The Halkin Hotel – London

Posted on 03 November 2012

As I walked into the lobby, one thought kept repeating in my head, “please don’t recognize me, please don’t recognize me”. I just wanted to check into my room and keep a low profile. A few steps from the door and I can tell the concierge reads my blog and wants to get at me. I play it cool and try to vibe him off for the check-in. I’m jet-lagged, feeling dingy and really need a drink. Once I deal with that I’ll be happy to come down and bless the little people.  Walking up to my room I know it’s just a matter of time before the bell boy asks where the party’s at. I slip into headphones and shades to block out the world. I couldn’t help but notice how the hotel was almost elegant enough to be too good for me.

In my room, at last, sanctuary. I make a drink, kick off my shoes and prop up my iPad. I’ve been downloading a bunch of old episodes of the 90’s sitcom “Frasier” from file-sharing groups. If you haven’t watched that show lately, check it out. You might not appreciate it as much if you’re not jet-setting around the globe as much as I do. I was a little annoyed by how few mirrors there are in this room. I just want to see myself lounging in here. I called the front desk to see if they can send more mirrors.

It’s amazing what a few hours rest can do and now I’m off to attend and take some snaps of The Big Smoke’s most exclusive events.  The Halkin Hotel is a perfect place to stay for business and pleasure and as I like to mix both business and pleasure it is my pleasure to give this hotel 5/5 stars.

The Halkin Hotel
Halkin Street
London SW1X 7DJ, United Kingdom

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