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Spotlight: Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare

Posted on 30 March 2012

The Midwest and East Coast of the United States have been hit with record high temperatures with many cities hitting highs of 80+ degrees which is on average 22 degrees higher than the usual monthly temperatures. Cities that have seen record high temperatures in March include New York, Washington, DC, Cleveland, Syracuse, Chicago, Burlington, Madison, […]


Posted on 29 March 2012

  Last night, the stars turned out in style to support VALENTINO as they celebrated the opening of their new Rodeo Drive Flagship store in Beverly Hills! New to the scene, Isabelle Fuhrman, mingled with guests about her recent role on Hunger Games. Valentino’s Creative directors Maria Grazia Chirui and Pierpaolo Piccioli along with hosts Maria […]


The Hill Cafe – Clinton Hill

Posted on 28 March 2012

Just off Fulton St. in Clinton Hill is an intimate restaurant perfect for a date or catching up with good friends. The Hill Café has a speakeasy feel, with its exposed brick wall, candlelight and wooden tables, but none of the pretention. A backlit bar sits in the center of the restaurant offering all the […]


The James Hotel – Chicago

Posted on 27 March 2012

The James is a brand of ideally situated, warmly modern, residentially styled luxury hotels that delivers an artful blend of exquisitely hand-crafted design, intuitive service and personalized comfort. Luxury Liberated represents an expansive take on luxury – one that frees it from the traditional bonds of formality and embraces a spirit of possibility and imagination. […]


Savon du Chef-Alessi

Posted on 24 March 2012

“Savon du Chef” was designed by the young Fred Gooris with the advice of Fabrice Leclerc. Just rub the steel “soap” between your hands under cold running water for a few seconds and you’ll have soft, odourless skin. “Savon du Chef” also acts as a nail-cleaner: the top part, smooth and not sharp, removes food […]


The Liberty Hotel – Boston

Posted on 24 March 2012

The moment you enter The Liberty’s expansive lobby, you know this is unlike any hotel you have seen before. Exposed-brick walls rise to a vaulted ceiling. At each floor is a wraparound “catwalk” overlooking the main rotunda. Large circular windows at the ceiling beam in large rays of sunlight. It’s an expansive and striking design […]


Savann Restaurant – Upper West Side

Posted on 23 March 2012

There is something so expressive about Mediterranean cuisine. Plump purple olives and creamy feta drizzled with olive oil; grilled fish spiked with thyme; sea evoking salty anchovies; a glass of chilled Turkish or Greek wine all come to mind. It’s the taste of summer nights and warm breezes fragrant with jasmine and roses. A tree filled […]


Bluming Studio – Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Posted on 18 March 2012

Bluming Studio, located in a beautiful warehouse in Williamsburg, has achieved the trifecta of wellness, by aligning body, mind and soul. Upon entering the Pilates studio for the first time, I instantaneously felt a sense of calm and centeredness, and knew that this was a place I could come to release stress and tension, while […]


The Leopard at Des Artistes – Upper West Side

Posted on 08 March 2012

It came as no surprise when the highly popular 1917 institution Café Des Artistes shuttered its doors in 2009. Made famous by artists, musicians and celebrities from a bygone era it had been falling into a state of disrepair for several years. Although the murals of naked nymphs drawn by Howard Chandler Christy remained the […]


Juliette Has a Gun Parfums

Posted on 07 March 2012

Romano Ricci introduces Juliette Has a Gun Parfums – an edgy collection of fragrances created to convey the aspirations of modern femininity, balancing strength and character with romantic desire. Ricci took his inspiration from Shakespeare’s Juliette, put her in today’s modern world and armed her with perfume “her gun” – a means of seduction. Each […]

Joanna Vargas Salon & Skincare – Midtown

Posted on 07 March 2012

A trip to Joanna Vargas Skincare is like a bootcamp workout for your skin. The treatments are results driven and glowing skin rewards are guaranteed. My experience at Joanna Vargas Skincare was nothing short of miraculous, and the compliments from friends and family have confirmed that Joanna Vargas has truly created a winning formula to […]


ZARA- Jae Joseph in Men’s Summer Knitwear

Posted on 05 March 2012

Summer is just around the block. Time to transition that winter fit with a summer knit. Zara delivers a high volume selection of knitwear for men. Whether you’re a guy who loves a “pop of color”, per my guy Brad Goreski, or if you’re more of a conservative type, the spring collection at Zara has […]