Juliette Has a Gun Parfums

Posted on 07 March 2012

Romano Ricci introduces Juliette Has a Gun Parfums – an edgy collection of fragrances created to convey the aspirations of modern femininity, balancing strength and character with romantic desire.

Ricci took his inspiration from Shakespeare’s Juliette, put her in today’s modern world and armed her with perfume “her gun” – a means of seduction. Each of the six fragrances in this luxurious collection represents a different side of Juliette and her femininity.

Infused with the highest concentrations of purest ingredients, hand selected by Ricci himself, Juliette Has a Gun Parfums reaches a niche market by offering a level of artistry and uniqueness not found in more mainstream fragrances. Tradition with a zest of provocation, Juliette Has a Gun suggests a new way to look at perfumery, liberating from conventions and exploring new territories.

Juliette’s six weapons of scent seduction include:

Lady Vengeance:
One of the first two fragrances launched with the help of famed perfumer, Francis Kurkdjian. This edgy, dark, seductive scent expresses positive, self-assured femininity.
Key Notes: Lady Vengeance is a Bulgarian Rose based scent enhanced with Patchouli and Vanilla
Price: $85 (50 ml), $100 (110 ml), $75 (Purse Bullet)

Miss Charming:
One of the first two fragrances launched with the help of famed perfumer, Francis Kurkdjian. Light, sweet and innocent, this scent represents the naïve, almost docile femininity.
Key Notes: Miss Charming is a Moroccan Rose based scent lightened with Wild Berries and Musk
Price: $85 (50 ml), $100 (110 ml), $75 (Purse Bullet)

Citizen Queen:
A more sophisticated fragrance for the woman about the town, Citizen Queen plays on the mysterious side of femininity.
Key Notes: Citizen Queen is Iris based fragrance with a powdery finish combining
Leather, Aldehydes, Amber and Labdanum
Price: $105 (50 ml), $135 (110 ml), $75 (Purse Bullet)

Calamity J:
The first fragrance on the market to be created without a top note. Neither fruity nor flowery, this fragrance takes a masculine turn on femininity. Inspired by frontierswoman, Calamity Jane, this scent is for the woman who likes to wear her boyfriend’s cologne.
Key Notes: Calamity J is an Iris based masculine fragrance for women, with hints of Patchouli, Amber and Musk
Price: $105 (50 ml), $135 (100 ml), $75 (Purse Bullet)

Midnight Oud (Limited Edition):
This deep sultry, complex fragrance embodies the allure and mystery of femininity. A perfect fragrance for those who are drawn to spicier scents.
Key Note: Midnight Oud is a Middle Eastern Oud based fragrance including notes of Saffron, Bulgarian Rose, Patchouli, Musk, Amber and Sandalwood
Price: $135 (100 ml)

Not a Perfume (Limited Edition):
The first fragrance on the market to be created by using only one note, Ambergris. Pure, fresh, but slightly woody, this is the perfect scent for those who want to smell like they are wearing nothing at all.
Key Note: Ambroxan – a synthetic fragrance to represent Ambergris
Price: $85 (50 ml), $110 (100 ml)

Juliette Has a Gun Parfums are available at fine boutiques nationwide and www.juliettehasagun.com.

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