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Posted on 15 April 2010

Hotel Re! is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. The theme is definitely 70′s Mod with a touch of American pop culture. This place is not for everyone, however if you’ve ever watched an old episode of Star Trek and thought how cool it would be to spend a night on the Enterprise, then this is your place.

The color and design instantly transport you to the glam world of Studio 54 and The Factory. It is fun to see what the local designer has done to unite the existing 70s architecture with the retro theme. Every floor is defined by it’s own specific color that carries over into wall-color, furniture, and even the glass tile in the bathroom. Silhouettes of pop icons like Marilyn Monroe, James Bond, and a Saturday Night Fever John Travolta can be found throughout the hotel.

Located on the side of the Pearl’s Hill City Park, Hotel Re! is about a 20-minute walk from the nearest underground station. There is also a shuttle that leaves the hotel several times a day. The shuttle will drop you off around Singapore’s popular locations and will also pick you up later that day. The location near the park adds a contrast to the ultra mod building surrounding it in a natural setting.

The rooms here are both futuristic and retro at the same time. They are not overly large, but they seem to have everything one would need. A small mini-bar and a huge flat screen TV can be found in every room. Every morning downstairs, there is a nice breakfast… offering an array of Western and Eastern options. There is also free Wi-Fi in all of the rooms, which seems to be the norm in Asia. I wish U.S. hotels would follow suit. One of the nicest features is a wrap around terrace on the second floor that extends from a wine bar and has a view of the park. There is also a small spa located downstairs that offers some nice treatments.

There aren’t a lot of amenities here yet, but it seems as though they are in transition and ready to add some more in the future. I was told that future visitors can expect a small gym on the second floor, an added outdoor event space, as well as some updated meeting rooms to be added within the next year.

Overall, Hotel Re! has a lot of potential. The theme is fun and retro, and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I know that when the renovations are complete (and with a little bit of polish), Hotel Re! will truly be a special destination in Singapore.

Hotel Re!
175A Chin Swee Road, Singapore
169879 – 6827 8288

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