means it’s a good Chinese restaurant. Well, if that’s the case, then Rang Mahal would definitely qualify. When I lunched there last month, it was filled with power lunching Indian businessman and families enjoying the exquisitely prepared food and posh atmosphere, and then there was me with my pink polo shirt and sunburn to match.

Rang Mahal is not only a restaurant, rather an institution of fine Indian cuisine. Located on the third floor of the swanky Pan Pacific Hotel, it’s been here since 1971, but was completely renovated about 3 years ago. It has received numerous awards and is consistently rated one of the best restaurants in Singapore. As a sometime skeptic, I usually have an “I’ll be the judge of that” kind of attitude, but there is something about this place that can’t be denied.

As you enter the restaurant you are instantly aware of the ‘play’ of light and dark. It feels mysterious and ethnic, but at the same time clean and modern. The reflecting pool instantly sets the tone for an exceptional experience. Inside, you find dark wood contrasted by light limestone, illuminated by silk ombré fixtures hanging over brass water bowls filled with blossoms. As you walk down into the expansive dining room you can see through to the open kitchen, which gives you a glance into the chef’s world of efficiency and creativity.

The food here is innovative and fresh, but rooted in tradition. All the freshest components go into the cooking here and everything is made from scratch. They get the best ingredients from around the world like mussels from New Zealand, saffron from Spain, and Australian lamb. You can even taste the fresh herbs and techniques in the simplest of condiment and sauces, such as the mint chutney which offers just the right amount of herbal hit and creamy texture without being overpowering. The restaurant also offers more healthful and vegetarian options than you will find anywhere else.

As is typical of many Indian establishments, lunchtime is bustling. With an extensive buffet filled with a full range of options, who could resist? All the dishes were expertly prepared with bold flavors that complimented one another rather than clash. One of the highlights is a cashew lamb korma that was complex and filled with mellow spice. I was also treated to a dessert that consisted of small rings of batter fried in ghee, soaked in a saffron syrup, and served with a cardamom laced reduced milk topped with pistachios. It was so good I couldn’t stand it. Even the tea here is remarkable; it is their own house blend that is the result of a complex process of blending and reduction.

The service was just an added bonus here. The handsome all-male staff was welcoming and professional, but with that bit of distance that lets you know that you are dining in a fine restaurant. The staff was very receptive to questions about the food and restaurant when asked, but they were not the ‘chit chat’ type. The attitude was reserved and knowledgeable…. there when you need them, and not bothering you when you don’t, (which is this diner’s favorite kind of service).

When in Singapore, I highly recommend checking this place out. It’s not cheap but I think it’s a good value for the quality and plus. . . . you deserve it! Just leave your flip-flops and shorts at home, make reservations, and prepare yourself to be impressed.

Rang Mahal
7 Raffles Boulevard
Singapore 039594
6333 1788