Achraf Amiri

Posted on 14 September 2012

When the work of Brussels native/London based illustrator Achraf Amiri caught my eye, I quickly became enthralled with his hauntingly sexy yet quirky detailed drawings. I had to know more about this artist who managed to bring these whimsical  characters’ personalities to life:

1. When did you realize that you had artistic ability?
Well, probably since around the age of five. I noticed that I was the only child in my class that could draw a Dragon Ball personified perfectly. It was confirmed again when I was ten years old because I was the only person in my class who could draw Pokemon figures with exacting proportions.

2. What interests do you have outside of art?
I love listening to music. Especially music that inspires me and supports the mood I have when I’m drawing. I also love to travel a lot, and discover new landscapes, tastes, views ,horizons, …etc. I love to feel free.

3. Are there any recurring themes in your work? If so, what are they?
“Emotions, Passion, Lifestyle and Culture”. Always in a ” Dramatic or Pathetic ” situation to accentuate the emotion. Sometimes dark or macabre, but always with a touch of (dark) humor.

4. Living in Brussels, Belgium -what aspects of Brussels inspires you?
I appreciate the multi-culturality of the city and also the fact that Brussels Centrum is very different from other capital cities. Also the underground peoples living in Brussels. The food of course! I love CHOCOLATE !

5. Are there any cities outside of Brussels that inspire you as well?
I fell in love with Barcelona. I guess I’m not the only one in this planet that must explain this. Barcelona opened my heart and made me feel more human. I really love the Agbar Tower of Barcelona.

6. Photography, drawing or painting -do you prefer one medium over the others?
There is no preference about one technique than the others for me. All of them are interesting. It depends only about what the communication I want to share. For this I try to use the best medium to it. But, if I must choice, I will say, drawing. Because when I draw, this technique is the closest medium with my imagination.

7. Who are some of your favorite artists?
Oulaaa …. eum… I have a lot ! I will answer by category. Art-Painting : Spilliaert, Dali, El Greco, Ernst, Cinema: Tim Burton, Almodovar, Sofia Coppola. Fashion: Margiela, Gareth Pugh, McQueen and Domenico Cordua, a contemporary artist native from Naples.

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