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Posted on 14 June 2012

As far as having every conceivable hotel luxury and amenity available under one roof….Alcazar in Palm Springs has got you covered from A to Z, or rather, in this case…it’s got you covered A, B, and C! Alcazar (A), Birba (B) and Cheeky’s (C), are three of the most coveted destinations in such a short radius. You quite literally have your every holiday desire accommodated and fulfilled within a few steps from each other. The tone is set as soon as you walk through the inviting reception doors. A friendly and hospitable check-in will have you on your way to your awaiting poolside or mountain-view room in no time at all.

“A” – Alcazar is a boutique hotel located in Palm Springs’ uber-desirable and trendy design district. After a complete redesign and renovation from its former incarnation as the Pepper Tree Inn, every surface of this desert beauty is impeccable and beautifully appointed. Serene white walls, luxurious and heavenly high thread-count Italian linens, and flat screen TVs are just a few of the amenities enticing you to remain in your room for the duration of your stay, however with so much to explore on the gorgeously groomed grounds, you would be remiss not to take advantage of all it has to offer. A refreshing and glimmering saltwater pool with relaxing lounge chairs, and a Zen “wall of water” fountain, gently cascading just beyond the pool perimeter, are nothing short of sheer bliss, and a perfect way to unwind. However, if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, complimentary bicycles are available at your disposal for a quick jaunt around town, or a longer ride along the mountain trail to satisfy your wanderlust. In addition, and certainly not to be overlooked, are complimentary beverages and pastries, which are available as a light snack in the relaxed guest services area. All this and we haven’t even gotten to the B and C of this amazing playground!

“B”- Birba is the sophisticated restaurant/bar on the Alcazar property. It is a destination driven place to “see and be seen”, yet one would feel equally comfortable lingering over a cocktail on the comfortable and cozy couches with a flickering fire pit as a seductive backdrop. Birba’s designer pizzas are strong highlights of its menu… unique combinations, such as the potato, Gorgonzola, ricotta and rosemary pizza, are a lively contrast to the classic, yet mouthwateringly delicious Margherita pizza…. The fare is mostly light yet undeniably flavorful, and as such, a perfect companion to the true heroes of this night spot… the cocktails! A seat at the stunning marble bar will have you face to face with expert mixologists, whipping up such delights as the “Heated Snake’, a sinful concoction of Tequila, fresh lime, lemon, triple sec and Habenero oil. If you find yourself swept away enjoying one too many cocktails, you will be comforted by the hearty breakfast offerings provided by the cornerstone of this trifecta…Cheeky’s!

“C’ – Cheeky’s – Scrumptious, delicious and full of mischief would be an accurate way to sum up the phenomenon that is Cheeky’s. Often described as the best breakfast in the desert, its highlights include decadent dishes such as buttermilk waffles with homemade butter pecan caramel and bananas or less indulgent, but equally satisfying dishes such as their signature frittatas. Don’t miss the a la carte bacon bar featuring bacon done 5 ways…the jalapeno version is addictive!!
The menu features many organic sustainable items, and with a menu that changes weekly, you are always in for a pleasant surprise!

So now you know your ABC’s…Next time come and enjoy ALL three!!

622 North Palm Canyon Drive
Palm Springs, CA

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