Rebecca Lampl Fisk

Posted on 20 December 2011

Rebecca Lampl Fisk is a psychic who has been using her intuition to help people for over twenty years.
Her journey into the world of psychic phenomenon started when she was 21 and began working as a police dispatcher. It was then that she noticed strong reactions in her “gut” to people or situations that were unusual.

Rebecca didn’t think too much about those odd occurrences; she just thought her “sixth sense” was becoming more keen since she worked in law enforcement. A few years later, she went with a friend to see a psychic who told her she had very strong guidance and needed to pay attention to it. At that time, Rebecca had embarked on a spiritual journey by reading books, learning about meditation, the effects of prayer, and developing a deeper awareness of energy and how it affects us.

After nearly 20 years of developing her intuitive abilities and offering readings to only a select clientelle, Rebecca is now offering her guidance to anyone who seeks a deeper understanding of him or herself. To assist her with this endeavor, her first book, “The List – Tools to Create the Life of Your Dreams” (2011), is a how-to manual on developing one’s own intuitive perception, but more importantly, what steps to take to learn what to do with that information. This book is now the foundation of her new group course work called Master Compassion.

Today, Rebecca has many happy clients around the world and looks forward to everything that the future brings.

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