Review: Tara Jane O’Neil b/w “Rainbow Connection” “7″

Posted on 22 May 2012

Tara Jane O’Neil’s latest 7 inch on K Records called “Sirena” is both ethereal and playful.  After listening to this 7 inch I felt tranquil, imaginative, and serene. Anyone who has a rough day and listens to this 7 inch will forget about their troubles and jump to K Records or iTunes to download more of her music.

Tara started playing music at an early age of 19 in one my favorite indie bands from the 90s called Rodan. She played bass for Rodan and later played in Retsin and The Sonora Pine. O’Neil plays numerous instruments such as guitar, bass, banjo, keyboard, tambourine, and lets not forget she’s an amazing singer as well. She is also a visual artist who has worked with numerous painters and dancers. Her art has been exhibited in major cities like Portland, New York, Tokyo, and Barcelona.  Go check out her performance with my friend Dawn Kasper at the Whitney Museum in New York City this week on May 25th. Both of these women are great artists.The title track “Sirena” is dreamlike and has numerous instruments like electric guitar and light drums. Its both catchy and poppy with beautiful lyrics. The song “Rainbow Connection” on this 7 inch sounds like a lullaby and is quite playful like a children’s song with Tara playing solo acoustic guitar. This track is actually diverged from a children’s song. Your 5 year old would love to sing-a-long to this song as well as your hip girlfriend. This 7 inch is being released today, May 22nd on K records and can be found online on to purchase at a special price or at your favorite record store.

-Carey Steinberg

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