Hudson Hotel – NYC

Posted on 17 November 2010

A chic glass enclosed escalator takes you up to an extravagant lobby. You immediately feel bigger than life. This is exactly what I picture when thinking of Modern Manhattan. This hotel is an adventure in itself almost like a mini city within the city. Whether it be a quiet drink, business meeting or NYC bumping nightlife, you are catered for at the Hudson Hotel.

The room was small yet comfortable and definitely furnished with the young chic vibe that the rest of the hotel had set precedence with. Undeniably beautiful city views makes this new generation hotel a must visit while in NYC. The library area offers a rustic feel found at old English members only clubs. With its large collection of books, pool table, antique rugs and leather sofas, it becomes the perfect chill out environment to really enjoy someone’s company. All that was missing from my Library experience was a velvet Hugh Heffner smoking jacket, Cuban cigar and glass of brandy.

If you feel like making a night of it, then the Hudson Bar is a great spot. Spaciously placed tables and chairs that could fit into an old Parisian aristocratic dining room. The lighted up dance floor and beautifully painted low ceiling is sort of a weird combination, but weird in a way that gets you excited, ready to open up and let loose. I certainly did and had a seriously fun time. With the intention of checking it out, I ended up staying till close and didn’t even have that awkward moment when the lights come on and you wish you had left 10 minutes earlier before they did. I casually strolled/stumbled out, headed directly up to my room and swan dived into bed. Perfect.

All in all this modern chic hotel offers a certain luxury and convenience with a certain charm and at a reasonable price, which in turn allows you to spend more time experience the bar.

Hudson Hotel
356 West 58th Street
New York, NY 10019
(212) 554-6000

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