Hempel Hotel – London

Posted on 25 June 2014

img_6177Review and Photos by The Cobrasnake

The Hempel is a really quiet hotel located in Paddington. It’s far away from everything. When you are inside it feels really relaxing. The reception is very quiet and clean -as is the rest of the hotel. The room was completely white. The bed was so big you could comfortably sleep 4 people. Perfect for a last minute late night orgy. Its kinda hard to find things because everything is located behind hidden doors which are also white. Really clean and fresh. Amazing shower and bath tub. A Killer view of the park. Don’t expect anything amazing from the room service, we called at about 2:30 am and the only thing they would send up was a
cold cheese sandwich and it took thirty minutes. The breakfast was Amazing. Free internet, always a plus. A real nice place. Not for young people. Everyone I saw at breakfast – in the eleavator – was older and mature. A good hotel for a simple business man.
2.5 / 5 Cobrasnake Stars

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