A Summer in India

Posted on 06 June 2010

Nichole Barber

It’s the summer and if you are anything but a native to India you are going to stick out like a sore thumb. No matter the people are friendly and very curious. The air is rich with spices and incense. The noise of passing rikshaws fill the air. The options of things to do are unlimited. Snake charmers can be found on every corner charming their cobras. The sight seeing is unlimited and there is never a dull moment. You can shop till you drop and purchase fabrics that are brighter and more rich than a Hawaiian sunset. The bazaars are full of fruits, bangles, henna ,clothes and everything can be haggled down to the price you desire. It also helps that the dollar exchange is about one dollar USD into 43 Indian Rupees.

On a more cautious note the heat is out to kill you so drink up as much water as possible, as often as possible -but only bottled water! You may not return if you drink tap water of any sort. Be aware of your clothing ladies: You don’t want to wear tank tops or anything that goes above your knees. It’s frowned upon like the plague. All in all India offers beautiful and memorable experiences. You will not walk away without many stories to tell.


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