Spotlight: Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare

Posted on 30 March 2012

The Midwest and East Coast of the United States have been hit with record high temperatures with many cities hitting highs of 80+ degrees which is on average 22 degrees higher than the usual monthly temperatures.

Cities that have seen record high temperatures in March include New York, Washington, DC, Cleveland, Syracuse, Chicago, Burlington, Madison, Minneapolis, Detroit, and Birmingham, just to name a few.* Simultaneously, the Earth is experiencing some of the worst solar flare storms in the past seven years. A solar flare occurs when a magnetic energy is built up in the solar atmosphere and then is suddenly released. Radiation is emitted across the entire electromagnetic spectrum, which is why it interferes with radio waves and satellites.*

Dr. Dennis Gross, M.D. a practicing dermatologist in Manhattan, NY emphasizes the importance of wearing sunscreen 365 days of the year saying, “Sunscreen should be applied 365 days a year. This statement is even more relevant given the recent developments of the solar storms and record setting high temperatures, as our skin may suffer the consequences.”

For those who desire a natural looking tan, Dr. Gross recommends a safe alternative such as the new Alpha Beta® Glow Pad for Body. This innovative self-tanner gives the skin topical Vitamin D in its active D2 form, slims with caffeine, slows hair re-growth with Capislow™, exfoliates with Alpha and Hydroxy acids, and gives the skin a healthy overall “glow.” The ultimate multi-tasker!

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