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Will Leather Goods


Bill Adler has opened his Will Leather Goods storefront this week in Venice,CA. Adler who is a Detroit native has been innovating great design in the world of leather of leather since the 70′s. His love affair began while pursuing his acting career, where he took a sabbatical to develop the early line of belts, deemed Billy Belts.

Developing a belt collection sold in the heart of the Venice beach boardwalk became the the beginning of a love affair with leather. Adler then decided to relocate his creativity to Eugene, Oregon. While amidst the beauty of nature there in Oregon, Bill began to birth life to an immense amount of inspiration that allowed him to create beautiful accessories and handbags to be used in people’s everyday life.

The new flagship store resides on the artistic block of Abbot Kinney Boulevard, which holds a reputation for being a creative hub of sorts. With Lamella ceilings in this 1700 square-foot space, this 1930′s constructed revels in the support of 30 foot vaulted ceilings,which is one of four left in California, and criss-crossing diamond arches composed from Douglas fir wood.

To accompany the ambiance of the rich and rustic interior, guest were greeted by the sounds of George Lewis aka DJ TWIN SHADOW and Wynne Bennett.

Twin Shadow gave the guests a sneak peek into some the grooves he would be playing the following night at Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles.

Ninkasi Brewery based out of Eugene, Oregon where the WILL Leather Goods brand is based, provided guest with an array of tasteful beer options to go along with local Venice staple Gjelena’s catering.

Each texture is to covet, from leather to lambskin,  juniper to oak, with vintage and reclaimed materials in the collection. Surrounded by an environment of timeless expression, Will Leather Goods flagship embodies a lifestyle that can be translated to anyone.

~Jae Joseph


twitter @WillLeather



“FLYAWAY HOME” by Sarah Elgart




Choreographer and Director Sarah Elgart presents an encore of her 2011 performance, FLYAWAY HOME, a reflective, ambient and movement-based performance work that travels through and responds to the scale and the architecture of the Van Nuys Flyaway bus terminal, while exploring themes of flight,light, and gravity, and the idea that you take your home with you. Featuring original music by Feltlike, large-scale projections by artist Stephen Glassman and costume design by Swinda Reichelt. This initiative was made possible by the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs as well as Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA.ORG)


Location: 7610 Woodley Avenue

Van Nuys, CA 91406

Please note that this is a free and ticketless event.





The Ritz Carlton – Marina Del Rey


After a stressful day stuck in LA traffic and the bad luck of not finding the perpetual California sun on my trip there is nothing better than coming to find refuge in the calm and beautiful Marina Del Rey, more precisely at the Ritz-Carlton Marina Del Rey situated at only one mile from Venice Beach and Fisherman’s Village marina Del Rey.

This elegant 14 story Hotel, a contemporary interpretation of classic European architecture (listed annually on Condé Nast Traveler’s Gold List and Travel & Leisure’s “T+L 500”) provides you a warm comforting feeling of luxury from the minute you walk in this establishment while keeping a savvy balance of California relaxed laid back into your overall experience.

As my friend and I walked in, a little beat up by the unusual nonstop rain and clouds over Los Angeles, a very dedicated staff greeted us and led us to our beautiful room with gorgeous Marina views as a promise of a very relaxing experience.

The lobby lounge opening on the front desk provides an instantaneous cozy feel perfect for grabbing some appetizers and cocktails before dinner. The overall color scale of the room goes from warm tones of wood for the lavish furniture and leather couches, to a deep and rich red velvet couches. The overall atmosphere is enhanced by a delicate and cozy lighting. An elegant and imposing chimney gives a feeling of relaxation into a beautiful living room and the shiny striped dark wood floor makes you feel that you are staying on a gorgeous Yacht, reminding you instantly that the Hotel overlook s one of the world’s largest marina.

