Corey Helford Gallery presents “My Heart Shall Not Fear”

Posted on 15 June 2010

This summer, Southern California artist Brandi Milne joins Corey Helford Gallery for a special engagement entitled “My Heart Shall Not Fear”.

Milne’s second solo exhibition with the gallery reveals a more personal side to her paintings than before. For “My Heart Shall Not Fear”, Milne explores narratives about life, death and new awakenings. Her work embraces a brave new direction, juxtaposing her delicate signature imagery with more intense themes. And Milne’s fresh artistic voice skillfully weaves together a series of visual fables that are as playful as they are poignant.

Her first solo exhibition in over a year, Milne has been diligently working from her Huntington Beach studio in preparation for the show, and she explains, “I’ve never been more excited about a series of work than I am with this one. Viewers can expect much warmth and intrigue as I rediscover the sugar-coated, austere world that swells and flows from inside my head. ‘My Heart Shall Not Fear’ is a story of life and loss as I continue my personal exploration.”

For the exhibition, Milne’s palette surveys new territories as well, presenting rich hues of burnt oranges and seafoam greens alongside deep crimson reds. Skulls, black cats, birds and horses populate Milne’s whimsical narratives as they encounter secret adventures that ultimately lead to the path of rediscovery.

Joining Milne in the loft, will be limited-edition works by Lithuanian artist Natalie Shau. Her stunning digital renderings bloom with gothic charm and fantastical symbolism.

Open to the public, the reception for “My Heart Shall Not Fear” will take place on Saturday, June 26 from 7 to 11pm, and the special twelve-day exhibition will be on view until July 7, 2010.

About Brandi Milne
Southern California artist Brandi Milne was born and raised in Anaheim. She grew up happily, surrounded by a wealth of inspiration as a child, taking pleasure in classic cartoons, crayons and coloring books, Sid and Marty Kroft creations, toys, candies and the kitschy fabrics and notions of the times. Self-taught and emotionally driven, Milne’s work speaks of love, loss, pain and heartbreak in the first person. She decorates it oddly with a wink of humor and a delicious candied-coat finish – a combination that can be considered highly addictive to viewers around the world. Milne’s work is celebrated and supported in fine art galleries across the US, and has been featured in both written and online publications such as Hi Fructose Magazine, Babyboss Magazine and Juxtapoz. She published her first book “So Good For Little Bunnies” in 2008 with Baby Tattoo Books and Milne has collaborated with notable companies including 686, Hurley, and Billabong. For more information about the artist, please visit

About Natalie Shau
Natalie Shau is illustrator and photographer from Lithuania (Vilnius). She works mainly in digital media and Shau’s works are mixture of photography, digital painting and 3D elements. She enjoys creating surreal and strange creatures, fragile and powerful at the same time. Shau’s style was influenced by religious imagery, fairy tales, illustrations, classic horror literature, and Russian classic literature such as Fyodor Dostoevsky, Nikolai Gogol etc. Shau constantly keeps working on her own personal artwork and exhibitions, but also enjoys creating illustrations for music bands, fashion designers and writers. Her illustrations for a Lydia Courteille jewelry campaign were published in French VOGUE magazine, and Shau’s client list consists of many music and advertisement labels such as Island Def Jam, Ogilvy & Mather, Sony BMG, and Century Media. For more information about the artist, please visit

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