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Posted on 13 November 2012

London natives always seem to bristle at overcast skies. I guess being a former desert dweller from Arizona I will always associate clouds with relief.  So when driving up to London after a short trip to Brighton, the GPS told me I had 100 plus Kilometer’s to drive I took a certain comfort in having a canopy of clouds over me on the way.  When I arrived at the hotel, the friendly concierge at the entrance apologized for the very slight rain. I just laughed it off because for me, it was a beautiful day.  The front entry of the lobby gave every right to have high expectations.  The hip expanse, clean marble floors and wall size floral arrangement would have been overwhelming if not so pleasant.

I got lost looking for my room along the dark and lengthy corridors,  but I entered the room feeling at ease.  In the age of new hotels putting hot tubs and gimmicky fireplaces in rooms, this room was simple and stylish yet comfortable. The only other thing I needed in this room was the cool view…and a Coke.

Enough time in my room, after all I just came here to drop off my bag. Walking around there was optimism in the air with all my fellow guests and it certainly was infectious. I stopped into the bar and was charmed by the inventory and interior. I knew I would be back here after dinner, but I had to get out to the London streets to take in that last hour of sunlight that had finally broken through the usual grey weather in classic cliché fashion.

Later I would settle in for dinner at the hotel restaurant; Angler. Located on the rooftop, the views of London in the evening and the dinner were both impressive on all fronts.

My return to the bar downstairs after dinner was a promise kept. I enjoyed a nice port with a little cheese plate. People know me for my stoic deadpan, but tonight people would know me for my unstoppable smile and giggle. Yes, I was giddy, you would nave been too.

Finishing off my nightcap, it was time to go back to my room and catch and early night in bed as I was getting up early the next day. Upon pulling the thick down comforter back on my bed, conscious moments remaining were few. This bed was so wonderfully comfortable and I wish I could have brought it home like a robe you just can’t let go of.

Waking up in the early morning without an alarm and the feeling that I had just left a party was a pretty great one to wake up to. Breakfast came knocking on my door and oatmeal and fresh berries were a well dressed usher to another beautiful London day ahead.

Even though South Place is a new hotel on the London hotel block, you can come here and feel that you know what to expect. You know it’s going to be elegant with an emphasis on excellent and friendly service. I was consistently impressed throughout my stay. When someone can deliver just what I need and frequently surprise you with how good it is, they deserve my loyal patronage. Well done.

3 South Pl
London, EC2M 2AF,
United Kingdom
020 3503 0000

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