My room was located on the 11th floor of the Hotel, one the two keyed access floors reserved to club guests who can enjoy the exclusive services and amenities the Ritz-Carlton has to offer. If you are lucky enough to stay at the club level don’t miss the Marina Terrace and the handsomely furnished Ritz-Carlton Club Lounge whose staff will greet you very warmly.

Sit back in one of the overstuffed chairs and enjoy complementary food and drinks while taking in the soothing views of the Marina.  This is an amazing setting if your trip includes some work on the road. The lounge offers all you need for an efficient office session (high speed wireless internet, computers, printers…)

Make sure to also visit the very complete 24 hour fitness club but don’t be surprised if in the middle of your cardio training you surrender to the view of the heated pool and go trade your tennis shoes for a swimsuit. If more in the mood for some pampering I recommend you the Ritz Carlton Spa for luxurious body treatments, Eucalyptus steam room and Vitamin-C infused showers.

From the luxurious amenities and views to the acclaimed Jer-ne restaurant + the Ritz-Carlton Marina Del Rey is the perfect gateway while staying at the close distance to the main attraction of Los Angeles and the cool atmosphere of Venice Beach and Santa Monica. This is one place I’m looking forward to come to on my trip to LA.

The Ritz-Carlton Marina Del Rey
4375 Admiralty Way, Marina Del Rey, California 90292
Tel: 310 823 1700, Fax 310 574 4303

Russian Circles and Chelsea Wolfe at the El Rey Theatre – Los Angeles


The Sargent House Records show with Deafheaven, And So I Watch You From Afar, Chelsea Wolfe, and headliners Russian Circles was an amazing mix of eclectic music and an awesome show. All the bands were great and Sargent House really knows how to organize an outstanding show.

The first band Deafheaven are actually one of my new favorite bands. They are from San Francisco and toured with Russian Circles throughout the US. Deafheaven is in my opinion a hardcore band with a mixture of shoegaze and influences of black metal music. The songs have long, atmospheric guitar riffs and screamo vocals. The songs have numerous buildups and slow down at certain points lasting quite long, but the songs never seem too long. Most of their songs are more then seven minutes long, so their opening set for this show only had about 4 songs. They have been classified as being a black metal band, however both Deafheaven and I disagree. I kicked it with the band and for awhile after their amazing performance outside the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles for a short interview to learn the truth:

Carey from Swell City Guide: Are you a black metal band?

Deafheaven: We are not black metal, but we are influenced by black metal music.

Carey from Swell City Guide: What are your influences?

Deafheaven: Our music influences are everything from 90s shoegaze, post
Rock bands like Joy Division and black metal bands like Burzum and Wigrid.

Carey from Swell City Guide: What are your lyrics about?

Deafheaven: Our lyrics are about life. We are trying to express human emotions.

Carey from Swell City Guide: Any new music and releases coming out soon?

Deafheaven: In the next year we are writing new stuff which will release in the near future.

Deafheaven has two releases. The first release is called Demo with four songs. This album may have only four songs, but it is amazing. My favorite song is “Daedalus” which is an anthem! I asked them to play it, but they were concerned they didn’t have much time as the opening band. Demo was just rereleased as a vinyl package on the Sargent House website. You can get this remastered album on a 12 inch record, with a Deafheaven American Apparel t-shirt, and a record player slip mat at http://sargenthouse.com/Deafheaven for yourself.

The second release called Roads to Judah is also great and they mostly played this album. With songs like “Violet” that begin with guitars and drive hard with machine gun like drums and melodramatic vocals, this album is a classic and great to blast while driving in traffic to release some daily angst. I am excited to see Deafheavens next release and I think both albums are great.

The next band was And So I Watch you from Afar. Their music is very technical, yet the guitar riffs are so amazing they speak to the listener. Therefore, lyrics are not really necessary and most songs do not have any lyrics. I felt lucky to see this band as they came all the way from Ireland to perform. They were great and you should buy their songs on Sargent House. I like the song ” 7 Billion People All Alive at Once ” which has also been remixed by fellow Belfast group Jape. You can listen to these songs also on the Sargent House website at http://sargenthouse.com/And_So_I_Watch_You_From_Afar and check it out.

