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Posted on 06 January 2012

Those seeking a taste of Austro-Hungarian food with a stylish twist may find what they are looking for at Blaue Gans (Austrian for “Blue Goose”). Located in Tribeca, the restaurant puts an emphasis on the freshness and authenticity of its ingredients.

The restaurant offers a eclectic selection of plates that can be enjoyed as shared appetizers or even small meals in themselves. After grazing a few starters including the heavenly Smoked Trout Palatschinken Torte with spicy horseradish and Creme fraiche, I ordered the Weißwurst Brezel, Händlmaier’s which came with a pretzel. The juiciness of the breat complimented the salty flavor and soft texture of the pretzel. Although Blaue Gans is popular for its brats and beer, I found the schnitzel to be the highlight of the menu. Pork Wiener Schnitzel are a girl’s best friend at Blaue Gans, with Lingonberries complimenting the Cucumber-Potato Salad deliciously. Sometimes a schnitzel if not made correctly can be dry, not here. The schnitzel is perfectly crispy and juicy. Definitely not be missed.

With many great German beers on tap to choose from here as well as The high shelves of German and Austrian wine bottles at the back of the restaurant emphasized its offerings. For each course, we were offered a pairing from Blaue Gans’ special wine menu.

After all the food, we took a leisurely wine break and chat before getting to dessert. It was worth the wait. I ordered the Apple Strudel Tahitian Vanilla Ice Cream, which was exceptionally creamy, with apple crumble to give it a wonderful texture. One of the best I’ve had. We also tried the Schwarzwälder Kirsch Torte with cherry’s, a tart option that balanced my creamier one.

As the younger more boisterous sister of the Michelin starred, more gastronomically inclined Wallse, Blaue Gans is a great place to enjoy excellent food, a great selection of delicious drinks and good company.

and if you get a chance, stop by the website and listen to some great music while perusing the menus:

139 Duane Street
New York, NY 10013

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