Heirloom LA: Lasagna Cupcakes

Posted on 21 April 2011

It can’t get any better when you’re eating a Lasagna Cupcake.  Imagine all the flavors of a super size lasagna dish compacted to the size of a large cupcake!  You can eat a lasagna cupcake with your hands or with a fork and knife.  HEIRLOOM LA delivers these mouthwatering snacks in every array of flavors under the sun.  From smoked mac & cheese to Wild Boar Bolognese and Fresh Mozzarella. These cupcakes are great as large sized hor d’oevres at parties or they can be eaten for lunch or as a snack.

HEIRLOOM-LA, are a Los Angeles based catering company that loves all things food and food related. As a full service company they can accommodate all set up needs for all kinds of events.


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