Chelsea Wolfe was the third band and what a great idea to mix genres in a show. Not only is she beautiful and quite fashionable, but her music is great. It was nice to hear a different style of music rather then all the bands being heavy testosterone-fueled rock music. Her sound is a combo of indie, goth, witch house, and electronica. She played guitar in most songs, but during some songs she put down the guitar and concentrated on singing only. She really does have an amazing dark angelic voice. I really like her new album “Apokalypsis” and the album has been featured on many websites as one of the best albums of 2011. Chelsea’s voice is great and her band mates were all very good musicians, too. I really like the songs “Mer” and “Demons” . You can listen to the whole album on Sargent House’s website at http://sargenthouse.com/Chelsea_Wolfe to hear it for yourself. I’m certain you will want to buy this album and her others after listening to them.

Russian Circles was the final, headlining band. So far every band was amazing and Sargent House organized a phenomenal show. I didn’t anticipate Russian Circles would disappoint me. I briefly read Guitarist magazine, which stated how superb of a guitar player Mike Sullivan is in Russian Circles. I totally agree. The music speaks for itself and no lyrics are necessary. I really enjoy instrumental rock bands such as Pelican, Mogwai, Godspeed you Black Emperor, and Russian Circles, of course. I like every song they write and each musician is amazing. Bass, drums and guitar make this 3 piece a wall of sound for a small band. I waited patiently to buy their new
record on vinyl from their merch booth. I really like the Sargent house website where u can listen to all of Russian Circles’ albums as well as every band on the label. It is a great website that allows you to hear every song by this amazing band. I believe every single song they create is wonderful.

Russian Circles played over an hour and I estimate they played 10-15 songs. The crowd was roaring for an encore and they ended the night with an amazing, amazing performance. I would love to see Russian Circles again, hopefully in the near future.

In conclusion every band was quite amazing and Sargent House truly knows how to organize a great show. I look forward to the next one.

-Carey Steinberg

LA Market by Kerry Simon – Los Angeles


LA Market by Kerry Simon shares the floor with the luxurious Ritz Carlton Residences in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. With neighbors such as Staple Center and Nokia Theatre, this modern neon lit restaurant is the perfect spot for a pre-Laker game happy hour or an upscale dinner with friends before a concert. Chef Kerry Simon has taken a “rock n roll” spin on an American Cuisine with a garnish of good old-fashioned Southern flavor. LA Market’s lively setting features an open kitchen where we watched these culinary masters at work. Chef de Cuisine Nona Sivley, winner of Gordon Ramsey’s “Hell’s Kitchen Season 8,” is Chef Kerry Simon’s second in command at this ultra-hip eatery.

Starting our dinner with the spicy New Orleans inspired BBQ shrimp and grits still has my mouth watering. Even though I am a Southern boy at heart and a New Orleans local, this version of shrimp and grits definitely did not disappoint in comparison. I could tell one of these master chefs was a Southerner, which David our waiter, assured us that Chef Nona Sively in the kitchen was actually from Louisiana. I knew this just by tasting her dish. Ironically as an acoustic rendition of the classic Rolling Stones song “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” hummed in the background we ordered a spiked watermelon from an iPad in the middle of the table. While our specialty drinks were being freshly prepared, we discussed our next course. To be honest, I was apprehensive about the sushi. However, we decided on the Tuna Dynamite anyway (what a surprise), which was piled high with fresh lump crabmeat, tuna and red chili aioli. This Asian-inspired dish tasted equally as delicious as an authentic sushi bar, but with an American twist, of course. For our entrée, we requested the tenderloin of beef complemented by potato gratin, seasonal oven roasted tomatoes, broccoli rabe, and a black pepper balsamic sauce. The beef was cooked to perfection. The Garcon insisted we taste the lobster stuffed Mac & Cheese as well, which ended up being our favorite.

