Wool And The Gang – Spring/Summer 2012

Posted on 18 February 2012

Designers Aurelie Popper and Jade Hardwood are back this season with another great collection, and their super cool DIY kits.

In a recent visit to their showroom, I was intrigued by the beautiful displays of fun color in each spool of yarn around the room, and a collection that yields to comfort and ease.

Wool and the Gang was conceived in the winter of 2008, starting with only eight knitwear designs and knitting kits in their original Crazy Sexy Wool, the collection now consist of up to forty styles. Wool and the Gang is revolutionizing the knitwear market by infusing lightweight, luxurious knits into a spring/summer wardrobe. Playing with texture and color, every single piece is unique in its own kind.

The collection for spring/summer has such a youthful coolness about it, boasting the the authenticity of being handmade. For all of us, a handmade knit was such a nostalgic thing and held some sort of sentiment or sense of warmth to it, whether it had been crafted by a relative or made in home economics class. For Wool and the Gang, its construction is handcrafted by a team of knitters in the mountainous Puno region of Peru, developing a cotton that is so light and breathable.

Stripy Coco and the Tala Tank Top have been two of the seasons best selling for the spring/summer collection. Colors include the new Golden Yellow, Hot Pink, Army Green, Brick Red, Eagle Grey, Timber Wolf, and many more. Beyond the color is the attention to detail on each piece. To add to the fun concept, Wool and the Gang offer consumers a knit-kit, where you have the ability to make a garment on your own.

Journaling in a trip to Peru, “Puno is a beautifully serene city in southeastern Peru. Not many people know this but Puno was named after king Charles II of Spain and remnants of the Spanish colonialism are evident in the numerous churches. Puno is a lakeside city off the shore of Titicaca, the largest lake in South America. It is simply beautiful.” (quoted by Jade and Aurelie)

The collection brings a breath of fresh air to the world of knitwear in warm weather. The cool colors and breathable fabrics make it easy to pair each piece with a look for a spring/summer wardrobe.




~Jae Joseph


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