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Posted on 22 June 2010

As the only spa of its kind in not only Los Angeles but the rest of the world, Firm Body Evolution (FBE) is your solution for a lifetime of health and fitness plans that don’t work or at the least, don’t work as well as they could. At FBE, the philosophy is simple: Don’t exercise longer. Don’t exercise harder. Exercise smarter. The Holistic Health & Fitness Center combines cutting edge fitness technology with the absolute best holistic healing arts, so you get a truly complete workout with each visit.

When I first walked into the spa I was greeted by the friendly front desk receptionist, Mark. I spoke with Mark for half an hour about his experience with FBE and he explained how it transformed his mind, body and soul. He said that he lost 30 pounds over a span of 4 months and that he keeps it off by regularly using the spa’s equipment and maintaining a healthy diet. I was curious to learn more about what FBE had to offer. I was then greeted by Joseph Harounian the owner of FBE. Joseph gave me a tour of the facilities. The spa not only has work out equipment but also has an in-house acupuncturist, chiropractor and alkaline water can be found ready to drink up anytime.

The Vibration machine which was originally invented by Russian scientists for Russian astronauts to help with space travel training can literally give you a 1 hour work out in 15 minutes. Every time I would try the Vibration Machine, I could see a flush of red across my cheeks and left feeling so healthy. FBE has exclusive top of the line EOS 6600 vibration machine which provides an easy and healthy way to lose weight and tone muscles effectively by changing strong rotating energy into vibrating energy to rapidly decompose fat. In other words, it creates the type of muscle tension you experience when lifting something heavy and alternatively contracts and releases this point at an extremely rapid pace. Again amazingly enough, only 10 -15 minutes on this machine is equal to a one hour work out! The expert staff can recommend various positions to work all parts of your upper and lower body and help you achieve your fitness goals. These machines are used by such celebrities as Claudia Schiffer, Natalie Imbruglia, Madonna, Jeffrey Ross, and many more.

Then there’s the amazing Infrared Jade Sauna. Spa-users begin the Infrared Jade Sauna experience by sliding onto a mat embedded with Jade stones. Jade is known around the world for its anti-aging effects, and is credited by many cultures with boosting mental awareness and acuity. After lying down on the jade stone mats, spa-users get to keep their heads out in the open air while warming their bodies in a soothing infrared heat. This allows you to receive the full benefits of the infrared heat while keeping your face, head, and breathing relaxed and comfortable — healing the body while soothing the mind.

The medical benefits of infrared saunas are varied and tremendous. Among other benefits, the sweating process allows your body to detoxify chemicals and heavy metals. It helps kill bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses. It also increases your body’s flexibility, cleans your pores, improves circulation and relieves pain. And most of all, it helps increase weight-loss. A 30 minute session can burn up to 600 calories during this rejuvenating process.

Joseph Harounian’s explained to me his struggle with the debilitating effects of Crohn’s disease which became debilitating for him at the young age of twenty. Crohn’s disease is a very uncomfortable illness. For its sufferers, it makes every day living difficult and the medications that are used to fight the illness can cause countless other painful side effects and problems. People who endure Crohn’s are usually hospitalized several times and it’s very common for these unfortunate people to be subjected to several surgeries. Joseph’s ailments from Crohn’s were so dire that his doctors told him he would not survive. After being diagnosed with the disease, Joseph spent years enduring test after test, prescription after prescription, at one point being sent to four different hospitals throughout Los Angeles. None of the medical treatments helped and many made Joseph sicker. Joseph eventually became discouraged with constantly being subjected to testing and retesting and he became weary of taking more medications. So Joseph decided to stop going to hospitals all together and stopped taking his medication. Instead he found solace for his symptoms with a Los Angeles based Eastern medicine practitioner who started him on a much less invasive regime of herbs and acupuncture. Witnessing first hand the immediate benefits he received, Joseph embraced these alternative healing methods. Joseph is now forty-three and has been living with a clean bill of health for many years -much in thanks to holistic healing.

After experiencing his personal journey to recovery and wellness through the application of Eastern medicine, holistic health and fitness, Joseph decided to commit his life to helping others better aid in their own health and well being through alternative health and fitness practices. Firm Body Evolution (fbe) is the culmination of his experiences and a vision and dream well thought out.

There are many reasons that FBE Spa can be beneficial to everyone. Whether you want to lose weight, improve peace of mine, look amazing or improve your overall health.

Check it out! To learn more about FBE visit: www.fbespa.com

5858 Wilshire Boulevard #200
Los Angeles, CA 90036

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