LA Market by Kerry Simon has a laid-back, welcoming vibe, impeccable service and is recommended for anyone looking for a relaxing view of L.A. LIVE’s central plaza and entertainment district. Also suggested for after dinner drinks is the ION rooftop pool bar. ION, located on the 4th floor of the JW Marriott Los Angeles at L.A. LIVE, is Los Angeles’ hottest new open air. The sophisticated space offers views of the Los Angeles skyline and L.A. LIVE.

- Jonathan Stinson

LA Market by Kerry Simon
900 West Olympic Blvd., 1st Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90015
(213) 765-8630

Belvedere LA Grub Crawl


Bon Appétit & Belvedere Vodka Grub Crawl–Los Angeles brought us on an interactive food tour at the intersection of fame, fortune, and flavor.

We savored food, hung with the most influential chefs, got your hands dirty, rolled up your sleeves, and went behind the scenes of the kitchen—with the chefs—to see where the magic happens.


And to add to the excitement, on Saturday, July 14, Bon Appétit & Belvedere Grub Crawl–Los Angeles  invited us “crawlers” so a stellar music performance by indie band Vacationer at the Roxy.

Belvedere Lemon Tea Vodka, is currently launching in the US. It is the second vodka made into a drink, and we can attest to its value, because we were feeling the love after a few drinks. The drink is distilled using exceptional ingredients including black,green and chamomile teas, lemon, honey, ginger and lemongrass. Check out of few of these recipes that have become a favorite below.

 ~Jae Joseph



Belvedere Lemon Teabreeze

60ml/ 2oz of Belvedere Lemon Tea

60ml/2oz of Coconut water

60ml/2oz of Cloudy apple

(optional apple garnish)


Belvedere Green Goddess Pitcher

5 oz of Belvedere Lemon tea

10 oz of Green tea

3 oz of lemon juice

3 oz of simple syrup

1 bunch mint


Flaamingos and Peeling Grey – Los Angeles


Darkwave seems to be a popular music genre amongst goth, punk, and hipster kids. According to wikipedia, darkwave is a music genre that began in the late 70s, coinciding with the popularity of new wave and post-punk. Wikipedia also states this music “added dark, introspective lyrics and an undertone of sorrow for some bands. ” This is the second time I’ve been to a darkwave show at Part Time Punks at the Echo and they really know how to pick great bands.

Tonight, I got the chance to see two amazing dark wave bands perform. I saw Flaamingos and Peeling Grey. Both of these bands are from Los Angeles. Flaamingos were great and have been compared to Depeche Mode and Interpol. I thought all the songs were consistently good and they were great performers. I really like the song, “All I Wanna do is Live” which has a great video the band created themselves. Another great song is , “Fin Du Monde” which is French for end of the world. The singer, Jerrold Balcom reminded me of a goth version of Jim Morrison the way he moved and sang. I look forward to hearing more of Flaamingos and check out their amazing EP called Walk A Wire. You can even name your own price and purchase Walk A Wire at www.flaamingos.bandcamp.com.

The next band was Peeling Grey who is another great darkwave band. The crowd appeared to love this band and I have a love for them also since my friend James is the drummer. As they were playing and I was taking photos of the band, numerous people including my friends kept remarking how great of a drummer he was and I totally agree. My friend even stated James’ drumming really makes the band a great band. However, the rest of the band are awesome musicians, also. The guitar, bass, and vocals are top notch. Peeling Grey have been compared to the Cure, Bauhaus, and Joy Division. I love the song “James Quarterly” and “Young Heart” both from “The Worlds Not Sorry” album. Buy this album and hope Part Time Punks has these bands play again. They made the evening a fun night for all.

