The Palladio Hotel & Spa – Venice

Posted on 10 November 2012

The Palladio Hotel and Spa of the Bauer Hotel group in Venice is on the island of Giudecca just across from San Marco. It faces St. Mark’ s Square and has some amazing views of Venice during the day and in the evening. This five star hotel is the exclusive way to vacation in Venice.

The Palladio has its own private water taxi, which is how I arrived at the hotel and travelled around Venice during my stay. This is a very convenient, quick, and stylish way to travel to and from the hotel. Giudecca is much more quiet then Canareggio and San Marco and is where a lot of local Venetians live. The remoteness of the island and nice quiet evenings is great if you want a retreat away from the craziness and mobs of tourists in most other parts of Venice.

The hotel is decorated with a mix of pastel colors which is quite calm and soothing. My room was a nice light green pastel shade and was very spacious. The king size bed was more then comfortable and I had the best sleep in ages. The evening staff was very helpful with things such as letting me exactly know when my private water taxi was ready in the evening to go to dinner at San Marco and by bringing me a dvd player to watch movies. The hotel also has a grand spa, rooms with garden and lagoon views, internet, restaurant, and a bar.

In the morning I was excited to dine in the beautiful garden the manager described to me the night before. She was absolutely correct and I felt like I was eating breakfast in my very own mansion. The breakfast was great with a fine assortment of fresh Italian pastries, meats, fruit, yogurt, and more. The waiter brought me a aromatic cup of espresso to start my day.

The estate of the Palladio and stellar gardens date back to the sixteenth century. Each garden has its own story and roots dating back to this time. You can read more about each garden in detail on the website. If you want to live like Italian royalty stay at the Palladio, treat yourself to a spa, and fine meal at Ulivo Restaurant.

-Carey Steinberg

The Bauers Venezia, S. Marco 1459, Venezia, Italy, TEL. +39 041 5207022

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