Flaamingos and Peeling Grey – Los Angeles

Posted on 20 June 2012

Darkwave seems to be a popular music genre amongst goth, punk, and hipster kids. According to wikipedia, darkwave is a music genre that began in the late 70s, coinciding with the popularity of new wave and post-punk. Wikipedia also states this music “added dark, introspective lyrics and an undertone of sorrow for some bands. ” This is the second time I’ve been to a darkwave show at Part Time Punks at the Echo and they really know how to pick great bands.

Tonight, I got the chance to see two amazing dark wave bands perform. I saw Flaamingos and Peeling Grey. Both of these bands are from Los Angeles. Flaamingos were great and have been compared to Depeche Mode and Interpol. I thought all the songs were consistently good and they were great performers. I really like the song, “All I Wanna do is Live” which has a great video the band created themselves. Another great song is , “Fin Du Monde” which is French for end of the world. The singer, Jerrold Balcom reminded me of a goth version of Jim Morrison the way he moved and sang. I look forward to hearing more of Flaamingos and check out their amazing EP called Walk A Wire. You can even name your own price and purchase Walk A Wire at www.flaamingos.bandcamp.com.

The next band was Peeling Grey who is another great darkwave band. The crowd appeared to love this band and I have a love for them also since my friend James is the drummer. As they were playing and I was taking photos of the band, numerous people including my friends kept remarking how great of a drummer he was and I totally agree. My friend even stated James’ drumming really makes the band a great band. However, the rest of the band are awesome musicians, also. The guitar, bass, and vocals are top notch. Peeling Grey have been compared to the Cure, Bauhaus, and Joy Division. I love the song “James Quarterly” and “Young Heart” both from “The Worlds Not Sorry” album. Buy this album and hope Part Time Punks has these bands play again. They made the evening a fun night for all.

-Carey Steinberg

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