-Carey Steinberg

Silverlake Jubilee – Los Angeles


This year’s Silverlake Jubilee was the most successful one to date in my opinion. It was organized very well as you could even pay via credit card at the entrance compared to last year where security nonchalantly requested donations of the festie. Yes, the admission price has more then tripled, but with possibly no hopes for another Sunset Junction this festival was a great way to kick-start the summer with great music, food, drinks, art and much, much more.

I believe the Hoover stage had the best bands of the festival and I stayed in this area the most time. I was lucky to catch the last few songs of Dunes. This chill, indie, psychedelic pop/rock band was great. The singer had a beautiful voice and the music was poppy, but with a psychedelic twist. The sound inspires me to ride my bicycle along the beach while daydreaming about the beautiful California weather. They played some great songs from their latest album called Noctiluca, which you should totally buy at Vacation Records, Amoeba, or iTunes.

Next, I saw one of my favorite, now local Los Angeles hardcore punk bands called XBXRX. They were all dressed in clown-like rainbow jumpsuits and they really put on an entertaining show. The music is heavy with fast double bass drums and strong guitar riffs, but the band does not look like your typical hardcore punk or metal band with this sound. They appear as ex-art students that are punk-as-f**k. This band is notorious for having crazy shows, which have even banned them from numerous clubs. However, even though the festival had cops patrolling the area, they didn’t stop the band from climbing nearby streetlights while blasting heavy music throughout Silverlake. At one point even a mosh-pit started throughout the crowd and during their finale song a gorilla and Alf wrestled on stage. XBXRX are one of the most entertaining bands I have seen in my punk rock years. Go check out “Un Usper” which is a great XBXRX album.

The festival also had a cool Pepsi area with nice people handing out free Pepsis while a DJ played a mixture of hip-hop and dance music. At one point, there was some young kids break dancing. I was pretty amazed at how good these kids were at breakdancing even though they appeared like five years old. This was highly entertaining and it was nice to drink some cold Pepsis on a beautiful warm day.

Later in the day, I migrated to the Pen Center USA Literary Stage. This stage had great literary performers who read poetry and spoken-word pieces. Molossus, Ben Ehrenreich, and Amelia Gray were some of the best. My favorite was Amelia Gray who told a surreal short story which kept the crowd on the edge of their seats. She warned the crowd that this story was not for kids, which kept me interested. Gray also read some interesting lines from one of her books. It was a great performance where she had written lines from her book and threw them out into the air as she read them. She was funny, witty, and a great performer. Check out some of her books like “AM/PM” , “Museum of the Weird”, and “Threats”.

If you couldn’t afford the festival’s entry fee, there was even a free block party stage. This was great for kids who didn’t get enough allowance money from their parents or even adults who were broke during this Memorial Holiday weekend. However, this area seemed more appealing to young kids as a lot of high-school bands performed such as Public School Rocks. It was a cool hang out if you were a young, hip kid.

The festival also had a cool area where you could drink beers and hang out. This seemed like the hip area and was a good time. You could still chill, drink beers with friends, and hear great bands from the nearby Hoover Stage.

Silverlake Jubilee also had some great food trucks. Some of the highlight trucks were a gourmet french fry truck called Frysmith, a delicious crepe truck called Crepe’N Around, and an amazing Indian food truck called Dosatruck. I was amazed how Dosatruck had such great Indian food such as their delightful samosas and they even had Tandoori tacos. It also seemed like Palazzolo Gelato Truck, Mister Coolee Ice Cream, and Penguin Snow Cones were very popular dessert truck delights on a nice, warm day.

The Jubilee also had some great vendors selling hip, fashionable clothes, posters, art, and jewelry. Some vendors even created live art and live screen-printed t shirts.

Later that afternoon, I heard JJamz and Virtual Boy. JJamz is another great local indie pop band. If you missed them at the Jubilee, you can check them out for free every Monday night during the month of June at the Satellite in Silverlake. Virtual Boy were a three-piece electronic band. They had cool vocoder vocals which reminded me of robot like vocals similar to Daft Punk, but Virtual Boy have a newer electronic sound combining dubstep and electronica. With heavy dubstep bass and brilliant keyboard beats they rocked the crowd and even got numerous people to dance in the streets.

