Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival 2010- San Francisco, CA

Posted on 21 October 2010

While crossing John F. Kennedy Drive, I could already feel the bass from the Outside Lands Main Stages. The excitement gave me chills as we entered the venue. After walking down the rocky path through the park, we joined an eclectic crowd of hipsters all anticipating their favorite artist to take the stage. The three main stages, Lands End, Sutro, and Twin Peaks, were all nestled in separate ends of the grassy polo fields of Golden Gate Park. We hustled, after a quick beer run, to hear the soul jams of Janelle Monae on the Sutro Stage. This Brooklyn, NY native kept the crowd grooving with her hit song “Cold War.” Next, we met friends at Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros, whom was playing in Speedway Meadows at the Twin Peaks Stage. Edward Sharpe transported a crowd of high energy free birds ready to let loose. The band transpired an overwhelming energy onto the crowd. After Edward Sharpe finished his set, we decided to check out the Chase Freedom Lounge.

Chase Freedom Lounge hosted private concerts, wine tasting, and amazing local food. We enjoyed a few refreshing Heinekens and an incredible brick oven pizza and creamy mac and cheese. After relaxing for a while in the lounge, we rushed to see Damian Marley at Twin Peaks Stage. Marley took the stage while waving an enormous Jamaican flag. He performed his new sets “Patience” and “As We Enter” with NAS. The crowd’s sprits were as high as the individuals themselves. It was incredible to see everyone become united over music. After this classic reggae performance, we had some free time to meet up with friends and wine taste. Wine tasting is always a favorite among my group, so we met at the Wine Lands tent. This exclusive tent housed wines from vineyards all across Northern California ranging from San Francisco to Napa Valley. We sipped on great wine and relaxed while enjoying the soothing sexual sounds of Al Green. We quickly transitioned into party mode again when we stopped by the Heineken tent. I could feel the energy radiating from this tent like a Vegas nightclub. Everyone was raging to the European techno sounds by Tiesto and Benny Benassi. After partying in the Heineken tent, we headed back to the Freedom Lounge for Janelle Monae’s private show. Janelle Monae’s intimate performance rocked the lounge while fans went wild. We grabbed a juicy and delicious grilled chicken and vegetable kabob on our way to see Phoenix at the Lands End Stage. Thomas Mars, lead singer of Phoenix, is a great performer to see in a music festival scene. He rocked out to his ending song “1901.” The crowd knew every word screaming “It’s twenty seconds till the last call, calling, hey, hey, hey.” Following Phoenix, everyone came together for this year’s closing act, Kings of Leon. The sound was perfect and such a surreal experience. Kings of Leon didn’t disappoint as they brought down the house of Outside Lands 2010.

Outside Lands is definitely a refreshing music festival to attend because of the great energy. Everything from the delicious food to the talented performers makes this summer festival among the best. Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival, which originated in 2008, has a reputation of having hot lineups and amazing wine selections. The eclectic festival-goers were united with the mindset to enjoy the music. Nestled in beautiful Golden Gate Park, Outside Lands overlooks San Francisco Bay and the world famous Golden Gate Bridge.

Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival
Golden Gate Park
San Francisco, California

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