Posted on 25 September 2010

The philosophy of Exhale mind body spa is simple: The breath connects the mind to the body and exhale is a path to transformation to achieve an overall wellbeing. This sanctuary founded in 2002 that has now several locations through the US
(even Turks and Caicos) is truly a one of a kind place to reach relaxation, wellness and fitness through Yoga, proprietary core classes, spa therapies and transformative wellness programs.

As I entered the busy yet elegance location of Exhale spa on Central Park South it didn’t take me long to understand that more than a philosophy, the idea and techniques developed at Exhale spa are effective and produce visible results.
After being warmly greeting by a member of the Exhale staff walking me through the store offering a wide range of sustainable products I got to the changing rooms where I could only notice the energy and strong enthusiasm of the widely feminine clientele rushing in and out classes or getting ready for a message or a spa treatment. In my case I came in for the BRIGHTEN facial treatment. This facial is one of the most popular at Exhale and I can easily understand why: it literally transformed my skin with a more even toned and glowing complexion.

This BRIGHTEN treatment was probably one of the most drastic visible result I’ve had experienced in facials.
The treatment itself consists first in a resurfacing mask formulated with acids, retinol, vitamins and antioxidants. This first step tingles a lot so get ready to feel it working!

After the effort of the resurfacing mask acting as a powerful peel comes the comfort of the soothing mask that calms and hydrates with a combination of hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients. In a few seconds the tingly feeling from the resurfacing mask comes down in a feel good cooling sensation.

Aside from the great treatment another remarkable aspect of the experience was the knowledge and professionalism of my esthetician Jessica that was happy to share her beauty insider secrets with me.

Through the whole facial she was able to help me understand better the treatment she was giving me and filled me in with many good tips and recommendations to take home with me.  The most important one of all being to always wear a vitamin C serum (for its strong antioxidant power) under your SPF enriched hydrating cream for a maximum protection and youth preservation of your skin on a daily basis.

For example try the IS clinical SUPER SERUM ADVANCE +, fully loaded in vitamin C and available at Exhale spa.
Leaving the spa my skin was feeling so fresh and dewy and the slight and temporary redness I was fearing from the resurfacing mask disappeared in the next half hour following the treatment. I felt that my skin caught up with all the effects of the beauty sleep I am constantly missing on: texture and complexion were both visibly transformed. Curious to know what other body treatment was very popular at Exhale, one of the staff member told me about the highly demanded POWER BODY DETOX.
This clinical spa therapy promises to detox, tighten and tone muscles using electrical stimuli, algae and conductive thermal clay producing an immediately slimmer core.

This treatment is perfect before a vacation on the beach or an important event you are getting ready for. All information about the different treatments and classes are available on Exhale’s website or at any Exhale spa location in California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, Texas, Turks and Caicos

-Deborah Hanau

150 Central Park South
New York, NY  10019
Phone: 917 720 2681

The spa itself at Exhale is also very dedicated to obtain visible and effective result using holistic methods and sustainable products.

One of the remarkable therapy is the POWER BODY DETOX: a 60 minute session to detoxify, tighten and tone muscleby using 2 kind of electrical stimuli, algae, conductive thermal clay and specialized active products

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