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Posted on 17 March 2010

Youth lifestyle brand Hurley is championing the underground through its clothing collaborations, Hurley Art editorial brand, and gallery shows, demonstrating its long-running commitment to outsider and cutting edge art.

Florida artist Johanna O’Donnell often envisions a painting after listening to a song. “Fully formed pieces will pop into my head. Some call it the artistic muse. I call it awesome because it reminds me that I’m merely an instrument of creative forces, not the force itself. This helps with reducing the artistic ego, which is not your friend.”–JOHANNA-O-DONNELL

Kevin Earl Taylor was one of those skate-or-die kids in high school. Those were the days when he was sponsored by Thunder Trucks, skipped prom to skate, and listened to punk. Skateboarding was important for another reason too. The San Francisco-based painter says it helped him to develop an artist’s mindset. “When you’re skateboarding, you’re kind of walking down the sidewalk, and everything you look at has the potential to be something else,” he said. “If you’re behind a shopping center, and there’s nothing to skateboard on, all of a sudden you start looking at the trashcans, and the dumpsters, and this crappy piece of wood that’s lying on the ground. And you start to almost make this kind of recreational sculpture.”–KEVIN-EARL-TAYLOR

In 2009 Philly artist Jim Houser moved out of and back into his house, built a new kitchen, got married, had hip surgery, got his wife pregnant, and did three shows. No wonder his latest crop of paintings, sculptures, and installations don’t show the same frenetic pace – instead, they’re the near opposite: purposeful, considered, and peaceful. Take a look…–JIM-HOUSER

Mel Kadel lives in the hills above Los Angeles with her partner Travis Millard, creating intricate pen and ink washes on coffee-stained paper. Take a look at her latest works.–MEL-KADEL

“I have generated an entire art movement that hates me,” says Robert Williams, the Father of Lowbrow, in this interview with Hurley’s Jason Maloney.–ROBERT-WILLIAMS

His superheroes fight backaches and uncomfortable spandex. He’d like to draw a 200-page comic of someone watching TV from the perspective of the TV. He likes depressing music. Sometimes he starts a drawing from the armpit. Meet Levon Jihanian.

Philly-based photographer / sculptor lives in one of the most magical homes on the East Coast, packed with nautical curios and his trademark octopus chandeliers.
Watch him shoot photos of gallerist Jonathan LeVine while he shows you around his Jules Verne-ish pad.–ADAM-WALLACAVAGE

You may not know her, but you’ve almost certainly seen her work on the cover of your favorite music magazine–step inside the inspired world of LA rock photographer Piper Ferguson.–PIPER-FERGUSON

About Hurley
Founded in 1999, Hurley is an authentic “Microphone for Youth” brand rooted in surf, skate, art, music and beach cultures. Driven by creativity and freedom of expression, Hurley develops world-class products for guys, girls and kids, including sportswear, footwear, eyewear, accessories, loungewear, swimwear and wetsuits. A wholly owned, independently run subsidiary of Nike, Inc., Hurley’s corporate headquarters are located in Costa Mesa, CA, with international offices in Tokyo, Sydney, Barcelona and Bali.

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