The Battalion Eco Couture

Posted on 14 April 2012

The Battalion range specializes in knits and woven fabrics that are eco-friendly: primarily bamboo, organic cotton blends, and some cruelty free “peace” silk. At the hands of the designers, knit fabrics that have generally been synonymous with basic t-shirts and baby doll dresses, are now adapted for tailored jackets, form-fitting tops, and even red-carpet worthy dresses.

The Battalion customer is a luxury–lover, someone who looks for quality, and originality in every purchase. The goal of The Battalion is to be the modern purveyor of green luxury. Each season, The designer spots out the most coveted trends and source the latest eco friendly materials that are lifestyle enhancing, and socially relevant. All of the products are designed with a perceptive eye, relentless taste, and a mission to make our world a better place.

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