The Maidstone Inn – East Hampton

Posted on 27 October 2013

Upon arrival at c/o The Maidstone it is hard to escape the glorious impression of the luxury Scandinavian décor. The imagination and immaculately conceived color scheme lend to the venue an electric atmosphere, the same attention to detail is exuded by the charming staff.

Integral to The Maidstone’s appeal, is the manner in which every room and cottage are carefully presented with an individual theme, each honoring an illustrious Scandinavian personality. The freestanding cottage in which I was accommodated hailed patronage to Carl Von Linne, a pioneering botanist and acclaimed biologist. The cottage was decorated with botanical specimens and diagrams creating a pleasantly vicarious experience.

As the initial part of the ‘Cozy Friday’ package, we received a well presented tray of indulgences, including wine, snacks, massage appointments and a recommended DVD to relax with. The package offers all of the above, plus a home baked pizza, to arrive on your doorstep at your own convenience. Every room is gifted with a fully stocked wood burning fireplace, ours was of course no exception. Furthermore, complimentary scented oils and candles, a mini-bar stocked with local products, plus a particularly inviting deep-bottomed bath amply sized for two are all standard features of hospitality at The Maidstone- consequently it would seem a shame to spend the evening lost in the hotel’s own DVD library, as recommended, though the offer seems thoughtful.

The morning offered us a pleasant awakening, as we gazed from the warmth of the cottage upon the snow covered private porch. To utilize the Maidstone’s own bicycles could have been on the agenda was it not for the generally perilous nature of ice. Instead we opted out of injury, choosing to walk in step with the relaxed vibrations that we were operating on; regardless, there is a great deal offered within the immediate vicinity of the hotel- the beach can be reached within a brief stroll and the local town is a stones throw away. Alternatively, the more adventurous client may opt to embark upon a short train ride to the nearby seaside resort of Montauk.

If you’ve opted for ‘The Maidstone Break’ package, as we did, you’ll be certain to return on time for your three course dinner reservation at The Maidstone’s own on-site restaurant ‘The Living Room’. Spruced-up to the measure of The Living Room’s classy clientele, we sat for dinner with high expectations which were not at all to be let down. Dinner at The Maidstone is a particularly impressive event. The dishes are imaginative and very well executed, presenting a inventive blend of traditional/Scandinavian delights. All dishes are prepared with ingredients from local, organic sources and created by the chefs ‘slow food philosophy’. The staff are knowledgeable in the food they serve and will talk you through each elegant course with pleasure.

Once our stay at The Maidstone was nearing conclusion , I was feeling satisfactorily decadent in my weekend indulgences. A return to the city comes all too soon after an incredibly relaxing and luxurious stay in East Hampton. After breakfast in bed, I made sure to use the last of the complimentary filter coffee and pocket the remaining few luxury tea bags to finally relish the trip for all its worth.
Pausing in the lounge reception area to take one for the road, we were serenaded by Sunday’s in-house entertainment, playing an impressive repertoire of blues influenced music.
The Maidstone surely is a fitting destination to beat the winter-time blues; however, I’d certainly embrace the opportunity to return with the summer sun and engage in the morning yoga and private garden that are seasonal delights.

Played out by a Rolling Stones classic, we reluctantly handed in our room cards and bid a fond farewell to c/o The Maidstone.

-Ash Bradford

Photos courtesy of Laura Leanne Wilson

The Maidstone Inn
207 Main Street
East Hampton, NY 11937
(631) 324-5006

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