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Posted on 11 July 2012

The ‘Yotel’ New York represent’s the company’s first permanent fixture outside of an airport environment. Centrally located just 3 blocks west of the beating heart of midtown Manhattan: Times Square; Yotel is ideally situated for those looking to explore the many sights and sounds Manhattan has to offer. The nearby Subway stations also provide easy access to the rest of Manhattan and its surrounding boroughs. For those looking to explore further afield the 34th St Penn Station is in relatively close proximity as is the Port Authority Bus Station just two blocks away; which runs coach services across the country.
Upon entering Yotel you are struck by its cutting-edge yet sleek styling’s; something akin to the lovechild of the Star Ship Enterprise and an iPod: futuristic, yet efficient and stylish. The ground floor entrance lobby has Airline-style, self service check-in machines and a robotic baggage storage system: the ‘YOBOT’ which make both tasks quick and easy. At the end of the ground floor lobby there is an elevator to take you up to “FOUR” the central hub of the hotel.
Upon reaching ‘FOUR’ you are confronted by a plethora of amenities. In fitting with the hotel’s modern feel there are free to use Mac desktops with printers and access to the internet; the ‘mission control desk’ – open 24/7 which offers all the usual hotel services. The friendly staff are more than happy to provide you with recommendations and hard-to-get reservations for restaurants; tickets to events in the area; transportation queries and sightseeing information. Yotel also boasts New York’s largest outdoor hotel terrace: A veritable oasis of calm juxtaposed against the non-stop bustling of the streets below and its snap-happy tourists. The terrace is a perfect location to enjoy a few sangrias in the sun and soak in the surrounding views of midtown’s skyscrapers.
Also on ‘FOUR’ is an indoor Club Lounge with regular performances from a variety of DJ’s at the weekends. This area is surrounded by club cabins available for hire. These could provide an ideal area for business meetings during the day or VIP style booths to warm up for a big night in the evening.
In addition to the bar areas on ‘FOUR’ there is the Sumo inspired Dohyo restaurant open daily for brunch and dinner, which serves an interesting hybrid of Latin and Asian cuisine. The Communal tables may not be ideal for those looking for a more intimate setting in which to eat but the atmosphere and the food (particularly the roasted duck) are both excellent.
The rooms or ‘cabins’, in Yotel appear slightly on the compact side at first. However the air of efficiency carried throughout the rest of this space-age hotel is especially prevalent in the cabins. The use of open plan hanging space for clothes, well integrated small storage spaces and a motorised reclining bed to maximise floor space, mean that the cabins do not feel claustrophobic. As mentioned, each cabin comes with a reclining queen sized bed as standard which provides an excellent place to relax; be it upright ideal for watching the cabin’s well equipped TV; or fully reclined for the night, both are extremely comfortable. The ‘Techno wall’ also features iPod connectivity and mood lighting which provide a perfect setting in which to unwind after a busy day in the city.

Other conveniences available include a monsoon shower and communal ‘Galley’ areas on each floor complete with complimentary tea, coffee and microwave facilities. The surprisingly fast wifi that can be accessed throughout the hotel is no slower in the cabins which is yet another example of this hotel’s comfortable modernity. To add to the cabin’s comfort there is air conditioning and surprisingly soundproof windows, as such the ensemble of building works and yellow cab horns from the surrounding streets is not going to disturb those looking for a good night’s sleep. Despite filtering out the noise from the streets below the windows offer stunning views of Manhattan’s iconic skyline and the Hudson River.
Premium cabins (the basic room) start at $149 a night including tax; which considering its location in the middle of midtown Manhattan is very reasonable. There are also cabins equipped with single and double bunk-beds for those travelling in larger numbers; and for those able to part with a bit extra cash there are the ‘First Cabins’ complete with terraces and hot-tubs.

If looking for somewhere from which to explore the many sights around New York and further afield, Yotel should be a prime candidate for its location and affordability. Not only is it well situated, it oozes modernity, efficiency and practicality which fit hand in hand with its futuristic aura. Yotel provides something for everyone, its relaxing vibes melt away your worries in the daytime; yet it is lively enough to keep you entertained if you so wish in the evenings. The Cabins although small in size, are big in the comfort and relaxation department, giving you exactly what you need when you eventually come to unwind in the city that never sleeps.

-Charlie Mason

570 Tenth Avenue New York, NY 10036
(646) 449-7700

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