In conclusion, the Silverlake Jubilee was a great success. There were great bands, food and drinks, and was a great way to celebrate the beautiful weather we are so fortunate to have here in Los Angeles with friends and family on Memorial Day Weekend. I look forward to next year’s festival and hopefully it will attract even bigger bands.

-Carey Steinberg

Jazz Reggae Festival – Los Angeles


On this beautiful Memorial Day, I attended the 26th Annual Jazz Reggae Festival at UCLA. I was lucky enough to enjoy the reggae culture by tasting the delicious food from Jamaica and the Caribbean, feeling the peaceful vibes of the reggae crowd, and of course I enjoyed the amazing music from reggae greats such as Alison Hinds, Collie Buddz, Tarrus Riley, and Shaggy.

I started the day hungry, so I could enjoy the food from Jamaica and the Caribbean. It appeared that I wasn’t the only person who had the munchies as there were numerous lines for various Jamaica and Caribbean cuisine. I choose the Irie Choice Caribbean Cuisine. This food vendor combined the food from Jamaica and Belize. I decided on the Jerk Chicken meal which was very delightful. The spice was perfect as it was not too spicy and not too mild. The sides were rice and beans, plantains, and potato salad. I give them an excellent rating of 10 our of 10 stars and recommend any Los Angeles person interested in catering to contact them for your next party.

After eating I saw Alison Hinds perform. She has more of a modern reggae sound and some of her songs even reminded me of MIA and Santogold. Alison also had dancers perform around her much like MIA and Santogold. Check out her new album called Caribbean Queen. She was great and I was very lucky to spend some time with Alison Hinds and I asked her the following questions during an interview:

Question by Carey: What made you want to become a musician?

Answer by Alison Hinds: Since I was a kid, I was always interested in singing and music. I dreamed of one day becoming a singer. I was blessed that my dream came true.

Question by Carey: What inspires you to write music?

Answer by Alison Hinds: I grew up on the island of Barbados and I was inspired by the reggae music and the island sound. I write happy music where I try to take the listener away from their everyday problems. My music is meant to lift your spirit.

The next performer was Collie Buddz. I really like how a lot of reggae bands start the performance with the band playing music and then the singer joins the stage later, which really gets the crowd going. That is what occurred during Collie Buddz and as he ran on stage, everyone cheered with applause. Collie Buddz is a combination of reggae music infused with Caribbean island sound. He was a great performer and the music was top notch.

Tarrus Riley was next and he also has a modern reggae sound. He’s a young, hip singer who was rocking a jean jacket and Ray Ban glasses. This attire is a little different then the typical rasta colors, but is totally fashionable in my opinion. The music was tight and he really has a great voice. I really like the song “Superman” and he was a amazing performer. He sang with such feeling and heart, which really gets the audience dancing.

The headliner was Shaggy who ended the festival very well. He was even humorous by joking with the crowd about how California people should be dancing much more. This got the whole crowd going and everyone started dancing. He performed a wide range of songs even older great hit songs such as “Boombastic” and “It Wasn’t Me,” which totally brought back memories of high school and put a smile on everyone’s faces. Shaggy has such a unique voice and combines reggae, dancehall, and hip hop into one.

The UCLA Jazz Reggae Fest was a major success. The vibe was peaceful, chill, and positive. There were numerous great food stands to choose from, great art, clothes to buy, and it had a nice wide range of amazing musical artists. Im excited to see who will perform at next year’s the 27th Annual Jazz Reggae Fest and hopefully they can combine reggae, jazz, hip hop, and maybe even dub/dubstep into one festival. This combination of similar music genres would really make the festival sell out of all the tickets and attract more people.



