Artist, Jess Black

Posted on 02 November 2011

Artist Jess Black, known for his abstract expressionism and more recently his international PETA campaign, will release a new collection of work that explores the oppression he experienced being raised a Jehovah’s Witness. This collection is about his personal truth.

The collection will tackle issues taught within the religion that include the end of the world, sexual freedom, medical care and disfellowshipping. Black states that while the idea of the collection has already angered some, the notes of support have been overwhelming. He explains, “People outside of the religion do not understand the fear, isolation, and abandonment you experience when you chose to leave. This is about my personal experience: it is my truth. I abandoned this religion at age 17 and I refuse to edit my life.”

Before a single piece of art was created, Jess knew what this collection would be called. He states, “Whenever we would get new bibles we were asked if we wanted them leather bound in black or red. This collection is called Leather Bound in Black or Red.” The collection will debut in January 2012 in a virtual exhibition. The virtual exhibition will be a special website and on display for two weeks. It will closely mirror what it is like to attend an actual art show. We will even include wine, video narratives, and a live camera to speak with the artist on the opening night. There will be special incentives to purchase during the virtual exhibition. After the virtual exhibition closes the paintings will relocate to a brick and mortar gallery. More
detail about the virtual exhibition will be released in December.

All of Jess Black’s art, including a couple pieces from the new collection, can be viewed at

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