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Posted on 18 July 2012

Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with Mona Wind and receiving one of her acclaimed Akashic Readings. Mona, who exhibited a deep sense of soul knowledge from a young age, is a gifted Life Coach, Reiki Master, Hypnotist, and Akashic Reader. An Akashic reading is quite different from a traditional psychic reading and although Edward Cayce popularized the term, it’s one that has existed for years in many spiritual traditions. In Sanskrit Akashic means “primary substance from which all things are formed”. In an Akashic reading, Mona is able to view the energetic library of your consciousness that includes all information concerning your past, present, and future. The benefit of this type of reading is that Mona is able to go into your souls records to discover the overarching journey of your soul and how to clear any blocks that are getting in the way of allowing you to find your joy and success. She doesn’t simply outline problems, but feels it’s imperative to also provide a solution. My reading was extremely insightful and inspiring. In it I learned of past lives, the core energetic system I am a part of and what that means in my day to day life and for long term goals.

In parting, we briefly discussed current affairs and agreed that we are indeed living in a very interesting time in which energy is shifting into an arena where truth has become very important and many secrets will be revealed. Mona shared that more than ever it’s important to focus on intent and what we want to create – that we hold the power and the future from here out is very much about ceasing to repeat old things and move into an mindset where we’re creating and generating new things – new ideas, experiences and systems.

Mona Wind is based in Stoneham, Massachusetts and is available for in person and telephone readings.

-Heather Powers

468 Main Street,
Stoneham MA 02180
(781) 438-4078

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