Savann Restaurant – Upper West Side

Posted on 23 March 2012

There is something so expressive about Mediterranean cuisine. Plump purple olives and creamy feta drizzled with olive oil; grilled fish spiked with thyme; sea evoking salty anchovies; a glass of chilled Turkish or Greek wine all come to mind. It’s the taste of summer nights and warm breezes fragrant with jasmine and roses.

A tree filled subterranean area of the Upper West Side, is home to Savann; a neighborhood restaurant where excellent Turkish food meets shockingly reasonable prices. The simple, clean design of Istanbul with its warm, rustic earth tones, stone floors and impeccable wooden tables is a reflection of the menu which channels dishes straight from the owner whose childhood was spent in Turkey. This is authentic Turkish cuisine outside of its country of origin and in its finest form. The menu is based around the very best seasonal ingredients treated with the utmost respect and a simple approach which combines Turkish ideas and techniques. So you might find yourself tempted by the grilled octopus salad, or perhaps an appetizer of Lebni (yogurt dip), maybe start with the mouth watering Sigara Borek which consists of pastry stuffed with assorted cheeses and parsley.

Savann features a ground level dining area with a buzzing ba. The restaurant is full to bursting with happy customers kept happy with a plate of olives to start. Drop dead delicious meze includes a selection of spreads consisting of yogurt “Caviar”, eggplant and chickpea (hummos) –perfect for two people or you can opt for the Warm Feta with tomatoes, capers and anchovies served with pita bread. Amazing main courses include the homemade Manti or the savory stuffed cabbage. There is something to be said about the drink list which features a wide variety of Turkish wine, beer and cocktails….and again the breezy Mediterranean beaches start calling. Savann is probably one of the best culinary experiences to be had outside of Turkey.

414 Amsterdam Avenue,
New York NY 10024

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