HoMedics: DYI Spa at Home

Posted on 11 June 2011

When you don’t feel like shelling out a couple hundred dollars for a spa visit, why not create your own spa environment at home? Spanning a history of nearly 25 years, HoMedics offers a wide variety of products for beauty and health. Shut out the world for a while and breathe deeply of this relaxing and hydrating herbal steam facial followed by a paraffin wax bath for your hands and elbows.

Steam opens the skin’s pores while deeply cleansing and rejuvenating all the skin’s layers. Using herbs in facial steams is a wonderful way to nourish your skin. All you need is the Homedics at home facial steamer. Here are some tips for using your steamer and wax bath:

Herbs have surprising effects on the skin. Many are emollient, softening and lubricating; others hydrate and moisturize; and most are antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Licorice root is the number one herbal choice for steaming no matter what your skin type, because it helps open the pores, soothes, cleanses, and lubricates. Just break a piece of root into your steam pot. As for other herbs, for dry skin try lavender, mint or calendula; for sensitve skin try calendula, chamomile, or comfrey; for oily skin try mint, lavender, rose and/or witch hazel. Note: Those with asthma or allergies to herbs should speak to their doctor before using these herbs in a steam. Chamomile is in the ragweed family.

1. Place a handful of herbs in the steamer pot or have a facial without herbs depending on how sensitive your skin is. Bring steamer to a boil, then reduce heat frequency and simmer for 5-10 minutes, adding water as needed.
2. Secure your hair back from your face.
3. Wash your face as usual.
4. Place the pot with the steaming water on a trivet or potholder on a table or countertop. Make a tent over your head with a towel, and hang your head over the steaming pot. Make sure not to lean close enough to the steam to scald yourself.
5. Keep your face in the steam tent for about 5 minutes.
6. Rinse your face with cool water.
7. Follow with an astringent (How to Exfoliate, Steam and Use Face Masks
Pick a time no one comes calling!Exfoliate (gently) everyday! Steam twice a week. Use a face mask twice a week.

The Paraffin Wax Bath is more self explanatory. Simply add in 1 or 2 blocks of wax and melt for forty five minutes. Once wax is melted add the safety barrier and dip your hands in continuously until you create a wax glove. Wrap the first hand in the plastic bag that Homedics includes with the bath. Dip the 2nd hand again in the same motion and fit into another plastic bag. Relax and sit back for around 10 to 15 minutes.


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