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Posted on 07 August 2013

900121705Named after “The Cooks Tale” by Chaucer, The Perkin Reveller is situated within the glorious shadow of the Tower of London, its certainly easy to understand why its such a hit, with views you would imagine only accessible to the most elite of people. The service is very attentive yet relaxed making you feel at ease and comfortable with your surrounds and service, which I find to be a very important aspect to enjoying the whole experience.

The restaurant celebrates London’s rich and extensive history and cultural heritage smearing both historical and contemporary tailored interior together, allowing it to sit correctly in its historical setting yet still relating to the world outside. The food was fast out of the kitchen and on to the table, all the dishes where splashed with a delicate display and exhibit, making the food the even more appetizing. To break the ice, I chose a creamy, filling and speculative mushroom risotto, which I felt was cooked to perfection, tasting every single element of the dish in a succulent and overly expressive way, I can only highly recommend this dish.

Typically, for the main, I convincingly ordered the ribeye steak with béarnaise sauce, which I have to say exceeded my expectation for their grilled dishes, it felt very light to eat because the béarnaise aftertaste was utterly incredible It went down without a single push, the way it should go. Finally, to end the rollercoaster I sent my taste buds on, I ordered a selection of sorbets which, I’m I was dubious of thinking at the time, but it was probably my favourite sorbet I’ve had in a long time. Very sour and rich in fruity flavor.

Not to mention we were prompted to try their cocktail lounge after we had eaten to relax and soak up the views and taste some sophisticated and elegant cocktails, from the special cocktail menu and bar.  Fantastic experience, cant recommend it highly enough.

-James Mistry

Perkin Reveller
The Wharf at The Tower of London,
London EC3N 4AB

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