Hotel de Buci – Paris

Posted on 05 September 2011

The enchanting ‘boudoir’ styled hotel is the epitome of Parisian chic and features petite but most attractive rooms decorated with elegant wallpaper and stylish furniture.  Located on Rue de Buci the hotel is aptly named and in one of the best areas of Paris -the St. Germain district. The area is high in tourist numbers but it does not have a cheesy touristy vibe. As you walk the streets you don’t necessarily feel like you’re surrounded by tourist. The hotel and its area has a real authentic Parisian vibe. Where the location of the hotel on Rue de Buci meets Rue de Seine you will find stylish cafes with outdoor seating, chocolate, cheese and other specialty shops, a LUSH store if you need to get your sexy smelling soap fix; there are some great “quick” food places such as COSI which offers some of the most delicious sandwiches. The beautiful views of the Seine river and the Louvre museum as well as Musee D’Orsay are a short stroll away while all the high end luxury shops of St. Germain are right at your doorstep. If you want to go to the Marais district it’s a short ten to fifteen minute walk. You cannot beat Hotel Buci’s location. Keep in mind the hotel is so petite that it only houses 25 rooms -so it’s advisable to book well in advance to guarantee a room. The rooms are small but cozy and beyond cute, most of the rooms also overlook the charming Rue de Buci. There is a breakfast room in the basement and a lounge area with an Honesty Bar. You can have tea, coffee, wine or just about any other drink you want. Service is great with personalized service from the moment you step through the door.

22 rue de Buci
75006 Paris – France
Tél. : +33 1 55 42 74 74

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