Davines – “Beauty Will Save the World”

Posted on 20 May 2011

THINK: “Beauty will save the world.” And sustainability can make it happen.

WHAT IT IS: A balance between ethics and esthetics. This harmonious approach to beauty integrates the individual and the environment. In developing its innovative hair care line, Davines sought to do more than provide targeted products that deliver beautiful hair. The Parma-based brand wanted to establish a mutually beneficial relationship between its customers and the natural environment, creating a symbiotic equilibrium. In striving to achieve this equilibrium, Davines harnesses the power of nature in its formulas while working to protect the natural world. The result is individualized, naturally-derived beauty that simultaneously preserves the beauty of the world around us.

For Davines, sustainability represents the brand’s responsibility to its customers, employees, and the environment. It is equally social and environmental. Davines’s vision of sustainability includes:

Commitment to minimizing Davines’s impact on the environment
Never compromising the quality or quantity of natural resources today or tomorrow
Respectful use of natural ingredients enhanced with cutting-edge cosmetic technologies and an artisanal, handcrafted spirit for maximum effectiveness and safety
Freedom of creation and expression through a high regard for individuality and integrity
A multicultural and ethical professional environment that feels like home, promoting a spirit of well-being and inclusion.

To meet some of these sustainability goals, Davines joined Lifegate, an Italian environmental media and research company, to neutralize the CO2 impact of the brand’s production of its Essential Haircare line of shampoos and conditioners. Davines’s contribution has already helped plant and care for more than 6.2 million square feet of forest in Costa Rica and Italy, counterbalancing 952,189 lbs of CO2.

A range of product families containing select active ingredients offering immediate, targeted effects for specific hair needs, Davines’ Essential Haircare line combines science and tradition with the essence of Mediterranean herbs, flowers and fruit and packaged in recyclable, uniquely thin plastic containers. The full CO2 impact of the production of the line is compensated for through Lifegate ­– another way in which Davines contributes to the beauty of the earth by promoting beauty for the individual.

Since 2006, Davines’s corporate offices, laboratories and factory in Parma have been powered by 100% renewable energy that is non-polluting purchased through Lifegate. And although its Essential Haircare line is so far its only Zero Impact line, the use of renewable energy touches every product Davines formulates, designs and produces.

Davines has launched a Zero Environmental Impact Salon campaign as a part of its sustainability efforts. At a cost of approximately $270 per stylist, participating salons carrying Davines can neutralize a stylist’s carbon emissions via Lifegate. To put the $270 investment another way: each Zero Environmental Impact Stylist equals 2050 m2 (22,066 sq.ft) of trees per year and compensates 1589 kg (3,503 lb) of CO2.

WHERE TO FIND IT: Visit www.davines.com

About Davines
In 1983, the Bollati Family founded Davines Group in Parma, Italy. We started as a research laboratory, producing high end hair and skin care products for renowned cosmetic companies worldwide. After a decade of honing our expertise, we began creating our own brand of Davines hair care products exclusively for salons, and in 1996 founded [ comfort zone ] skin care for premier spas.

Since the beginning, we’ve focused on crafting quality products that are scientifically engineered to work, and express our distinctive style and spirit. Quality to us means having the freedom to create the best products with careful attention to and respect for our environment, using high grade, natural ingredients, and applying scientific rigor to every product to guarantee our customers’ safety. It also means quality of life for our staff, partners and consumers.

Our style is a reflection of our curiosity and openness to the world – different cultures, customs, and people that truly inspire us – and our Italian perspective of history and art, design and fashion, culture and lifestyle because it is our heritage and who we are. We have a love of all things that reflect simplicity and harmony because their beauty is always modern. And although we’re in tune with today’s mood, we set out to create concepts and products that are destined to become classics with their timeless appeal.

At Davines, we dare to do what we believe in and, rather than conforming to the mainstream, allow intuition to pave our path. This gives us the freedom to develop concepts and products that are original, authentic, and emotionally connect with people. Our work is a thoughtful balance of substance and style, nature and science, people and spirit. It is what enables us to create what we call life-enhancing projects.

More than two decades later, the Davines community spans over 60 countries, thousands of salons and hundreds upon hundreds of passionate hairdressers. Although we continue to grow, with headquarters in Parma, New York City, Paris, London and Mexico City, our roots are firmly planted in our beginnings as a family-owned research laboratory guided by the same desire for quality products with an authentic approach and timeless appeal.

Davines uses only renewable energy resources. Davines is also ISO 9001 certified.

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