Carol Lozito is a lover of all things, but mostly animals. The former book illustrator, who hails from an entire family legacy of working in advertising is a contemporary artist with a cause behind the canvass.


Lozito says she has always had a love for animals, even as a child. Also a young age, Carol began to paint and learn color and texture. This later led her to attend The School of Visual Arts in New York City and then The Academy of Art in San Francisco.


Carols work is influenced by photographs or photographic memory of an animal or group. She is no stranger to the arts world, with quite the reputation in the prominent areas of Palm Desert.


“Endangered Species” is an ongoing series of work, Lozito continually lends herself to the canvass and brush to produce these works of art. Many of the pieces were influenced by the tropics and rain forest. Some pieces you may find a beautiful Panda bear or a Koala.

Carol Lozito’s “Endangered Species” is not on display as of yet this year, but will soon reach the LA and NY markets.






LACMA’s Costume Council’s Presents An Exclusive Heritage Auctions’ Spring Luxury Preview




The Costume Council Of LACMA is known for its contributions to style and fashion through its programming vehicles. This week’s curated-led tour was held at the beautiful Hertiage Auction of Los Angeles.

Kathleen Guzman, a true visionary, who you may have also seen on the “Antiques Roadshow”, is the Managing Director of the luxury auction house, took us on a glimpse of a journey into the world of the auction industry. With a landmark beginning, Kathleen first auctioned the Marilyn Monroe estate where she was the first to view all of Marilyn’s belongings. To add to an impressive list of work, she was also responsible for Dorothy’s red slippers and Tom Thumb’s estate both to be auctioned. Guzman has quite the resume in her field also to be named the second woman to be a licensed auctioneer.

Heritage Auctions’ twice yearly sale event gives collector’s and the fashion obsessed the opportunity to purchase luxury items not readily available to the general public. Guzman said the collection currently on view, which is set to auction on April 29, is special because “It’s the opportunity to see more Hermès in one place than in an Hermès shop. These bags are [usually] special order or only available to VIP clients. That fact that they are available to purchase is an amazing opportunity.”

LACMA was founded in 1965 and has since been dedicated to building an encyclopedic collection of art that represents the diverse and unique population of Los Angeles.
The Costume Council is the largest of the museum’s ten Art Councils with the most expansive slate of programs. The mission of the Costume Council is to expand public awareness of fashion, design, costume and textiles as art — something it achieves through events including curator-led tours of special exhibitions, studio visits with notable designers,lectures by prominent scholars, red carpet film premieres, fashion shows, cocktail receptions,book signings with influential authors, behind-the-scenes previews and more.Recent programs with Chanel, Vivienne Westwood, Cirque du Soleil and Judith Leiber have garnered press coverage across the globe from Reuters, the International Herald Tribune and Canal Plus
to Vogue, C Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter, across social media and with every major television news station.

The Costume Council has several upcoming affairs to look forward to. For instance,Hal Rubinstein, InStyle Fashion Director, will appear on May 9, 2012 to discuss his book 100 Unforgettable Dresses. The Costume Council Gala Finale program will commence on June 20, to celebrate 100 Years of Western Costume Company. There will be a fashion show with costumes from films of the last 100 years + as well as an Academy-Award winning costume designer presentation and a festive, red carpet cocktail party for approximately 600 guests. For tickets go to www.costumecouncil.org

To learn more about the Costume Council and how to join visit www.costumecouncil.org 
For questions or inquiries please email: costumecouncil@lacma.org

~Jae Joseph



BULLETT Media celebrates the release of The Obsessed Issue-Volume VI



This Spring, BULLETT Media celebrates the release of The Obsessed Issue, Volume VI, with dual cover stars Daniel Radcliffe and Juliette Lewis. Features include James Franco, Susan Sarandon, Josh Hartnett, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jessie Eisenberg, Alexa Chung, Scott Campbell, Kris Van Asche, Matthew Williamson, Shirley Manson, Air, among others.


