Champagne Supernova: Perrier-Jouët Bi-Centenaire

Posted on 07 August 2011

Perrier-Jouët the revered Champagne producer based in the Épernay region of France have decided to celebrate their 200th year anniversary with the unveiling of the world’s first ever “Living Legacy Champagne”, the Perrier-Jouët Bi-Centenaire.  To mark this very special occasion, the house which was founded in 1811 with its prestige label, Belle Epoque is offering limited edition bottles that can be passed down to be enjoyed by future generations. This one of a kind concept tells the tale of a great vintage wine with two stories: The first takes place today: a champagne-lover treats herself to a magnum of Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque1998. Many years later, her descendant in turn enjoys a magnum of Belle Epoque 1998, passed down through the generations, preciously stored in a private cellar in Perrier-Jouët for up to 100 years.

To achieve an elegant taste that will defy the test of time, the vintage has been carefully chosen for its exceptional maturing capacity by current Cellar Master Hervé Deschamps who is the only seventh cellar master in the house’s 200 year-history.

With extremely limited quantities (100 editions total and not very many left as of press time), buying a bottle will include a by appointment only privilidged hospitality experience at the House’s Boutique in Epernay. It is also available through the exclusive Pernod Ricard network for an average price of 10,000 euros. Perrier-Jouët Bi-Centenaire is a special gift to bequeath as a legacy to future generations who will embody the same art de vivre.

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