Grand Hotel Villa Cora – Florence

Posted on 17 November 2012

In Florence, Italy I had the great pleasure to stay two nights at the Grand Hotel Villa Cora. This amazing five star hotel is a mansion from the nineteenth century which was home to an Italian princess and baron at one time. If you want to live like royalty in Florence, then I definitely recommend the Grand Hotel Villa Cora .

The Villa Cora is located in the beautiful hills above the city center of Florence. This is a nice getaway from the boisterous city and the views from the hotel property are majestic. The front desk of the hotel is unlike most hotels with a table where you will be personally checked in by a very helpful clerk. Everything about the Grand Hotel Villa Cora screams exclusive such as this personalized welcome service, spacious, marvelous rooms, and five star dining.

The main floor of the hotel is also where the numerous exquisite halls are located. Some of my favorite halls  where the Hall of Mirrors and the Moorish Hall. The Hall of Mirrors is decorated with gold boiserie, large mirrors, and is considered one of Florence’s greatest ballrooms. The Moorish Hall is decorated in a Moorish, Arabian theme with beautiful blue, red, and gold colors. The patterns can make your mind and eyes wander in awe for hours.

The Grand Hotel Villa Cora also has a beautiful pool and great restaurant. It was quite pleasant to dine here on a beautiful morning and have a delicious breakfast of eggs, pastries, fruit, and wonderful espresso. As I gazed upon this beautiful morning and amazing grounds of the hotel, I imagined what it would be like to live like the baron from the past. Then, I realized it was just like this day with today’s luxuries of the Grand Hotel Villa Cora.

The hotel has digital TV with hundreds of international cable channels in the language of your choice, and with wifi internet, also. You can treat yourself to a spa treatment also if you desire. I had the opportunity to have a delicious gourmet burger during lunch at poolside. The pool is delightful on a warm day as well as being beautiful and serene.

If you want to live like a princess or prince for a day, stay at the Grand Hotel Villa Cora. Its a five star, exclusive getaway away from the crowds of Florence’s city center atop the magnificent Florence hills.

- Carey Steinberg

Grand Hotel Villa Cora
Viale Machiavelli, 18  50125 Florence, Italy
+39 055 228790



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