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Posted on 28 October 2012

Berlin’s Minilofts are a great way to make Berlin feel like your home away from home while on vacation. However, I’m certain your home is not as chic, modern, and spacious as the Minilofts unless you are one of the loft’s innovative architects such as Britta Jurgens or Matthew Griffin. My miniloft helped my stay in Berlin become a life changing experience never to forget after encountering this amazing city exploding with culture and life.

The Minilofts are located in Mitte, which was formerly part of East Berlin. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall and end of the divide of Berlin, this area has become the middle of Berlin’s international art scene flourishing with nearby galleries and museums. You are close to Hamburger Bahnhof which is the museum of contemporary art and numerous amazing galleries at Heidestrabe.  The lofts are also walking distance to either the S-Bahn and U-Bahn, which are Berlin’s above and underground subway system, so you can travel anywhere throughout Berlin quickly. The subway system is a rapid, efficient way to travel to popular destinations like the Reichstag, Checkpoint Charlie, Eastside Gallery, Jewish Museum, Museum Island, and much more. You can also use the subway to experience Berlin’s great nightlife at hip places like the Weekend near Alexanderplatz and dance the night and wee hours of the morning away at Berghain. Berlin is known for its nightlife and hip counter culture. People literally dance throughout the entire weekend from Friday until Sunday. However, don’t be alarmed you will never be too far from your comfortable mini lofts to get some great rest to start the next day.

The Minilofts are also close to a lot of great places and restaurants.  They are about a two minute walk to the Natural History Museum and quite close to the Berlin Wall Memorial. Minilofts are also walking distance to great restaurants like the Nordic Hotel where you can get an inexpensive buffet breakfast, a great  French cafe called La Bonne Franquette, and Rutz for gourmet food where their young chef has won a Michelin star.

The architects of the Minilofts had one vision to provide contemporary architecture with a design excellence. They wanted their guests to feel like this was their home away from home with beautifully designed, spacious rooms containing modern furniture and appliances. The lofts also come with complimentary wifi in order to find your own new favorite Berlin destination. As I first walked into my miniloft, I immediately thought, “I need to redecorate my Los Angeles apartment and make it as spacious, neatly organized, and beautiful as the Minilofts.” My miniloft was equipped with a wonderful kitchen with all the necessary appliances to make a french press coffee with local delicious coffee, hot tea with a fine array of a tea selection, and all the cooking appliances to make a nice dinner for 2 or more and sit comfortably in a decorous dining room. These lofts are walking distance to great grocery stores like Netto and Rewe where you can cook a nice meal for your friends and they will be pleasantly impressed with your new, elegant style. Your new home at the Minilofts will help make your stay in Berlin, one never to forget, as well.

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