Feng Sushi – London

Posted on 24 November 2012

Feng Sushi is but a hop and a skip away from the epicentre of the uncontrollably buzzing borough of Camden, and therefore a extremely popular spot. Luckily, it’s pretty good. As the name hints, the restaurant offers a wide selection of Japanese style dishes from a huge assortment of only the most sorted of fish.

The deal is signed under clean and contemporary surroundings making it a very relaxed and yet sophisticated place to eat, the balance is subtle but noticeable. Generally Speaking the restaurant is more of takeaway/delivery spot, but its certainly charming enough to sit in and eat whilst becoming hypnotized by the huge fish tank situated at the back of the room.

Stereotypically you would probably be waiting for me to talk about how impressive and unique the conveyor belt was, however there wasn’t one, it was just good old fashion face to face service, the staff are fantastic, polite and admirable, which I find subconsciously makes you and your taste bud more happy. Maybe I’ve discovered their secret.

The Miso sauce won me over for the night and it was combined with a deluxe sashimi with speculative varse of warm sake and selection of native beers suggested by the waiter and condoned by myself.

Its very affordable place to eat and to experience something different that culture has brought to millions outside of Japan.

-James Mistry


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