Chanel x Colette – Paris

Posted on 14 April 2011

An interesting union of the classic elegance of Chanel combined with the contemporary popular culture tour de force known as Colette and voila! The fashion house is given a new, youthful look through its collaboration with Colette and the creation of this pop-up shop mash up was born (March 1st-10th 2011).

Chanel collector dolls (featuring Colette’s iconic blue shade) and key fobs with Lagerfeld’s head were sold alongside selected pieces from Chanel’s prêt-à-porter line. Let’s not forget Colette’s ability to pair artwork and other paraphernalia (cupcake bar included) which adds a ‘rock-and-roll’ vibe to the former garage space. egendary Chanel bags and this season’s designs, including a Mademoiselle bag in the famous cobalt blue Colette color, were customized by various artists including Kevin Lyons, André , Fafi and SO-ME. Meanwhile, LEMARIÉ unveiled the camellia’s secrets, offering a selection of blue, black and white camellias. ÉRES was included in the mix, with pieces from its collection in a palette of black and iridescent hues, next to the Maison Michel’s spotted veils. Also waiting to be discovered, or rediscovered, is a selection of books published by Éditions 7L and back issues of Visionaire magazine. Even more playful and unusual surprises await in the form of a collector’s doll by Karl Lagerfeld, CHANEL bags customised by CHROME HEARTS , YAZBUKEY bag charms, RUBY helmets, and cameras by LEICA.

Chanel and Colette meet in rue Saint-Honoré
336-340 rue Saint-Honoré 75001 Paris

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