Virgin America: LAX to JFK

Posted on 19 August 2010

Flying Virgin America affirms just how low your standards get driven down with the other American carriers. Don’t take my bashing of the status quo as radical ranting, Virgin America is the real revolutionary here. The lighting in the cabin is calming, the leather seats are spacious in the Main Cabin and better in the one step up product, “Main Cabin Select”, and I’m using GOGO Inflight Internet as the so-called “Fly-Over-States” speed by below.  In today’s internet addicted world, the idea of having access to email and the web while 30,000 feet up in the air takes a lot of  inconvenience out of the whole affair of travel. I’m actually getting work done here! Well to be honest, I’m also enjoying a nice cocktail of Bailey’s on Ice.  The skies seem bluer when traveling on Virgin America and please tell me of any other American carrier that has as stylish an airplane inside and out?  The stunning red and white exterior of the jets compliment the sleek and modern looking interiors.  Not only does my flight offer actual food, it’s free if you’re in “Cabin Select” and quite affordable if you’re in Main Cabin. First class looks like a whole other story of comfort and convenience -but we can explore that rendezvous with Virgin America on a future date. On any other carrier you’re shelling out $10 for a first aid kit with Ritz crackers and mint dental floss. Oh and did I mention, the food in Main Cabin Select is free? FREE? Yeah, I did, but only because “free” is a word you only hear in conjunction with the lavatory on any other US airline. Typically when I travel by air I feel like I’m on a glorified city bus. It’s cramped and Spartan and all I can think about is landing and getting to my destination. With Virgin America, I wouldn’t mind if we took another lap around JFK.