Les Ambassadeurs – Paris

Posted on 24 April 2011

What had been the ballroom of the Hôtel de Crillon has been turned into the luxury dining destination Les Ambassadeurs – Paris. Now it is the guests’ tastebuds that dance, as the restaurant’s team brings brings visitors fine French cuisine, connecting decades of experience and tradition with innovative ingredients and preparations.

The first thing visitors will notice is the space itself. The 18th century ballroom has been carefully restored by the Paris Ecole des Beaux-Arts and architect Jacques-Ange Gabriel, creating a sense of grandeur and history. But the designers have also incorporated new materials and elements, such as light-colored tables and chairs, and champagne draperies, to evoke a sense of lightness. Expansive mirrored panels and magnificent crystal chandeliers further expand and lighten the restaurant.

The restaurant’s menu is overseen by Head Chef Christopher Hache, who has worked under celebrated chefs such as Eric Frechon and Alain Senderens. Additionally, Les Ambassadors has Pastry Chef Jerome Chaucesse, who has been with the Hôtel de Crillon since 2004, to create masterpieces for dessert.

For a full experience of the restaurant’s offerings, guests should consider the six-course tasting menu available for lunch and dinner. It begins with Normandy scallops carpaccio, followed by green asparagus from Sénas with smoked duck breast flan and crispy onion, creating a phenomenal texture. Next is a pot-roasted foie gras served with wild mushrooms and then roasted squab with tiny glazed squab’s leg in a filo pastry. For dessert, guests enjoy a fresh Gariguette strawberry pie, frosted with lemon cream, and finish the mea with a satisfying trio of a soft hazelnut biscuit, chocolate mousse and passion fruit sorbet.

A three-course menu is also available for lunch. Beginning with a chef’s pate or tempura amberjack with baby vegetables, guests then have a choice between red mullet, with provençal tartlet or veal rump with white asparagus. It is then finished off with a choice of one of Les Ambassadeurs’ wonderful desserts.

Les Ambassadeurs
Hotel de Crillon
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