Actor Emile Hirsch stopped by his Alpha Dog co-star Anton Yelchin’s photography show at BULLETT magazine’s The Obsessed Issue release party in Los Angeles last night, Wednesday, April 11. Yelchin told BULLETT “I’m interested in the ideas of chaos, violence, and sex-specifically the voyeuristic exploration of youth.” The photographs were auctioned off to benefit The Trevor Project while guests enjoyed drinks by Beck’s and Bushmills included Justin Bartha, Matthew Gray Gubler, among others. Yelchin will reprise his role as the young Russian Starfleet officer Pavel Chekov in the upcoming Star Trek.

BULLETT Magazine, the flagship arts and entertainment quarterly published by BULLETT Media–an interactive transmedia agency that curates bold and engaging content for young, international tastemakers with 50,000 copies distributed in twelve countries.

Visit  www.bullettmedia.com






~Jae Joseph





Last night, the stars turned out in style to support VALENTINO as they celebrated the opening of their new Rodeo Drive Flagship store in Beverly Hills!

New to the scene, Isabelle Fuhrman, mingled with guests about her recent role on Hunger Games.

Valentino’s Creative directors Maria Grazia Chirui and Pierpaolo Piccioli along with hosts Maria Bell, Gia Coppola, Nicky Hilton, Helen Kinnear, Nathalie Love, Minnie Mortimer, Shannon Rotenberg, and Julia Sorkin, along with 150 guests, celebrated the opening of Valentino’s new Rodeo Drive Flagship, designed by award-winning architect Sir David Chipperfield.

The Beverly Hills Flagship is the first US Valentino store to feature this new design concept. Guests sipped on champagne and enjoyed good company throughout the evening.


~Jae Joseph



ZARA- Jae Joseph in Men’s Summer Knitwear


Summer is just around the block. Time to transition that winter fit with a summer knit.
Zara delivers a high volume selection of knitwear for men.
Whether you’re a guy who loves a “pop of color”, per my guy Brad Goreski, or if you’re more of a conservative type, the spring collection at Zara has something to fit every personality.

Knits can bring a feminine side to a gentlemen’s wardrobe. Consider layering under a lightweight sport coat and pairing with a ankle trouser and leather loafer. When shopping for knits keep in mind the versatility of making your look classic,modern, or casual chic. See-through knits and overs-sized jumpers are a staple this season becoming ever so popular and trendy amongst all ages of young men to a the more seasoned male.


~Jae Joseph

Striped Fantasy Sweater

59.90 USD



Cause and Effect-PRODUCT(RED)




Mary J. Blige recently took the stage in Los Angeles during Grammys 2012 week to support Belvedere Red. The venue was buzzing with industry executives, artists, such notable personalities as Forest Whittaker, Chelsea Handler, and Natasha Bedingfield.

During the affair, guest were in an awesome view of the innovative Belverdere RED double sphere, a specially commissioned artist Carsten Holler as a symbol of celebration of the RED cause.

Mary was chosen for this year’s partnership, proceeding Usher’s partnership in 2011. “Im, delighted to be supporting Belvedere RED in their fight against HIV & AIDS in Africa.It is one of the most devastating issues faced by millions in Africa and if we can raise awareness with this event and encourage people to buy PRODUCT (RED) , we’ll be one step closer to an HIV/AIDS free generation in 2015″, says Mary.

50% of the profits of Belverdere (RED) are contributed to this Global Fund. This initiative raises awareness for consumers to support programs that provide education and medication to the mother of Africa on its floor. The artist Carsten Holler, is a German innovator in the art world whose installations often involve playful elements and reflect analyze the nature of human emotions.

There isn’t better way is there but to reach people by song. In this effort, it seems to be made clear that Belvedere and (RED) are unanimous in their objective to empower global consumers in the fight to eliminate HIV/AIDS by supporting this partnership.


~Jae Joseph