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Posted on 28 August 2011

BAM!! Mixologist Richie Moe is behind the bar and on fire…literally!!! Citizen Public House is an upscale version of a traditional public house with excellent food and drinks, with a twist. The twist is they make drinks that stream fire, a salad so famous and copied that it has its own Facebook page, and Macallan ice drinks.

The previously mentioned salad is for everybody…seriously…everyone loves this salad. It has been copied by many fine dining establishments here and abroad. This famous salad is called “The Original Chopped Salad, prepared with smoked salmon, arugala, dried sweet corn, Israeli couscous, crumbled asiago cheese, roma tomatoes, toasted pepitas, and dried black currants. All of this wonder is tossed together and topped with a dreamy light pesto dressing. The next item I must mention is the Bershire Pork loin, where to begin? I will tell you first what happened to me physically, when I had my first bite…my right eye closed involuntarily, it was that good…it just closed!! Then the perfectly braised goodness melted in my mouth. “uh oh…well.. .I have no choice but to stop typing immediately and head over to CPH, to indulge once again. I’ll be back!

I’m back! I got my fix of their food and I’m ready to talk about the drinks. This is not your typical bar slinging boring drinks with no story or excitement. Do yourself a favor and order a signature cocktail…most drinks seem to come with a story of the drinks creation. Take The Dame Chocolate, for instance, this drink is fantastic! While the drink is being prepared, fire erupts followed by a quick history of the conception of The Dame Chocolate. This particular story includes awards and a burning hand; I’ll let them tell this one! Next up…The Macallan Ice Drink. This drink needs a special contraption just to make. This so called contraption, slowly but surely forces a large square block of ice into a perfect spherical tennis ball size piece of ice perfection. This ice sphere is placed in a glass and mixed with the other tasty ingredients to make a perfect drink…please try it. These are just a couple of the libations that have restaurant patrons coming back again and again.

Recap- Go to Citizen Public house to be wowed! Don’t order lame boring drinks…remember specialty drinks! This is the place you go to have an excellent meal and a well paired spirit.

Citizen Public House staff and concept keep people coming back and wondering…what the hell are they going to come up with next!

Enjoy Good Citizens!

-Angie Edmund

7111 E. 5th Ave Ste. E
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
(480) 398-4208

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