British Heritage Bespoke Tours

Posted on 24 May 2011

British Heritage Bespoke Tours aims to change clients’ understanding of a chauffer. Something of a boutique service, its small, elite team offers a wide range of tours that allow customers to tour London in style. The company’s tours include tastes of the city’s culture, entertainment and
culinary delights in the company of friendly and knowledgeable drivers.  But what really sets British Heritage Bespoke Tours apart is its connection to British culture. Mike Frye, the company’s owner, is a drummer who has performed with Paul McCartney, The Who and Elton John, to name a few. He served as the principal chair of the London Symphony Orchestra for several years, performing with Bernstein, Karajan, Levine, Mehta, Solti and John Williams.

Frye’s experience with top entertainers and love of travel informed his decision to create Bespoke Tours, with its offer of a VIP experience where a “personal driver guide” shows passengers around the city. It makes sense then that a number of prominent members of the entertainment industry as well as high-ranking business people have reached out to Frye’s company when looking for a special experience of London. Among Bespoke Tour’s tours on offer is the Treasured Houses of England, which shows guests some of England’s most elegant houses and palaces including the gorgeous Blenheim Palace and medieval Warwick Castle. Passengers can also check out a selection of London’s many heritage sites, such as the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace and Hampton Court Palace.

Those with particular hobbies or passions can sign on for one of the company’s special interest tours, including Golf, Fishing, Opera, Motor Racing, Shooting and Ballet. Those looking to get off the beaten path can check out the Highclere Castle, dating back 1,300 years, or the Chiltern Hills, where a Renaissance-style chateau sits near a picturesque village which boasts a 1,000-year-old pub.

Then there are the cars. Passengers can be transported in a selection of luxury cars, whether a long wheel base Mercedes S-Class, a long wheel base BMW 7 series, long wheel base Mercedes Viano MPV’s, or a Rolls Royce Phantom.  British Heritage Bespoke Tours can also recommend top-notch hotels, based on Frye’s personal experiences of the properties. He offers what he calls, “that most satisfying feeling of money well
spent, as opposed to good value for money.”

British Heritage Bespoke Tours

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