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Posted on 10 April 2011

Maison de la Truffle does indeed live up to its name. Offering a range of products with the precious fruiting fungus, the Maison is sure to satisfy the most discerning truffle lover.  The organization was created in 1932 by brokers in the French town of Carpentras, famed for its truffle market, most of which was exported elsewhere. The brokers decided it was time for a top-quality truffle seller that directly serviced Parisians. Using their close understanding of the product, they instantly helped establish the Paris shop on Place de la Madeleine as a must-see stop for gourmets.

When chef Guy Monier took over the house in 1978, he decided to broaden its offerings by creating a tasting area and turning the Maison de la Truffle into a luxury food shop. Now the place has become a must-see stop for gourmands looking for a truffle fix.  The original tasting space, completely renovated in 2008, is located at the base of the columns of the Madeleine Church in Paris. The sophisticated and inviting tasting room offers visitors to sample and savor the flavor of the truffle cut, chiseled or arranged to order.

A second tasting room was opened in 2009 on Rue Marbeuf. Conceived by Spanish decorator Thomas Urquijo, its art-deco style creates an elegant and stylish place for visitors to enjoy the truffle dishes.  The Maison offers five varieties of truffle: Black Truffle, White Truffle from Alba, Summer Truffle, Winter Truffle and Brugundy Truffle. Each offers a unique flavor and is harvested at a particular time of the year to ensure its texture and taste are at their peak.

Among the range of products offered by the shop are truffle preserves of whole truffles, truffle pieces, peelings, crushed truffles, juices and purees to be used in all types of dishes, from simple to complex. Oils, vinegars and condiments flavored with black or white truffle are available, and for those who prefer their truffle dishes immediately, prepared dishes are also on offer. Creamy veloute soups, such as foie gras and truffle or chestnut and truffle, come prepared in glass bottles to be enjoyed on a cold evening.

In all of its offerings, the Maison de la Truffle strives to maintain its philosophy of tradition blended with creativity.

Maison de la Truffle
19 place de la Madeleine
75008 Paris
+33 (1) 42 65 53 22

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