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Posted on 31 January 2011

Jeunesse Spa & Salon is an exclusively Elemis spa in the heart of Manhattan. Elemis is the leading luxury British spa and skincare brand favored by millions of spa-goers around the world. Jeunesse Spa & Salon is a splendid example of a wellness adventure that doesn’t have to be secluded. The spa manages to create a breathing space in the jumble of the city. Take the elevator down one level at 1885 Broadway and you will find yourself in a true luxury oasis of wellness in the heart of Manhattan. You don’t actually have to leave the to escape from the mass of tourists, honking yellow cabs and businessmen running late for a meeting – also known as Midtown Manhattan.

I was pleasantly greeted by an attendant who led me to the women’s locker area after walking me through the salon. I donned a fluffy bathrobe and slippers and was officially ready for the coddle to come. I found my way to the lounge area, sagged down in one of the chairs and I instantly enjoyed a place of refuge, with dimmed light, refreshing aromas , candles, magazines and ice water with mint and lemon. The aromas and the calmness generated a pleasant aura – a nice break from a busy NY-every-day-life or for anyone visiting who wants to spoil themselves.

A senior dermatologist named Karen called my name and led me to one of 7 treatment rooms, that like the lounge had subdued light and a light scent of camellia and ginger. I was given a 30-minute Elemis Exotic Lime and Ginger Salt Glow treatment that consisted of dry brushing; the brush provides natural exfoliation – ridding the body of dead skin cells to reveal a new, fresh and invigorated layer. The dry brushing is not only relaxing, but also therapeutic, increasing circulation, thereby encouraging the body’s elimination of toxic waste. Then, the moisturising camellia oil mixed with the Elemis Lime and Ginger Salt Glow was massaged gently into my skin. Karen left the treatment room to mix oils while I took a refreshing shower to wash the salt off my body.

My eyes were closed during every step of the treatment and I didn’t wake up from the dreaming state of mind even in the shower. I kept on drifting away to dreamland under the warm water- reminiscent of warm tropical rain. This was my introduction to raindrop technology, which is used at the Jeunese Spa & Salon. The rain shower head is installed from the ceiling of the shower so the water fall right onto the person using it simulating how rain would fall.

Next, I received a 30-minute Elemis body massage that put an end to all tightness and tensions. The massage readied me for a trip to the infrared sauna, the intense heat of which is not only comfortable and de-stressing, also allows the body to detoxify chemicals. Although the infrared sauna at Jeunesse is quite small for it, it is in general a good idea to do some yoga stretches in the sauna, because it enhances the detoxification process. I sweat my last stress and worries away before I had yet another rain dance.

This was the end of 3 hours of spoiling by the fantastic Elemis products and a very professional dermatologist, where I only experienced a little section of the various spa-therapy menu. The menu ranges from couple treatments and luxury rooms with jacuzzi to massages, and wax treatments etc. The extensive menu for both men and women assures you that you can find a wellness treatment that is tailored for anyone.

I was really pleased with the results when i glanced in the mirror in the elevator on the way up to the street. Here I was back on Broadway, soft and pleasant-smelling plus with renewed enegy after a mental vacation at Jeunesse Spa & Salon.

-Marie Birkving Bertelsen

Jeunesse Spa & Salon
1885 Broadway (@Lincoln Center), New York NY 10023

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