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Posted on 19 February 2012

Paris by Heart began before the Internet age to help a French friend, and quickly mushroomed from one friend to another and one client to another simply by word of mouth. Starting with one classified ad, one apartment, and the first family PBH helped, it was strictly informal, with hand written letters and color photos sent by postal mail. From the beginning PBH was built upon trust, service, and a desire to help people by providing a bridge between two countries, two cultures, and two peoples. The first big technology PBH put to use was the introduction of color Xerox so they didn’t have to mail original photos to clients. Later, in 1996, the company formed France By Heart and established a web-site,, for both countryside and Paris rentals. As events would unfold, rapid expansion proceeded until it became apparent that Paris needed and deserved its own focus and the company was split into two parts and hence established Paris By Heart with a separate web-site,, to serve Paris owners and clients. Since then, the company has continued to expand and offers service with a special emphasis on the City of Lights.

PBH clients are people just like you… many families traveling with children and also many lovers. Some are going to Paris for the first time and some are going to Paris for the first time in thirty years. They are a 97 year old lady going to Paris for her last time bringing her 97 year old friend for a first time. They are grandparents bringing a 13 year old granddaughter to widen her experience of life. They are young couples with a baby and they are seniors, sometimes with a hip replacement, and sometimes with a wheelchair. They are real people with real needs that depend upon Paris By Heart for reliable accommodations in Paris.

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